Recommended by Robin Rice

  • Man & Wife
    20 Sep. 2017
    MAN & WIFE is hysterically funny, incisively smart, and many-layered. It is also structured to my strict standards. The characters are multi-dimensional, quirky, and very real. We root for first one, then the other. We care about them, sitting on the edges of our seats so we don't miss what comes next. I can count the number of excellent, two-actor, full-length plays on one hand. This is one of them. (My husband, who rarely chuckles out loud at anything, was laughing audibly throughout.) - Robin Rice (playwright, audience member)
    20 Apr. 2015
    Themes twine intricately around this love triangle. Personalities leap out -- inevitable, secretive, manipulative, fierce. No cliche solution here. A smart, sophisticated play that will have you rooting for alternately one character, then another.