Recommended by Arthur M Jolly

  • Pacified
    19 Jun. 2022
    Hysterically funny, deeply inappropriate, raunchy and risqué without being crass... who doesn't love an exquisitely balanced sex comedy? Plus, this one is driven by an emotional core that works and works well. Staats is one of the funniest playwrights out there.
    9 May. 2022
    Tantalizing, captivating - truly a fascinating short play. I read it twice - it's wonderfully theatrical, maddeningly intriguing. I'm not sure I could tell you exactly what the "truth" is in their relationship, but therein lies the treat of this play - something powerful for a pair of talented actors and their director to explore! The opening moment where she pricks her finger on the surprise roses is so clever, and wraps through to the end... such fantastic writing.
  • Stephanie. From the Posters.
    4 May. 2022
    Fascinating - a deep dive into the complex relationships between dads of teenagers, with their kids, with their fears - and with each other. This is a gripping play, with a pair of nuanced and complex roles for two talented actors.
  • Bearly Coping
    1 May. 2022
    As sweet and adorable as W the P himself - this is a very funny play, with an intriguing relationship and a wonderful main character in Maggie!
  • We've Still Got It
    1 May. 2022
    Touching, funny as all get out, and a fantastic piece for two older actors. Definitely one to add to an evening of short romantic comedies!
    29 Apr. 2022
    Sweet and engaging, this monologue highlights the power of quiet, still moments to be powerful and transformative as well - waking one the night to a cat sleeping in the crook of one's arm might be all it takes.
  • Eureka
    29 Apr. 2022
    Intriguing, amusing, something that might delight half an audience and perplex the other half - but would definitely have them discussing the play on the drive home! A fun, absurdist play.
  • The Roast
    29 Apr. 2022
    Delightfully creepy, an absolute perfect Halloween spooky play... but that sells it short. What elevates this play is the depth of character and the complex relationship depicted - there is truly a feast for two adept actors here.
  • Rehoming
    12 Apr. 2022
    A sweet, gentle narrative of an enby child struggling with navigating CPS and meeting new foster parents, I found myself rooting for this kid from the wonderfully visual, theatrical opening, and the ending is satisfying and heart-warming. Nice work.
  • The Scarcity of Illness: A Modern Golem Myth Play
    7 Apr. 2022
    It is not often that a play of any length raises such profound philosophical questions as this exquisite jewel of a play manages in only ten minutes. It is powerful, heady writing, emotionally charged and deeply moving. The play has some imaginative technical requirements that offer such an opportunity for a talented designer to shine in bringing it to life... a term that means so much more in the context of this fantastic work.