Recommended by Dana Hall

  • A Brandy to Stoke the Flames
    13 Feb. 2024
    Lady Crawley exudes a captivating mix of grace, dignity, and a subtle sense of humor throughout the monologue. Navigating through the weighty subject matter with a stiff upper lip, she expertly interweaves moments of levity to alleviate the solemn atmosphere. The astute use of humor, exemplified by clever historical references injects a delightful touch of satire. The monologue takes an intimate turn as Lady Crawley shares the challenges faced by various families, delving into her personal loss as well. A great opportunity for an actress aged 60 and above, providing a role filled with nuanced levels. Bravo!
  • Communication Between Exes
    12 Feb. 2024
    Jaxson communicates genuinely, and this piece is rich with underlying emotions. Each character is intricately layered with complexities and motivations that captivate. There's a wealth of material to explore, and the narrative leaves you pondering the potential paths each character's life may take.
  • Watercolors
    9 Feb. 2024
    Compelling! Exploring the idea of understanding an individual through their art, potentially uncovering more about them posthumously than in their lifetime. The intricate connections formed by a single life that binds numerous people together are thought-provoking. Notably, Eric navigating life in the shadow of his partner's late significant other adds an intriguing layer. There's a twist in discovering the truth behind one's choices. Ed, while enigmatic and flawed, possesses a thread of redemption, though Nick's grief may cloud his perception of it. The inclusion of historical references adds an extra layer of enjoyment.
  • Take the points, and the reuben
    22 Jan. 2024
    Gary finds himself at a pivotal moment—faced with the choice of stubbornly clinging to old beliefs or embracing a broader perspective. Take the points, and the reuben, is a sincere exploration of the consequences of narrow-minded perceptions toward others. This play fearlessly confronts prejudice, microaggressions, and privilege as Gary's preconceptions are openly challenged. The themes in the play transcend regional boundaries. The narrative adeptly constructs a vibrant world, and the friendship between Gary and Earl is thoroughly developed. Gary's interactions might induce cringing, reminiscent of those awkward family dinners we all experience with that one relative.
  • CATS and Commonalities
    16 Jan. 2024
    A refreshing take on the classic meet-cute! Darrin J. Friedman crafts a charming story of two people with contrasting views who, against the odds, discover common ground. The banter is not only enjoyable but also relatable. Witnessing them drop the facade and genuinely connect reminds us of the joy of finding someone who truly understands. It's a beautiful reminder of the importance of cherishing those meaningful connections. However, they come into our lives. Bravo!
  • Sisters from the Same Mister
    14 Jan. 2024
    Family relationships can be complicated, especially when introducing years of hidden secrets and a DNA test into the mix! From the beginning, our curiosity aligns with Amanda and Melissa's, eager to discover who will knock on the door. The vulnerability is palpable; we share the fear and awkwardness as they encounter Dana. I love how they find common ground and their journey leaves them with something distinct—an evolved definition of family. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of living nearby yet feeling worlds apart adds a compelling layer to the story. BRAVA!
  • Need to Know?
    23 Dec. 2023
    "Need to Know" serves as a poignant reminder of the subtle and treacherous essence of secrets. As a wife grieves, mourning not just the loss of her husband but also the image she held for him, another woman grapples with the trauma he imposed. This narrative boldly underscores the imperative to believe survivors. (A reminder: Your experience of someone only represents a singular perspective on a truth and nothing more- very powerful.) The unexpected twist at the end adds a beautiful layer to the narrative. BRAVA Rachel.
  • Faerie Ring
    23 Dec. 2023
    Many aspects of motherhood remain unspoken, yet Faerie Ring provides a language to articulate our fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. The concept is exquisite, portraying a breathtaking world where it is safe to engage with challenging emotions. Finding strength in vulnerability and discussing these matters has the power to shatter generational curses. It is both heartbreaking and awe-inspiring. So Good Jacquelyn, BRAVA!
  • Three Blind Mice
    15 Dec. 2023
    Three men reunite, establishing a genuine and transformative connection. The portrayal of cisgender men delving into intricate emotions and engaging in profound discussions about relationships is a breath of fresh air, rarely depicted like this on stage. This production delves into a multitude of real-life themes, fearlessly tackling the complexities of friendship and accountability without holding back. Each character is intricately crafted, making them richly developed and relatable. Darrin has a gift for developing supportive characters (not in the script) that make you feel like you know them too. Kudos Darrin for creating a play sure to spark post-performance discussions!
  • New, From the Makers of LaffTrax...
    12 Nov. 2023
    Consistent pacing really amplifies the humor, nice job! The playful nods to fellow playwrights make for a great addition. Busser beautifully balances the surreal with family dynamics. Also, this short work cleverly employs repetition in a narrative that unveils something new with each read. Pass the MorNorkin with a shot of danahall! Lol Love it!