Recommended by Dana Hall

  • You May Have 6
    11 Apr. 2023
    Such a cleverly devised concept with pacing that hits the ground running! 
    This dark comedy gives you all the existential vibes of No Exit yet maintains its originality and suburb world-building. What a gift to actors to have such well-developed characters. This piece has something raw and authentic that makes you feel like you are in the driver's seat the whole time, eagerly waiting to see what happens next. Bravo DC! 
  • Bar Mitzvah Boy
    9 Mar. 2023
    This is an emotional roundhouse kick. Personal history mixed with historical events makes this memory play so powerful as we understand Larry's life in hindsight. The characters are so vivid it may serve them to be housed in a full-length piece; there is undoubtedly enough intrigue to support this. Karp has created such a loving piece. It is relatable in its universal themes of love, acceptance, grief, and how we find ourselves over time. I did not see the end coming- because I was so captivated along the way. Thank you for this!
  • Any Port in a Storm
    11 Feb. 2023
    The power of vulnerability reveals these two seemingly different people may have more in common than they thought. The stakes are high throughout as they shift from external to internal. A wonderful piece with themes of acceptance, hope, and connection. Seeing it staged was wonderful. The candles, the storm, the way the actors started so far a part physically and soon closed the gap over a series of questions. Very beautiful. Aly writes authentic and touching pieces this is definitely one.
  • Let's Make A Deal (A one minute play)
    9 Jan. 2023
    It's an art to say so much with so little. Love this one- lots of room for actors to develop these characters and play with subtext.
  • Poor Paige
    31 Dec. 2022
    Hard truths in this one! Wow super relatable and hopefully an eye-opener for the Paige's out there doing for others at their own detriment. I love the message that this family needs to pull together to make it. You feel the conflict around asking for help and trying to keep the image up of "doing well" even when we are not. Well done love the focus on female friendships and women 40+.
  • It's Totally Not
    28 Dec. 2022
    I was captivated by this conversation, loving every moment of it. The thought that magic is deep in our DNA is fun. Great work. DC is a wizard of banter.
  • The Little Hat
    22 Dec. 2022
    I appreciated Kate's observation of Kai on the bus and subsequently Kai's complexity around his Jewish identity. I wanted to know more about what led Kai to say "it isn't important to me." It felt like that line was dripping with experiences just out of our view. The subtext of wondering 'am I enough' is relatable and especially universal. I wondered what Kate wanted from Kai and what it meant for their relationship- perhaps to know he could feel deeply. :) Great Work!
  • G'Oy Vey!
    1 Dec. 2022
    The importance of family, connection, and culture all come through crystal clear and are punctuated by relatable family dynamics and the awkwardness of a first date. This is a play that came out of the pandemic without being a 'pandemic play' it has nostalgia built in as we remember those days of fumbling around on zoom. Love the inclusivity in casting, the messages of acceptance, and the generational humor all hit their marks. Loved seeing it with Spoonie Theatre!
    30 Nov. 2022
    Enjoyed the dialogue and the dimensions of these characters. Jones is skillful at world building so much so you feel like you're on the date with Colleen and Ludlow. The mosquito monologue is a pleasure and Timothy creates levity in all the right places. Fun ending.
  • It Is in the Wall
    29 Nov. 2022
    The use of location, light, and legacy create uncertainty and unleash imagination. Written as a radio drama this coming of age tale would also do well on stage. The twists and turns are fun and keep you intrigued to the end. A nice addition to a Halloween festival!