Recommended by Dana Hall

  • Park Benches
    28 May. 2024
    It is such a touching play with themes of loss, acceptance, and the healing power of connection. The dialogue between David and Agnes is emotionally rich and subtly wise, drawing the audience into their world. This is what theatre is about—experiencing emotions and learning vicariously through the characters. Bravo! True heroism lies in embracing life's hardest transitions with grace and courage, and Agnes's gentle presence is truly wonderful.
  • Magno the Magnificent: A Pre-Teen Monologue
    28 May. 2024
    This isn't your usual superhero tale of capes and super strength; it's an intimate exploration of self-discovery and acceptance. With a blend of humor and sincerity, you'll root for Magno as they navigate middle school and find true friends. It's a powerful reminder that true heroism lies in embracing our unique gifts, no matter how others see us. Brava!
  • Seeker - अन्वेषक
    22 May. 2024
    "Seeker - अनेषक" by Debra A. Cole is a thought-provoking play that explores themes of faith, dogma, and the power of asking the right question. The play blends ancient Sanskrit drama influences with a contemporary setting, creating a unique and reflective atmosphere. This beautiful tale highlights the importance of choosing who you want to love, a fundamental right still denied to many. The play underscores the ongoing struggle against patriarchal and religious forces that keep women from walking side by side with men.
  • Lenora
    19 May. 2024
    "Lenora" masterfully blends psychological intrigue with supernatural elements and a unique and engaging premise. With a small cast and a simple setting, this play is a versatile and powerful choice for theatre companies. Highly recommended for its originality, depth, and ability to provoke thoughtful discussion. You can also listen to it on the Gather by the Ghost Light podcast—this story will stay with you!
  • The Naughty List
    19 May. 2024
    "The Naughty List" is a uniquely engaging and darkly humorous play by Robert J. LeBlanc. This imaginative and witty script offers a fresh twist on the holiday genre, making it an excellent choice for theatre companies seeking a clever and offbeat production. With its originality and entertaining storyline, "The Naughty List" stands out from the usual holiday fare and is highly recommended for audiences looking for something different and memorable.
  • The Peculiar Puppets of Philip Platt
    17 May. 2024
    The Peculiar Puppets of Philip Platt is a heartwarming ten-minute play taking on big themes like grief, friendship, and self-discovery with a perfect blend of humor. The way it uses puppets to depict Philip's inner turmoil is both absurd and beautiful. It is an elegant character study that reminds us not to give up on those who are suffering. "I want to be more than good. I want to be happy, to feel loved, I want to feel…alive." Beautiful words!
  • The Juggler
    17 May. 2024
    This play goes right for the jugular (Ha!) as it capitalizes on humor through linguistic errors and the absurdity of its characters. Morey Norkin’s sharp and playful writing makes this play a delightful addition to any short play festival or comedy showcase. Its simple staging and universal appeal ensure it will be enjoyed by a wide audience, leaving them laughing and eager for more from this talented playwright.
  • 2 Bdrm 1 Bath
    17 May. 2024
    2 Bdrm 1 Bath captures everyday moments with a delightful mix of humor and authenticity. Scenes like the couple's banter about their honeymoon or the humorous yet exasperating bathroom routines highlight the nuances of their relationship. Jacquelyn Priskorn has created a comic gem that accurately portrays the compromises that make cohabitation both a joy and a well... a bit of a challenge.
  • L'Images
    17 May. 2024
    Ken Love's gripping noir drama pulls us into a tumultuous world where a photographer teeters on the edge due to his wife's betrayal. The intensity is palpable. Lines like "It’s been long a life" pure gold. Despite their flaws, these characters are captivating, keeping the audience glued to the suspenseful narrative, eagerly anticipating each twist and turn. Well done!
  • The United Plays of America - North Carolina - The Kindred Spirit Mailbox
    17 May. 2024
    "The Kindred Spirit Mailbox of Bird Island" skillfully intertwines themes of loss, love, and connection, creating a compelling narrative. Haas delves deep into the complexities of grief as Eloise grapples with her mother's absence, delivering a poignant portrayal of the mother-daughter bond. The interactions between the characters are powerful, offering a raw depiction of regret and unconditional love amidst the pain of loss.