Recommended by Dana Hall

  • 153
    27 Jan. 2022
    "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on the fighting of the old, but on building the new." These words of Socrates hit me as we encounter a man coming face to face with parts of himself on the journey of life. The perspective-taking will leave you reflecting on your own life and how we have come to where we are... thank you for this beautiful play Steven G. Martin.
  • It's Not Me
    27 Jan. 2022
    Can we just give it up for Claire for walking out of her own place? I still want to know the "real" reason that led Claire to her decision. You can feel both of their frustration in this piece and it's a relatable topic that most of us have dreaded at some point in our lives. Great spin!
  • Joey Age 5
    25 Jan. 2022
    Excuse me as I sit here biting my nails. I knew nothing good was going to happen when grown men have nicknames like Goose... I want to reach out and hold Joey, as a mom my heart breaks for him- unfortunately, this manipulation is very real and I am so glad Joe Swenson has put it into words. These stories need to be told and seen. Thank you for your bravery.
  • Cranberry
    23 Jan. 2022
    I can honestly say I have never read a play faster than this one! I had to know how this would turn out. It left me thinking there are just some places that are off-limits and good for Marley for recognizing that. This play takes you on a ride and delivers a range of emotions. What a treat!
  • The Greatest Jewish Summer Camp Game Ever Played
    18 Jan. 2022
    What a dynamic piece that gives us a glimpse into Ari's psyche. It's a coming-of-age story that does a wonderful job capturing young love and fragile egos. I know nothing about tennis but the images of these two grown men playing the sport as their teenage selves is just brilliant. I was laughing out loud envisioning it. This would be a lovely piece to stage.
  • Five Things (Ten Minute Play)
    8 Jan. 2022
    A lecture brings two women to greater realizations about themselves. A delightful twist brings with it a turn of fate that illustrates why we are often not the best or most objective judges of ourselves. It's lovely how Marcia Eppich-Harris leaves room for actors to add a piece of themselves to the roles. I found myself wanting to try the technique described in the lecture- very interesting the point of how others will give us the benefit of the doubt that we don't often afford ourselves. Thank you for this thought-provoking piece.
  • Misfortune
    8 Jan. 2022
    Is there really such thing as Prairieheads? If so I have missed this opportunity! I have to tell you, I read Misfortune the other night and spite out my wine on the L.I.W line. I love this voyeuristic opportunity to be on the first date with Randall and Marie. I hope there are a series of dates to follow, all more quirky than the next. Thank you for this piece it was such a fun read.
    8 Jan. 2022
    A powerful telling of a poignant moment in time where a seemingly playful word turned into vicious devastation. Derek is haunted by a word that triggers a visceral emotional reaction. I appreciate Paul Smith illustrating how tangible our experience with certain words or phrases can be. This is likely a more common experience than we talk about especially around grief and loss. Thank you Paul for this beautiful piece.
  • Vinterlys
    8 Jan. 2022
    If you think relationships are hard this just made things a lot more complicated! Vinterlys hooks you in with a relatable experience such as meeting one's inlaws and raises the stakes. I found myself rooting for Akuma and Samantha, loving that their relationship seemed to survive the odds only to be hit with the realization he was definitely not fully forthcoming about who he is and where he's from. What happens next!? This play will leave you wanting more! Bravo Joe Swenson.
  • Zero Hour
    6 Jan. 2022
    I heard this piece in 2021 on a podcast but missed the name and author and I was shocked to find it again! It was a pleasure to read! I loved the reveal - it had me morph my visual image of the soldiers into feathered friends- which still makes me giggle. Going back and reading it I found new things to enjoy- bravo Jeff well done!