Recommended by Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn

  • Cage (or the other side of tomorrow)
    8 Aug. 2022
    This play has given a very good reason for us to all become vegetarian. It is terrifying in the way that no matter what hope the characters find, it is always dashed. The cages keep the audience feeling trapped as well. Such a dark and scary story of society and politics and our gross obsession with bacon and burgers! Wow! I am prepared for some nightmares involving cows tonight!
  • The House
    8 Aug. 2022
    This is such a beautiful story...until it becomes so real and so sad. The concept is so engaging and I love the way Sabrina and Jane connect. The staging of this play is almost poetic. I will be thinking about this piece for a while.
  • Thalia's B&B
    5 Aug. 2022
    A somewhat meta play about writing and inspiration, with a biting twist at the end. I feel like these four characters have so much more to say! I am excited for Betsy's future as George's muse/competition!
  • Pay Your Ferryman
    5 Aug. 2022
    There are so many ways and places this piece can be performed and the open possibilities are what make it so intriguing and inspiring. A beautiful story is told by the Ferryman, but at the end, the choice the audience makes opens up to what story is next for them. My creative mind is whirling and I am so excited this piece was able to jump start it. I too, have opened my eyes and seen Elysium!
  • The Courtesy Call of C'Thulhu
    5 Aug. 2022
    C'Thulhu has an Etsy page?! I have some Love-crafty gifts to buy!...Oh wait, I was taken in by the scam! Just like I was taken in by this hilariously silly play about an evil fish deity that won't take "no" for an answer. And might be just a little sensitive to rejection. This is a play actors will be fighting to play the offstage voice over role!
  • For a Limited Time Only
    4 Aug. 2022
    The concept alone had me giggling. But even though this is an existential horrorscape of a restaurant, the relationship between Arlo and Val becomes so strong and beautiful! I adore this terrifying play, even though it left me feeling a little bloated.
  • Waiting Room
    31 Jul. 2022
    Short play with large emotions. The disparate ways in which people deal with the end of life of a loved one. Several challenging monologues for actors to tackle in this piece!
  • 23 and Bree
    31 Jul. 2022
    Oh the layers to this short little play! So many heartstrings plucked in different ways. At the end you have a sweet and sad symphonic movement by Deb Cole. Everyone should be so lucky to have a sister like Anna!
  • Vegetables are Revolting!
    31 Jul. 2022
    An absolutely PUNderful play about veggies! Honestly I was laughing at line one! This would be a terrific first play in an evening of short plays, because the audience will be in from lights up and laughing through every beet of this play!
  • A Common Misconception
    31 Jul. 2022
    Bridget and Morgan are such real and complicated characters. We get a hint of what they used to be like when they were younger, but to see their new dynamic is so engaging! I honestly would love to see more of this story, because I really feel and understand both perspectives in this situation. I think audiences will too!