Recommended by Robin Rice

  • Camel Girl
    1 May. 2023
    I've wondered all my life why people feel they have permission to judge other people. In CAMEL GIRL, Debra A. Cole takes this question to an extreme - makes a point in short order, and makes it very well. Is the girl a freak or the victim of malformation at birth? No matter what category others put her in, she seizes the reins of her own life and is determined to journey on a path she chooses for herself. Victory!
  • Human Resources
    12 Mar. 2023
    This short play is packed with personality and food-for-thought about parenting trends in recent decades. Very contemporary. And nice reversal!
  • Brompton's Truth
    5 Feb. 2023
    No fooling around. Zing! Straight to the heart!
  • Scripted Characters
    4 Mar. 2022
    Hysterical!! The most glowing thing I can say about a play is that I wish I had written it - and I certainly do in this case. Unlike most wacky plays, this one is eminently stage-worthy and should be performed at the end of every single play festival.
  • Intestate: A COVID-19 Monologue
    11 Feb. 2022
    The most devastating monologue can be one that doesn't mess around with flowery descriptions or peripheral sentiments. Baker's speaker tells us what happened directly, and it pierces your heart. Things we know about Covid, about those who deny it, and about those who deny gay people equal rights - all of this and more is here, but brought home in such a personal way it might even change some minds.
  • Survivors Club
    7 Jan. 2022
    As the world experiences PTSD from its struggle with Covid, Arthur Jolly puts a magnifying glass to four people who experienced a singular, mutual trauma as children - and how it affected each of them. Which makes "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" ever so current - and ever so funny!
  • That Good Night
    8 Oct. 2021
    Ten pages that are packed with humanity, honest feelings, reversals and revelations. Not a forced moment. Not once does the playwright interrupt and lecture us or tell us what we should feel. I saw this play in a Zoom presentation and it worked beautifully, start to finish.
  • TAP. TAP. TAP.
    20 Jan. 2021
    Levine builds up the tension, then laughs at us - er, laughs at his characters. I have a feeling there's going to be more in store for this high-strung couple though...
    24 Dec. 2020
    Funny how an over-the-top couple with only their mutual desires registering on their self-centered brains can be loveable at the same time. I love this "paradise" where anything can happen. (It would make a great audio play.)
  • Of Garden Gnomes and Other Tragedies
    23 Dec. 2020
    Thank you for taking me to another place. Another place entirely. A place filled with feral Golden Retrievers, rhododendrons with a human past, grand battles with mystical creatures in the back yard... Rife with details like: "And all because a fallen angel had a one-night tryst in the forest with a
    chimeric pony-starfish-demon under the wrong moon, resulting in an offspring they
    found unlovable... " I'll never again look at a garden gnome without lascivious thoughts. Deliciousness on a whole new level!