Recommended by Arthur M Jolly

  • Asscrack, Nowhere, USA: a monologue
    19 Nov. 2021
    Heartfelt and quietly powerful, a beautiful monologue that encompasses so much in a daughter's farewell speech to her father before she leaves for college - and, in so many ways, forever.
  • For Gods' Sake
    18 Nov. 2021
    Fun and funny, with an interesting take on the real meaning of Christmas - and probably one of the most novel roommate pairings yet. The short play has some delightful twists along the way, and would make an audience-delighting addition to an evening of Christmas themed works!
    14 Nov. 2021
    This monologue hits with the impact of a truck - so simple, so loaded with emotional subtext. This would be a showstopper audition piece in the hands of a talented teenager - carrying so much and revealing it in glimpses, in moments, in what is left unsaid. Beautifully written.
  • No More Tea?
    13 Nov. 2021
    Fun and funny - steeped with more than a hint of relationship drama. The perfect accompaniment to a nice cuppa!
  • Say Something Shocking, or The Spit-Take Play
    12 Nov. 2021
    I saw this staged in the NY production ten years ago, and I still remember it and the amazing effect it had on the audience - not bad for a one minute play. If you need something light, quick and hysterically funny - this will do it on all counts!
  • Real World 101
    9 Nov. 2021
    This light, frothy, fun premise zips along with such disarming humor that you barely notice just how sharp and biting the satire underneath it is - but that's the part that lingers afterwards, and will probably prompt some discussions after the show for the audience. I think I will always remember the acronyms BTB and PTB (not to be confused with each other, as the Boss helpfully tosses out). A workplace comedy with great depth!
  • A Hit and Miss Christmas
    9 Nov. 2021
    Emma Wood nails the fundamental culture of small theatre, sure - with wit and a wicked eye - but more deeply, Wood delves into the conflicts between staid traditionalists and innovative artists, between the old (white, male) guard and the new inclusive society forming around them and in spite of them - and illustrates it with the perfect theatrical device: a small theatre choosing the familiar (and "bums on seats" safe) A Christmas Carol, or taking a risk on a new, artistic venture - and Wood has created a perfect new, adventurous, artistic holiday classic!
  • Judith and Abra
    6 Nov. 2021
    I love a play that reminds you of the power of theatre - the raw, uncontrollable power of theatrical imagination, the willingness to be taken along wherever a skilled playwright wants one to go. The ending of this play left me stunned - just giddy with delight at theatrical magic and powerful playwriting. Astounding.
  • Lost Girl
    4 Nov. 2021
    A fascinating premise, played absolutely straight, with emotional depth and extraordinary resonance - Peter Pan flies into the window of a grown woman, and suddenly she faces some hard choices. In lesser hands, what might have been a facile ten minute play is here a full length exploration into some powerful ideas. Claire is beautifully dimensional, Peter is - as he always has been - an alluring ideal of the wonders of a never-ending childhood that, on deeper examination, is a deadly trap. The ending will have you thinking about Claire's choices for a while.
  • Zombie?
    4 Nov. 2021
    Flexible casting, a play for teenagers - and plenty of wit, heart and pop culture references make this a must for teachers and coaches looking for a great ten minute piece for their students!