Recommended by Arthur M Jolly

  • Neighborhood Watch
    25 Feb. 2020
    Clever, funny, original - and so much fun! This is a lovely little relationship between two bears watching as Goldilocks breaks and enters into the house across the way and eats their porridge. Definitely one to add to an evening of deconstructed fairy tales!
  • Deadheads
    6 Feb. 2020
    An intriguing, original setting with characters that are memorable, and would be a wonderful for two talented actors to really sink their teeth into. The ending is bittersweet and moving, the overall journey encompasses so much - it's in the vein of "Same Time, Next Year" with a fresh, truthful feel.
  • Recess
    24 Jan. 2020
    A beautiful, soul-touching little piece, it takes two lifetimes, and crams them into a ten minute recess. There is so much here for actors to explore, so many ways it could be played. An exceptional short play that will enchant audiences and stay with them.
    25 Oct. 2019
    Absolutely brilliant: a relationship on a tightrope - and I mean actually on a tightrope.. A metaphor that is delightful to contemplate, and would be an original, exciting play to stage. I'd love to see this one performed!
  • No Bikini
    25 Oct. 2019
    Dark, with a level of humor that is as uncomfortable as it is funny - a powerful and challenging play. The line "I wrote NO on my body parts too just in case" lands like a punch to the gut.
  • The Vanished
    23 Sep. 2019
    An early play by Barbra Lhota that is timeless, timely, and due for another production. A romantic comedy with real depth, moments of intense pathos, and a wonderful, swashbuckling series of sword fights!
  • Pilgrims
    23 Aug. 2019
    A phenomenal play. Absolutely enthralling - it pulls you into a world at once disconcertingly unfamiliar and simultaneously utterly recognizable. The relationship between Soldier and Girl fluidly changes dynamics, always engaging, always under high tension like a lava lamp filled with nitroglycerin. The ending left me stunned.
  • Rude
    21 Aug. 2019
    Witty dialogue, charming characters - this play is fun to read - almost a slice-of-life that implies so much going on before and after, without feeling the need to hammer the audience with exposition - which in turn makes it intriguing, and gives it a feeling of being more expansive than the typical short play.
  • A Banshee Killed My Boyfriend
    15 Jun. 2019
    Sweet, funny and unexpected - with wonderful mythical elements to explore, both thematically and theatrically - a strong one for designers!
  • I Said Run.
    18 Apr. 2019
    A wonderful little horror piece - great if you've got students into make-up FX, like I was all through High School!