Recommended by Arthur M Jolly

  • Help! I'm Trapped in a Monologue Written by Matthew Weaver!
    22 Oct. 2018
    Funny, self-reflective, original... yes, it's a meta piece about monologue performance - and it's a very, very good one. This would be a worthy addition to any evening of short works.
  • World Builders
    19 Oct. 2018
    Haunting, captivating, and fiercely original; this is an intricate mind-puzzle of a mental journey between these two characters. It is like a shared dream, and by the end of it, you are dreaming with them.
  • You Are The Blood
    26 Aug. 2018
    Stunning in its ability to take the audience on a journey at once utterly unfamiliar and yet deeply resonant. We recognize the shared humanity of people living lives we can barely imagine... a tour de force. Ashley Rose Wellman has a knack for finding the extremes and presenting them so simply, so true to life, that we find ourselves swept along, quietly nodding: Well, of course that's what it's like to grow up as the child of a convicted serial killer. How else could it be? This is an amazing play.
  • A Lady Who Collects Spiders Meets A Gentleman Who Collects Snakes
    4 Jul. 2018
    Fun and silly - while written for adults, I could see this one working really well for a school production. It has a sweet message about "different" people finding and accepting each other.
    4 Jul. 2018
    Intriguing - engaging. More fun than reaching into a bag of snakes in the dark - which might become a new metaphor for the workplace. A lovely play that will get the audience squirming. Or wriggling.
  • Clothes-Minded
    2 May. 2018
    Funny, highly original - a great show for TYA or kids, with a large, expandable cast that would give something for every actor to do, even if you have shyer kids that may not want lines. Plus, it a sweet message of inclusion that even the younger set should get.
  • While We Wait
    2 May. 2018
    Fascinating, haunting - an unconventional exploration of the limbo period so many relationships go through between breaking up and getting back together. Simpson might class it as a comedy - and it is funny - but there's enough subtext to impress Pinter, and a lead role any actor would be glad to have on her resume. This is a comedy with depth.
  • The Ring
    25 Apr. 2018
    A beautiful, touching, diamond-sharp play. It is not easy to capture a lifetime of loss - and the loss of a life - in a ten minute play. The RIng does just that, and I have tears in my eyes after reading it.
    13 Apr. 2018
    I saw the Wordsmyth reading in Houston - and I strongly recommend that any theatre - or university - looking for a nuanced, emotionally engaging, theatrically daring and utterly original take on student/mentor relationships look at this one. The multiple gendered portrayal of the teacher and the student is no mere gimmick - it is an astounding theatrical leap. This is a play written without pronouns - a technical feat of playwriting used to great effect, and one that will open a whole new conversation with your audience,
  • How To Destroy An American Girl Doll
    30 Mar. 2018
    Powerful, haunting - at times darkly funny. I saw the reading of this play at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference - the last play of the week, and what a strong piece to end with. There is a line in the first scene, between two twelve year old girls, one coaching the other about bulimia. One asks: how am I supposed to feel?" after a beat, the other replies "Empty." You could hear the mass exhalation of the audience in the room when that line landed. This play has depth and resonance.