Recommended by Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn

  • The Sensational Sisters
    26 Jul. 2020
    I love this play! Every time we see superheroes, they're always young and not relatable, but these sisters struggle with the same need to belong, impostor syndrome and desire to be known for more than just one thing,(ie strength or invisibility in this case) as we all. What great roles for older actresses to tackle! What a gift for an evening of theatre!
  • Wetworking From Home
    20 Jul. 2020
    This is not like any Covid/quarantine play you've ever read. With colorful characters, playing socially distantly, and fast paced banter, but all the mafia and murder juiciness you wanted to see pre-pandemic. This is such a clever take on the hitman premise and even when Covid is (hopefully) long gone from our lives, this play will still be relevant and entertaining. Well done, John Busser!
  • Eating Crayons
    20 Jul. 2020
    This colorful play is written almost like a song. A very funny, yet insightful song. Everyone has a memory of crayons from their youth, but not everyone can sing about it like Bultrowicz's characters. This would make for a fun part of an evening. A very fun and nostalgic read.
  • Gee Your Butt Smells Terrific
    15 Jul. 2020
    I love plays where humans get to play dogs! Now I have another to love! The casual, yet canine conversation of the two pups in this piece is all the more hilarious when picturing their owners behind them, being completely unintelligible. You are in the dog's world now! Would actually be a great piece for an animal shelter fundraiser evening, I bet!
  • Fable
    14 Jul. 2020
    A haunting memory play, FABLE follows a faded star as she fights to keep her name and her story her own. There are hints that our narrator may be slightly unreliable, but as Ethel Merman eloquently tells us, "in the long run, none of us are gonna be remembered for who we really were, or who we thought we were. We’ll be lucky to be remembered at all. So who the hell cares what anybody thinks?" This is a beautiful story and I am so glad to have been able to be a witness to June's version of it.
  • 38 Cookies, 39 Reasons
    14 Jul. 2020
    There's something powerful about eating cookies with purpose, despite knowing there are many eyes on you. Judging you. At first, as the audience, you feel you deserve to know why. But after a while, you realize, it isn't our business. And I think that is a great message. People worry to much about what strangers are doing. And we worry too much about what strangers think of us. Today, I will choose to love myself and have a cookie. Thank you for this insightful monologue, Mr Martin!
  • It's A Wonderful Satan
    13 Jul. 2020
    This was wickedly delightful! I can imagine all the fun costume changes for the multiple characters. But the sincerity in which Satan speaks is where the comedy truly lies. A great alternate holiday program! I'm still smiling!
    13 Jul. 2020
    What if banshees actually knew how to sing? Would our lives be spared? In this fun twist on one of the scarier Irish folktales, a pair of banshees find the right key and bring beauty instead of terror for once. It's a good message: Just because "we've always done it this way," doesn't mean it's the only way. And maybe trying something new will benefit another life down the line!
  • Animation in Dust
    13 Jul. 2020
    The symbolism of the hole in this play for the holes we allow to fester in our hearts and relationships is just beautiful. Jean has all the tools in front of her to fill in that hole, but can bring herself to do it, because in a way, it makes her special where she never felt special. Her self-imposed heartbreak is palpable and relatable. What a beautiful story and inspiration to fill in our own holes with the flowers of family and love.
  • First Line of Defense Against the Flu
    13 Jul. 2020
    This script has so many opportunities for student performers and designers to shine! It is fast paced and hilarious and their audiences will be rolling in the aisles. Not only that, but it is actually educational and more relatable than ever. If you are looking for a script for your students to produce, I highly recommend this one!