Recommended by Robin Rice

  • Love and Gratitude
    26 Nov. 2020
    In a nutshell (or one minute) this is why I love Scott Sickles' plays. Wrap together horror, ridiculousness, discovery, gentleness, weirdness, and love in one big, satisfying ball and this is it. Don't say I didn't warn you.
    25 Nov. 2020
    Bingo. Bazinga. Nailed it. I'm left thinking beyond the immediate situation- a sure sign that a play works.
  • Parameters (a monologue)
    6 Aug. 2020
    Boom! That's it. Now do it and shut up or go away. So many of us are feeling this way -- over it, done with the stupidity. Thanks for saying it, Dunne.
    2 Aug. 2020
    What happens in a popular gentleman's club on a Friday night is... well... kind of... sort of... shitty. Definitely shitty. And a whole lot of words that also mean shitty, but in a very good way (possible if you're Scott Sickles). When the characters include a chef named Pepe le Poisson you know you're in for a wild ride of off-the-wall and way-outside-the-box happenings. You'd have to wrap this bathroom humor in an entire case of toilet paper to keep from laughing!
  • Winter on the Cusp of Sagittarius
    19 May. 2020
    Scott plucks symbolism from the abstract and plunks it smack in the middle of the miracle of a baby being born. He pits an ugly act against understanding and love. The outcome is real and beautiful.
  • Free Will
    24 Apr. 2020
    Lots of fun with God and Death in a debate over free will as Will waits, imprisoned at the gates of heaven with an elephant footprint on his chest from a crushing death. "What really matters is how free you feel," says God. Some thought provoking ideas beneath the craziness of the situation.
  • Special Delivery
    24 Apr. 2020
    Solomonson's two people and one rose (at a time) take us on a journey from isolated desolation to reaching out in a short 10 minutes. Time passes like slides in an old time slide projector, clicking forward, then slowing down as Rachel finally seeks out human contact, returning to the real world of real time and real people. Not a beat is missed. Good work!
  • Bottle Episode
    22 Apr. 2020
    Vladimir and Estragon move over. Bottle is waiting... waiting... wishing to be taken home, or at least to be recycled. The Sun rises and sets and time passes. A philosophical Bird. A gust of Wind. And time passes into the ecological future we're afraid is coming. Humans, unaware and careless, are no more. I love this very beautiful play!
  • Snakes
    22 Apr. 2020
    Life from snakes' POV. Very cool! The next time I'm hiking and happen upon a snake in the woods, I'll think of this play. (Love the description of what the actors wear. And their rattles!)
  • Two Cats Explain the Monstrous Moth Group
    22 Apr. 2020
    The young Cat is simply hysterical. The older Cat, with theories like humans evolved opposable thumbs so they can "operate can openers and door knobs in the service of cats," is equally hysterical. The Human's understanding of science is caught in a whirlwind of theories that zip back and forth like the Bat in this fabulous fun!