Recommended by Arthur M Jolly

  • Lady in Waiting
    21 Nov. 2017
    Fun and funny, a playful twist on the classic fairytale. One of the very few ten minute plays to have a sword fight, and probably of interest to any actors looking to add a little stage combat to an evening of short works.
  • THE PLATYPODES: A Full-Length Play
    27 Jul. 2015
    This is a huge, sprawling play - a drama of scope, both in its subject matter and its deep understanding. If you are looking for a play that sweeps your audience up and carries them along on an emotional ride, I recommend reading this one. Mid-size cast, with some powerful roles for strong actors.
    18 Jul. 2015
    A powerful monologue - raw and emotional, with resonance and depth. It's not simple, it's not clean and obvious; it has complexity and nuance. This one might be great for competitions.