Recommended by Robin Rice

  • Hurricane Season
    7 Jul. 2020
    I want to be in this family where people say what they feel and where love is threaded through the fabric of in-your-face choice words. Sigh.
  • I BRISH!!! (A Doug & Max Play)
    12 Jun. 2020
    There will never be enough Doug and Max stories. Max is an endless source of wisecracks and demands -- like a spoiled child but much more entertaining. Doug doesn't suffer fools, and he does his best to maintain the proper human-to-dog, master-to-pet behavior ratio, but we know who has the upper paw. The love between them shines - and we know Max will always ultimately get a reward.
  • Are You My Hot Little Man? (A Doug & Max Play)
    12 Jun. 2020
    Do you think parenting a dog is easier than parenting a child? If the dog is Max, I'm not at all sure. But I do know it's funnier, especially if the parent is Doug.
  • Pillow Talking (A Zoom Play)
    31 May. 2020
    Bisexual Ghost Zoom-Bombing? Yep, it's a DeVita play. Pulled this 24-hour wacky rabbit out of the hat with elan, Mr. DeVita! A perfect nugget for Zooming.
  • Winter on the Cusp of Sagittarius
    19 May. 2020
    Scott plucks symbolism from the abstract and plunks it smack in the middle of the miracle of a baby being born. He pits an ugly act against understanding and love. The outcome is real and beautiful.
  • Bloobry Monday (A Doug & Max Play)
    18 May. 2020
    I could have saved a lot of time, money and angst if I'd skipped philosophy class in college and instead had Doug and Max plays to read.
  • You Stop Sing? (A Doug & Max Play)
    1 May. 2020
    The Max-and-Doug negotiation circles through the seasons. When did it begin? Where will it end? Why is it so fascinating? Because it's an encapsulation of life. Can I have bloobry now?
  • 'gotiation (A Doug & Max Play)
    27 Apr. 2020
    It's a dreary, rainy Monday, but this latest episode in the Doug and Max series brought a smile to my face, then an out-loud laugh. Raising a child or parenting a dog -- we're in the same 'gotiation boat. Or side of the street as it were.
  • Where My Bloobry? (A Doug & Max Play)
    26 Apr. 2020
    Bloobry after bloobry, the life of Doug and Max cycles 'round in relentless tyranny, reflecting the larger world outside but weaving sweetness, love, laughter and acceptance throughout.
  • Free Will
    24 Apr. 2020
    Lots of fun with God and Death in a debate over free will as Will waits, imprisoned at the gates of heaven with an elephant footprint on his chest from a crushing death. "What really matters is how free you feel," says God. Some thought provoking ideas beneath the craziness of the situation.