Recommended by Arthur M Jolly

  • The Little Boats
    19 Mar. 2022
    Powerful and all too timely, this brief glimpse into the heartbreaking decision of a refugee in dire straits packs a massive emotional wallop in only a few pages. This could be the poignant high point in an evening of short plays, and deserves to be seen and talked about.
  • The Purple One
    19 Mar. 2022
    I love this! Utterly random, hysterically funny - but with depth to the characters, and some lovely subtext to a relationship that is already on the rocks even without a talking eggplant only one of them can hear. Delightful.
  • I'll Take Care of You
    13 Mar. 2022
    Deceptively simple, with straightforward language and powerful emotional depth that's reminiscent of Hemingway, this is a small play that successfully carries big ideas. The language and viewpoint of a 7 year old caught up in the major life events (pregnancy and miscarriage) of his parents works to great effect - and has some wonderful lines, like "She isn’t even born yet and she’s already bothering me. This would never happen with a remote control truck." Great work.
  • Car Games
    12 Mar. 2022
    Hugely powerful, timely - now more than ever - and an absolutely stunning play. There is a quiet skill so evident - the ability to write compelling, dimensional characters and trust that their seemingly trivial road-trip games will sustain interest, which they do. We are pulled along, and to devastating effect when we finally realize the destination. This is one that will linger in the audience's minds for a long while.
  • Can You Hear Me Now?
    11 Mar. 2022
    Witty, stuffed with funny moments and opportunities to find physical humor - this would be a great play for school shows, but would appeal to children and parents alike!
  • To Begin With
    2 Mar. 2022
    A fascinating drama with a brilliantly conflicted protagonist. VanWormer's Charles Dickens is a magnificent creation, challenged by fate, willing the creation of "A Christmas Carol" to light while driven by crushing debt - and agonizingly indifferent to his wife and her pregnancy. There are so many layers to this play, and her characters. The actual "novelist at work writing" scenes, which could so easily become dull or obvious, are a highlight of inventive craft on the part of VanWormer. Well done!
    1 Mar. 2022
    A very clever blending of myths and mythology, a delight to read - filled with wit and dark humor, it zips along - and a fascinating piece that would draw an audience in and leave them puzzling and arguing about deeper meanings on the way home!
    26 Feb. 2022
    With wit, heart, humor and a great depth of understanding for Alcott's characters, Donna Hoke has created an original, exciting and emotionally powerful contemporary imagining of Little Women. There are some wonderfully theatrical moments, and some heart wrenching emotional ones... a fantastic play that will resonate with audiences.
  • Life of the Party
    25 Feb. 2022
    There is so much going on in this immersive, site-specific play, written to be performed in an actual living room, and cleverly crafted around an MLM invitational sales pitch that turns out to be a modern take on Victorian spiritualism. The play delves deeply into the nature of our relationships, with the loss of people important to us, and with the enduring power of love and connection. This premise is original and fascinating; the character dynamics draw one in... and the ending is stunning and emotionally powerful. A fantastic play.
  • Rowdy
    22 Feb. 2022
    This play is stunning - a brilliant tour-de-force. I'm reeling at the sheer technical bravado of the overlapping, blended dialogue - dialogue which rivals, perhaps surpasses, Sarah Kane at her best. Ashley's monologue near the end could be a powerful audition piece, although Brianna's finale and her observation on the nature of women's relationships lands like a punch to the heart... but this is an exceptional play throughout.