Recommended by Robin Rice

  • The Boys Across the Street (Monologue)
    23 Jul. 2023
    Will those who need to hear the last line in this monologue ever really hear it? If so, this playwright has accomplished what so many others have tried (and are still trying) to do. It takes you by surprise - a right between the eyes zinger!
  • The Birds Are Feeding Me
    23 Jul. 2023
    "The Birds Are Feeding Me" - those words sum up what so many of us experienced during the pandemic lockdown. This play calls up different but intertwined feelings, experiences and attitudes toward our neighbors the birds. I heard this play read and it touched off immediate discussions - a playwright's dream!
  • 600 km NE Lima
    14 Jul. 2023
    Sickles has the enviable skill to capture in these few pages what it takes most of us an entire play -- or evening -- to say. The backdrop of the ocean with loud disco music as a counterpoint frames and highlights the subject and action perfectly.
    1 Jun. 2023
    It's not easy or expected to have such fun in so few pages! Lermond is a master of the short mystery form.
  • FRAMED ( from the MAD FOR MYSTERY Collection)
    1 Jun. 2023
    In addition to what other recommendations say, I want to put in a vote for a full-length play about the marvelous Stillwell sisters!
  • FOR LOVE OR MONEY (from the MAD FOR MYSTERY Collection)
    1 Jun. 2023
    Love the Stillwell sisters! Fun on speed. The radio version would be wonderful!
    31 May. 2023
    Quick, witty, unexpected - bullseye!
  • 1101 WELLINGTON WAY - DUOLOGUE (from the MAD FOR MYSTERY Collection)
    31 May. 2023
    Love the duologue presentation. Snappy, surprising, fun!
  • Camel Girl
    1 May. 2023
    I've wondered all my life why people feel they have permission to judge other people. In CAMEL GIRL, Debra A. Cole takes this question to an extreme - makes a point in short order, and makes it very well. Is the girl a freak or the victim of malformation at birth? No matter what category others put her in, she seizes the reins of her own life and is determined to journey on a path she chooses for herself. Victory!
  • Human Resources
    12 Mar. 2023
    This short play is packed with personality and food-for-thought about parenting trends in recent decades. Very contemporary. And nice reversal!