Recommended by Arthur M Jolly

  • Oh, No! I Flew Too Close to the Sun!
    1 Nov. 2018
    I have now seen two readings of this play, by wildly different casts, and this play kills. Hysterically funny dry wit. Please produce this one in your theatre, and let me know so I can come see it.
  • Help! I'm Trapped in a Monologue Written by Matthew Weaver!
    22 Oct. 2018
    Funny, self-reflective, original... yes, it's a meta piece about monologue performance - and it's a very, very good one. This would be a worthy addition to any evening of short works.
  • World Builders
    19 Oct. 2018
    Haunting, captivating, and fiercely original; this is an intricate mind-puzzle of a mental journey between these two characters. It is like a shared dream, and by the end of it, you are dreaming with them.
  • You Are The Blood
    26 Aug. 2018
    Stunning in its ability to take the audience on a journey at once utterly unfamiliar and yet deeply resonant. We recognize the shared humanity of people living lives we can barely imagine... a tour de force. Ashley Rose Wellman has a knack for finding the extremes and presenting them so simply, so true to life, that we find ourselves swept along, quietly nodding: Well, of course that's what it's like to grow up as the child of a convicted serial killer. How else could it be? This is an amazing play.
  • A Lady Who Collects Spiders Meets A Gentleman Who Collects Snakes
    4 Jul. 2018
    Fun and silly - while written for adults, I could see this one working really well for a school production. It has a sweet message about "different" people finding and accepting each other.
    4 Jul. 2018
    Intriguing - engaging. More fun than reaching into a bag of snakes in the dark - which might become a new metaphor for the workplace. A lovely play that will get the audience squirming. Or wriggling.
  • Clothes-Minded
    2 May. 2018
    Funny, highly original - a great show for TYA or kids, with a large, expandable cast that would give something for every actor to do, even if you have shyer kids that may not want lines. Plus, it a sweet message of inclusion that even the younger set should get.
  • While We Wait
    2 May. 2018
    Fascinating, haunting - an unconventional exploration of the limbo period so many relationships go through between breaking up and getting back together. Simpson might class it as a comedy - and it is funny - but there's enough subtext to impress Pinter, and a lead role any actor would be glad to have on her resume. This is a comedy with depth.
  • The Ring
    25 Apr. 2018
    A beautiful, touching, diamond-sharp play. It is not easy to capture a lifetime of loss - and the loss of a life - in a ten minute play. The RIng does just that, and I have tears in my eyes after reading it.
    13 Apr. 2018
    I saw the Wordsmyth reading in Houston - and I strongly recommend that any theatre - or university - looking for a nuanced, emotionally engaging, theatrically daring and utterly original take on student/mentor relationships look at this one. The multiple gendered portrayal of the teacher and the student is no mere gimmick - it is an astounding theatrical leap. This is a play written without pronouns - a technical feat of playwriting used to great effect, and one that will open a whole new conversation with your audience,