Recommended by John Busser

    2 Jan. 2020
    Good comedy comes from escalation and this play delivers it. I loved it!
  • Destiny is a Careless Waiter
    1 Jan. 2020
    I flew through this very funny and very relatable comedy of errors (or error, since one screwup at the beginning caused all the problems). A farce that takes a look at how we really don’t always know our significant other as well as we thought. I am a sucker for plays that have multiple characters holding multiple conversations at the same time, yet I followed it perfectly. That’s good writing! Well done Julie.
  • Lombardo
    30 Dec. 2019
    As I read this I imagined actors performing this in a rapid-fire Capra-esque style of movies from the 30's and 40's. With anachronistic dialogue flying, David Hanson's Lombardo is a fun piece of whimsy, and I hope someone decides to produce it again.
  • More Than the Animals
    30 Dec. 2019
    A potent reminder that (if you believe in the existence of a Supreme Being) we are ALL God's creations and should be treated as such. Honest and frustrating in equal measures.
    26 Dec. 2019
    A Jack and Jill story unlike any you've read before. And yet, it's totally familiar. Greg Burdick's play is delightful fun. And psychologically revealing. Who hasn't seen something similar with their head in the clouds?
  • O.B.O. [a monologue]
    23 Dec. 2019
    I read Steven Martin's "O.B.O." with a mixture of sadness and recognition. I know what it's like to have a love/hate relationship with a family member who has passed on (although for completely different reasons than in this instance). When a play can bring up familiar memories so adroitly, it is a testament to the writing done here. Martin has hit upon something that is universal here.
  • WYWH
    23 Dec. 2019
    What a charming to minute piece. Tom Moran has created a terrific scenario and just has fun with it. Without trying to explain the logistics of it, he plows full speed ahead and presents us with a time travel romance that is as sweet as it is impossible. And it completely works. This is the kind of piece I love to find on here.
    9 Dec. 2019
    This is the kind of piece I love to see onstage. A tense two-hander with a sci-fi angle that doesn't seem so sci-fi the more you think about it. And while there can be a tendency to make a tech-driven play seem dry and uninteresting, Greg Burdick keeps the conversation lively and active while feeding you the tech part in a way that is engaging. I loved the idea of what those quarter machines are REALLY for. I played enough of them in my youth to connect with this wonderfully realized short piece.
  • And Know They Love You
    5 Dec. 2019
    This gets my highest recommendation (and I'm not making a bad joke there either). I was so caught up with what was going on that when it reached the end I said "NO!" out loud as I wanted to see where it went. Daphne Mintz has created a shockingly simple scenario that makes me wonder why hasn't this ever been addressed this way before. Maybe it has, but I am unaware of anyone else doing so. I would love to see this produced. Well done, Daphne.
  • The Morning Ménage
    25 Nov. 2019
    What an absolutely charming way to start the day (or ten minute festival). I loved this piece by Tracey Jane. The perfect anthropomorphic companions we tend to overlook the importance of (well, okay, maybe not coffee), Jane's Bed, Alarm, and Coffee are vividly brought to life with all their own foibles and petty flaws. I would love to see somebody bring these characters to life on stage.