Recommended by Robin Rice

  • TAP. TAP. TAP.
    20 Jan. 2021
    Levine builds up the tension, then laughs at us - er, laughs at his characters. I have a feeling there's going to be more in store for this high-strung couple though...
    24 Dec. 2020
    Funny how an over-the-top couple with only their mutual desires registering on their self-centered brains can be loveable at the same time. I love this "paradise" where anything can happen. (It would make a great audio play.)
  • Of Garden Gnomes and Other Tragedies
    23 Dec. 2020
    Thank you for taking me to another place. Another place entirely. A place filled with feral Golden Retrievers, rhododendrons with a human past, grand battles with mystical creatures in the back yard... Rife with details like: "And all because a fallen angel had a one-night tryst in the forest with a
    chimeric pony-starfish-demon under the wrong moon, resulting in an offspring they
    found unlovable... " I'll never again look at a garden gnome without lascivious thoughts. Deliciousness on a whole new level!
  • Revived Presidential Debate
    28 Nov. 2020
    We think we're so much smarter than our ancestors with our high-tech onslaught of instant information. This look at 21st Century political debates turns the camera sharply back around and focuses on us. Funny, but oh so true!
  • The Admission
    27 Nov. 2020
    Nothing like turning a spotlight on an icon so that unexpected warts, pimples, and unholy urges jump out and have you rolling on the floor! A refreshing drink in the desert of strained political correctness we are tip-toeing through these days.
  • Love and Gratitude
    26 Nov. 2020
    In a nutshell (or one minute) this is why I love Scott Sickles' plays. Wrap together horror, ridiculousness, discovery, gentleness, weirdness, and love in one big, satisfying ball and this is it. Don't say I didn't warn you.
    25 Nov. 2020
    Bingo. Bazinga. Nailed it. I'm left thinking beyond the immediate situation- a sure sign that a play works.
  • Hot November (A Phillie McDougal Play)
    20 Nov. 2020
    Another Phillie gem -- deceivingly simple, multiple layers. A moment in time held in a bubble that floats on complex lives in an impossibly entangled world. I know there will be more Phillie moments to come. Yay!
  • Why Is It Everyone Now Is A Pain In The Ass?
    25 Sep. 2020
    A world of past and present is created in a few short, deft strokes. Just as we're mentally scanning through slights we may have rendered to old friends and thinking we should hunt them up and apologize - ZING! DeVita does his thing and -- nah, forget it.
  • Shitty Shitty Bang Bang (A Phillie McDougal Play)
    23 Sep. 2020
    Families are masses of tangles that grow more entwined and messy with each day. DeVita's Phillie McDougal plays create a clear-eyed observation of this one family. We feel the impressions made on each character from the past, and boy do we get an idea of what's to come. This daughter has learned her lessons well from Mom. My guess is she will soon take the lead in the unkind game of manipulation taking place in the McDougal household. I want Phillie to burst in and give his sister the biggest hug!