Recommended by Robin Rice

  • Father of the Dead
    27 Apr. 2024
    Sweet and grisly - a delicious combination! Perfect audition piece for a youthful father.
  • Playwrights Versus Zombies!
    27 Apr. 2024
    Ohmygod! Hysterical! It doesn't miss a beat. Scary fun and funny as heck! (Also a metaphor for the frantic throes of writing a script to schedule.)
  • What Baggage
    25 Dec. 2023
    What a delight! Some things don't change with age, but some things do. The reality of moving in together in the last third of life involves a heck of a lot more than at an early age. There's no blind, youthful can-do nonsense to help carry the luggage accumulated in a lifetime. Even if you aren't blinded by a cat allergy, even if Viagra is happily involved -- that luggage is still massive. A heavy subject is given a laugh-filled spin!
  • Tunnel Vision
    8 Nov. 2023
    What a gorgeously ambiguous monologue! It both holds together and opens up a plethora of interpretations. A smart actor would revel in it, and thoroughly captivate audiences.
  • A Slice of Chhena Poda
    8 Nov. 2023
    Plumridge turns expectations upside down. What a delight!
  • Prelude to the Music Dying
    7 Nov. 2023
    Nothing like wrapping a story around a moment in history that absolutely everyone who isn't living under a rock knows about - but hiding that fact until toward the end of the play! The whole brother-sister interaction is popping along, doing what a good play should do, then Mike hits you with a future you know will happen and the stakes literally go sky high.
  • Delete
    7 Nov. 2023
    A great example of how effective a short, short play can be. Everything extraneous is peeled off so the bare bones of what it means to delete all the "bad stuff" slams you over the head. Also a great example of how to make a metaphor come alive.
  • Maui Wowee!
    24 Oct. 2023
    I know that stories stick longer and sink deeper when serious matters are delivered with laughs. The journeys of the relationships in MAUI WOWEE! could have been served up straight -- but they're so much more resilient with Kato's comic touch.
    7 Aug. 2023
    Delightful and creepy! Ghastly and delectable! This most unusual situation we are plunked into plays out with frighteningly tender reality.
  • Things Are Looking Up
    2 Aug. 2023
    I don't know that I ever got chills reading a play before. It's a 90-degree day in my office, but reading this play, in the moment of realization a chill hit me like a wave. Beautifully observed, wonderfully specific, gorgeously understated. Excellent!