Recommended by Arthur M Jolly

    14 Jul. 2024
    Absolutely brilliant. An intriguing, thought-provoking, conversation-starting gem of a play. There is so much depth between these characetrs, so much unspoken, so much implied - and the dialogue vibrates with energy. The conversation between a teacher and a principal over the teacher's conduct resonates, and the questions it raises linger. I never saw the ending coming, and it's perfect.
  • Ghost Light
    2 Jul. 2024
    Powerful drama, in an intense, jam-packed ten minutes. A beautiful, moving play, built around two utterly believable characters dealing with loss and the longing for a past relationship that can't be rekindled. Vivid and poignant.
  • The Abundance
    2 Jul. 2024
    I was privileged to hear this at Valdez., and it was a reading and a play that lingers. A powerful play, brilliantly theatrical, with enough layers of meaning, subtext and metaphor to keep a squadron of literary students busy for an entire semester. The writing is rich in depth and detail, while remaining playfully clever with language. This play will leave your audience in protracted discussions late into the night at the nearest coffee place to the show.
  • Monster (Or #MeToo, Brute)
    2 Jul. 2024
    An insightful, devilishly clever, modern reimagining of Julius Caesar, set in the world of a powerful social media influencer and his crew. Shakespearean references aside, it stands on its own as a moving, gripping drama with funny, rapid-fire dialogue. This would be well worth a look by any teacher struggling to get their students to connect with true drama, and any theatre looking to engage a wider audience. It's a fantastic play.
  • The Worst Breakfast Ever
    27 Jun. 2024
    What starts out as a fun and funny take on a familiar fairy tale turns darker, then twisted, and ends up seriously disturbing, with the ending pushing satire to its conclusion as tragedy. Calling the cops as a bear doesn't end well, but lands to devastating effect in this ten minute powerhouse.
    27 Jun. 2024
    There is a wonderful power in being taken into a hidden world in a play, and in Kautzman's riveting "Moderation," we are plunged into the world of content moderators: the nameless individuals who remove the traumatic and disturbing images from social media. The play is a gripping two-hander, with beautiful lines, and a complex, ever-evolving relationship played out on stage. Kautzman's style blazes on every page.
  • Mnemorian
    26 Jun. 2024
    A short play that jumps straight into the conflict, and reveals a whole new world within a few minutes. A worthy addition for any theatre looking for small plays that contain big ideas, with a multi-generational cast that offers juicy roles for an older and a younger actor.
  • Cabana Boy
    26 Jun. 2024
    A brilliant set-up, peopled by utterly realistic, nuanced characters in complex and fascinating relationships... Philip Middleton WIlliams never fails to surprise us with the endless voyeuristic joy of watching believable people living complicated lives on stage. In "Cabana Boy," he is at his best.
  • Bump In The Night (10-min version)
    22 May. 2024
    A wickedly clever scenario, a dyncamic, well-crafted couple with deep, emotionally laden secrets, and a delightful twist at the end! What's not to like in this caper comedy by John Mabey? Steal a few minutes and read it for yourself!
  • The Broken Window School Edition
    16 May. 2024
    "The Broken WIndow' is rich in characters intertwined in dramatic, complex relationships. This is one for your students to take on when they want to show how good they are, a challenging play in the best way.