Recommended by Arthur M Jolly

  • Pilgrims
    23 Aug. 2019
    A phenomenal play. Absolutely enthralling - it pulls you into a world at once disconcertingly unfamiliar and simultaneously utterly recognizable. The relationship between Soldier and Girl fluidly changes dynamics, always engaging, always under high tension like a lava lamp filled with nitroglycerin. The ending left me stunned.
  • Rude
    21 Aug. 2019
    Witty dialogue, charming characters - this play is fun to read - almost a slice-of-life that implies so much going on before and after, without feeling the need to hammer the audience with exposition - which in turn makes it intriguing, and gives it a feeling of being more expansive than the typical short play.
  • A Banshee Killed My Boyfriend
    15 Jun. 2019
    Sweet, funny and unexpected - with wonderful mythical elements to explore, both thematically and theatrically - a strong one for designers!
  • I Said Run.
    18 Apr. 2019
    A wonderful little horror piece - great if you've got students into make-up FX, like I was all through High School!
    2 Apr. 2019
    Powerful, emotionally resonant, complex, demanding - this defies expectations and brings a truly thought-provoking level of theatricality to an event, an arena, a subject, we think we know. Quite amazing.
  • Paperland (10 Minute Play)
    15 Feb. 2019
    Fascinating, unsettling, consuming - this play has captured the wonderful, terrifying exhilaration of standing at the edge of a precipice and knowing you could... just... jump.
    10 Feb. 2019
    Wow. Just wow. Intense, immersive, confrontational. This is theatrical risk taking - and is a risk so many theatres - and actors - should want to run with.
  • Six Dead Bodies Duct-Taped to a Merry-Go-Round
    4 Feb. 2019
    In case you were wondering whether the title is a metaphor, it is wonderfully, wickedly literal. This is a macabre, fascinating, puzzling, engaging comedy, with a pair of strong, challenging roles, well worth diving into.
  • Skid Marks
    4 Feb. 2019
    This is a brilliant, brilliant collaboration between two top-notch playwrights. There are laugh lines that will kill, an over-the-top build in tension and humor, but topped by a devastating turn-around that will leave the audience stunned. Powerful, emotionally engaging - this is what a ten minute play can be at its best.
    1 Feb. 2019
    I saw the production at the Pacific Resident Theatre in '09 - truly a stunning experience. This is an immensely powerful play looking at the lives of blue-collar Americans, living through the economic uncertainty that is inextricably woven into the fibers of their lives - but it is so much more. Any theatre looking for a modern successor to Brecht should look at this play.