Recommended by Adam Szymkowicz

  • Tough
    4 Feb. 2019
    Really cool play.
  • The Climb
    3 Nov. 2018
    One of my favorite reads this year. The characters are so clear and so well constructed. Brilliant work.
  • Eureka Day
    3 Nov. 2018
    Really smart and really well built. and NOW. so very NOW. Terrific play.
  • The River Bride
    3 Nov. 2018
    It's really hard to write this effortless. Poetic and imaginative. Really lovely work.
  • soft
    3 Nov. 2018
    A beautiful tragic play. Take the time to discover as much of Donja's work as you can.
  • O, Little Town
    3 Nov. 2018
    Irreverent and Fun. Highly recommend!
  • When Is A Clock
    17 Jul. 2018
    Surprising and excitingly delicious with inventive language, pathos and compelling characters.
  • Glee Club
    17 Jul. 2018
    Hilarious and fun! I loved this production!
  • First Contact
    14 May. 2018
    Really well written and charming.
  • The Paper Dreams of Harry Chin
    1 May. 2018
    I love this play. It's moving, beautiful and unsentimental.