Recommended by Dana Hall

  • I Invited Your Mother for Thanksgiving
    16 Jul. 2023
    We are instantly brought into the mix of Dale and Warren's life. Even the title evokes feelings and with that alone we are intrigued. Acts of love surround Warren whether he sees it or not, perhaps he can lean in and find some reconciliation...a hopeful ending to a great holiday play.
  • The Ghostly Christmas Pest
    16 Jul. 2023
    A fun and festive modern day Christmas story. Love the use of song and great twist on virtual theatre. Love the commentary on EBENEE-EE-ZER Scrooge.
  • Rewind
    12 Jul. 2023
    Step into a video store in the middle of nowhere the clash of eras intertwines. Overflowing with delightful nods that evoke memories of a pre-streaming era. This remarkable tale transports you to yesteryears while offering more than mere nostalgia. From the beginning, suspense seeps through the cracks, keeping you captivated. And when you least expect it, a playful twist emerges, infusing the narrative with a blend of horror and humor. Great work!
  • Abandon All Hope
    12 Jul. 2023
    Fenton expertly maintains a sense of high stakes, keeping the suspense alive from beginning to end. A homage to Sartre, in the skillfully intertwining of external conflicts with deep internal struggles. "Prisons of our own making." Flashbacks and games add depth and layers to understanding the characters. Deeply impressed by Fenton's ability to deftly balance the darkness of the themes with clever and sardonic humor. There were a few one-liners that made me spit out my coffee. The play is undeniably smart and thought-provoking, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and even a little hope...
  • The Butterfly Anchor
    12 Jul. 2023
    Friedman's meticulously crafted play effortlessly navigates so many emotional moments, seamlessly blending humor and heartfelt moments. From the start, the dynamic between Angela and Brian is captivating, Angela's ability to disrupt Brian's need for control to help him best receive care (and love) is brilliant, and that transformative shift brings a ripple effect. No longer defined by who he was, it is heartwrenching and inspiring to see who he becomes throughout the play. Our interactions with others change us. How deep humanity goes, hope, love, redemption, healing, and the finality of the human condition are beautifully exhibited here.
  • Any Second Now
    11 Jul. 2023
    I have a deep appreciation for meta-comedies, and this one truly exceeded my expectations. What I loved most was how the audience was constantly in on the joke, and the humor kept flowing seamlessly. It cleverly comments on the ever-changing trends and tropes of the genres, while the characters, despite embodying clichés, possess a vibrant life of their own. It's a delightful construct that invites us to recognize and acknowledge these familiar archetypes we have encountered (and perhaps even written ourselves). As I read the play, I couldn't help but envision the staging! So fun! Bravo!
    29 Jun. 2023
    It is both disheartening and pertinent to acknowledge the tragic consequences of political agendas that prioritize their objectives at the expense of human lives, The Experiment reminds us why it is so important we understand history, especially as it pertains to marginalizing women. This is also a play with so many layers I’d dare not reduce it- it ebbs and flows through light and dark, time and space, but never loses its grip. There are so many quotable lines and stand out scenes, if you have a chance to see it- you will not be sorry!
  • Stork Patrol
    28 May. 2023
    This piece couldn't be more on point. If you claim to hold certain beliefs, brace yourself when the Stock Patrol knocks on your door! What unfolds is a potent reminder of the hypocrisies that are alive and well in our country. The experience of performing in the podcast adaptation of this play was a pleasure- I'm glad Theatrical Shenanigans chose this important piece to air! DEB COLE delivers a relentless onslaught of truth, hitting us with a one-two satirical punch that leaves no room for respite.
  • Second Book Syndrome
    26 May. 2023
    Some of us 'let our characters talk to us' but unlike Robert, none of them have shown up at our home! Great concept, your opening captured my attention, and I was instantly invested. The feedback that Callie offers Robert, in regards to the reviews she read for "his" book, was a powerful meta moment and the talk about representation was powerful. Bravo Sam this play really drove home the profound impact authors can have on their readers.
  • Three Women and an Onion
    19 Apr. 2023
    Kudos to Ryan Bultrowicz for this absurdist powerhouse play where you find yourself projecting meaning onto the appearance of the onion. It evolves with conflict that is existential in nature adding to the wealth of possibilities for actors. This one has it all humor, mystery, and intrigue as the women spiral around trying to understand the motivations of the onion. - The onion may bite but it ain't talking! Loved it!