Recommended by Arthur M Jolly

    21 Feb. 2022
    A fantastic play - sharp, witty banter that conceals a growing sense of unease. The realization that something is terribly, terribly wrong with this couple - and their world - is built so gradually and so cleverly that you don't even realize it's there until - like the characters - it is too late. It's an absolute delight - and perhaps would be more insidious in an evening of plays about relationships rather than one about horror - although it will land powerfully either way!
  • I Invited Your Mother for Thanksgiving
    19 Feb. 2022
    An absolutely wonderful, very short play about a couple, one of whom has been secretly keeping in touch with the other's estranged mother. What could become high drama - or even melodrama - instead is a deft, skillful and nuanced reflection on the importance of family and of the complex relationship between the two characters. This one is as sweet as a home made cinnamon roll.
  • Fire and Bread
    19 Feb. 2022
    Life goes on, even when the sheep and the crops are all aflame! This is a very funny play, with some delightful levels to it - and the timeless nature of medieval peasants (sorry - serfs hoping to rise to the level of peasants) struggling to better themselves while all around is chaos speaks to us today, especially as we are living through interesting times again.
  • In Flight
    18 Feb. 2022
    A delightful, sweet and loving piece as two very different characters at a museum share how the same artwork can reveal distinct perspectives on art and life. That they eventually find common ground makes for a delightful ending - this one would be a crowd pleaser!
  • What to Throw Out
    17 Feb. 2022
    An absolutely stunning one act - beautifully written, a love story that tugs at the heart and leaves us questioning the difference between agape, philia, eros and all the various forms of love that exist between humans but are often simplified - or simply dumbed down - in most plays. The relationship between these two women is profoundly complex, the setting so perfect to what they are going through - and the ending is bittersweet in the best way.
    12 Feb. 2022
    The best satire comes from rage, from righteous anger - and here, coupled with an exquisite sense of irony and razor-sharp characters - not to mention some wickedly funny lines - it not only shines a spotlight on White America's obsession with trauma porn, it turns a flamethrower on it. Alex Lin's play is incandescent.
  • dr(ELLA)'s Underwear and the Meaning of Friendship
    12 Feb. 2022
    This is an amazing play. Don't let the ten minute length fool you, there is so much here - starting with three characters that can be played by any gender discussing, buying, and trying on, underwear and all it represents. It's an absolutely fascinating and innovative way of analyzing gender constructs - and it builds to a crescendo of violence that feels organic to the characters and moment. It also could be used in a classroom to provoke discussion, or to use as a project for a directing or design challenge.
  • The Fourth Understudy
    12 Feb. 2022
    A fun, quirky piece that would work as well in an evening of murder mysteries as an evening of romantic (dark) comedies, filled with delicious character roles that any actor should love to sink their teeth into!
  • Narcissa, Narcissa
    5 Feb. 2022
    Lyrical and poetic in language, rich and resonant in emotion, deep and powerful in meaning - this is a beautiful example of the ten minute play. This is one that could be analyzed in a class as well as being a fantastic addition to an evening of short plays. The playwright also has notes for virtual production possibilities that actually open up the piece rather than limiting it - there's so much here in an exquisite, small package.
  • First Day
    4 Feb. 2022
    A powerful monologue that immediately drew me back to the beginning of the pandemic and the heightened emotional condition of so many, and the heightened levels of xenophobia, mistrust and racism that came out unchecked. This is an important monologue, and a chance to spark some serious reflection in audiences - as well as being some damn good writing.