Recommended by Robin Rice

  • Tunnel Vision
    8 Nov. 2023
    What a gorgeously ambiguous monologue! It both holds together and opens up a plethora of interpretations. A smart actor would revel in it, and thoroughly captivate audiences.
  • A Slice of Chhena Poda
    8 Nov. 2023
    Plumridge turns expectations upside down. What a delight!
  • Prelude to the Music Dying
    7 Nov. 2023
    Nothing like wrapping a story around a moment in history that absolutely everyone who isn't living under a rock knows about - but hiding that fact until toward the end of the play! The whole brother-sister interaction is popping along, doing what a good play should do, then Mike hits you with a future you know will happen and the stakes literally go sky high.
  • Delete
    7 Nov. 2023
    A great example of how effective a short, short play can be. Everything extraneous is peeled off so the bare bones of what it means to delete all the "bad stuff" slams you over the head. Also a great example of how to make a metaphor come alive.
  • Maui Wowee!
    24 Oct. 2023
    I know that stories stick longer and sink deeper when serious matters are delivered with laughs. The journeys of the relationships in MAUI WOWEE! could have been served up straight -- but they're so much more resilient with Kato's comic touch.
    7 Aug. 2023
    Delightful and creepy! Ghastly and delectable! This most unusual situation we are plunked into plays out with frighteningly tender reality.
  • Things Are Looking Up
    2 Aug. 2023
    I don't know that I ever got chills reading a play before. It's a 90-degree day in my office, but reading this play, in the moment of realization a chill hit me like a wave. Beautifully observed, wonderfully specific, gorgeously understated. Excellent!
  • You Think You Know
    23 Jul. 2023
    I don't think I could write a farce. Rachel Feeny-Williams has co-opted the field. This fast-paced, emotion-driven, unfolding mystery twists and turns with never a dull moment. Who is who and why and how and when - with an unexpected twist at the end. Nope, I'm not even going to try to write a farce.
  • Good Neighbors (from the THE WRINKLE RANCH AND OTHER PLAYS ABOUT GROWING OLD collection)
    23 Jul. 2023
    How we mislead others - our neighbors, audiences.... - and how we mislead ourselves. The reversal creeps up on you, then comes the Oh yes! Realism isn't always straight-forward and honesty isn't always the best or easiest path to take at first - in both life and in a well-written play.
  • The Boys Across the Street (Monologue)
    23 Jul. 2023
    Will those who need to hear the last line in this monologue ever really hear it? If so, this playwright has accomplished what so many others have tried (and are still trying) to do. It takes you by surprise - a right between the eyes zinger!