Recommended by Jennifer O'Grady

  • Intricacies, Death and the Oxford Comma
    7 Dec. 2023
    Hilarious! ("Dirty Gimlet!") Sickles skewers royalty and punctuation in this short play with four very fun characters (and a very funny and surprisingly apt title). I have no doubt this would be a blast to perform as well as to watch.
  • The Unexpected Delight of Snow Birds
    7 Dec. 2023
    A very funny and very lovely short play about a Christmas gift that isn't quite right, with two fabulous roles for 70+ actors. This would make a great addition to a short play fest including any holiday festival.
  • Best of Honor
    7 Dec. 2023
    Soltero-Brown’s darkly comic, super-smart, wholly original play about one very complicated wedding-day is a marvelous blend of theatricality and humor, as four characters who matter deeply to each other can’t quite figure out how to move past the problems each sees, including an obsession with current politics. The use of the wedding-officiator is also wonderfully fresh and boundary-pushing as well as very funny. Soltero-Brown has a great gift for mining the pains and absurdities of life and love with wit, compassion, and truth, in dialogue that offers much to collaborators. This is a playwright to watch.
  • The Mrs. Claus Experiment
    6 Dec. 2023
    Even Santa gets lonely, but when an elf tries to help by making a partner for Santa, things don't work out quite as expected, largely due to the selection of jello as construction material. A very funny alternative view of Santa.
  • Little Black Dress
    5 Dec. 2023
    Beautiful. John Mabey has quickly become one of my favorite writers for their ability to tell meaningful stories with emotion, subtext and characters we care about, all skillfully presented in spare and concise language that offers so much to actors and enables audiences to lean in and leave changed. This is an absolutely wonderful play, but read anything by Mabey and you will see what I mean.
  • KRAMPUS MY STYLE - a monologue
    5 Dec. 2023
    Super-fun holiday monologue delivered by the traditionally scary yet (here) surprisingly nostalgic Krampus. I also love that Krampus is wearing a smoking jacket!
  • Essie and Willie (a monologue)
    5 Dec. 2023
    Such a lovely memory piece about love and family, and a fun window onto another time. Wonderful!
    29 Nov. 2023
    Sweet holiday play with a fun and funny intermingling of both French and American Christmasy traditions. Made me crave eggnog and buche de Noel!
  • Elves on Strike
    28 Nov. 2023
    Hilarious metatheatrical short play that's perfect for the holiday season. Would be a super-fun addition any short play festival!
  • Live, Laugh, Lobotomize
    28 Nov. 2023
    A really charming, imaginative and funny short play in which an unhappy human learns a life lesson from a half-human, half-demon shop-owner and a wood troll. Moving, uplifting, and fun!