Recommended by Jennifer O'Grady

  • Charles Foster Kane in Iowa (a 1-minute play)
    28 May. 2022
    A very sweet one-minute play showing us a teen who unexpectedly discovers a whole new and wonderful direction for their life. Lovely!
  • Hookie
    15 May. 2022
    So much unfolds in just sixty-seconds, in this moving one-minute play about a mother and son. Lovely.
    15 May. 2022
    Wonderfully funny one-minute play all theater folks--and everyone--will love.
  • The Zebra (one-minute play)
    15 May. 2022
    A surprising and very funny one-minute play by a master of the form. Loved it!
  • Checkout Line (A Ten Minute Play)
    22 Mar. 2022
    McLindon's fantastic ten-minute play explores, beautifully and with wonderful heart and humor, the often-hidden pain of loneliness in college as two young students find each other in a marvelously unexpected way. Loved it!
  • An Invocation To His Muse
    20 Mar. 2022
    Fantastic short play I was fortunate to see performed, which centers the wife of Edward Hopper (who, ironically and famously, created portraits of loneliness). Kantor puts Jo Hopper together with a young woman in an automat--or rather, THE automat, as in Jo's husband's famous painting--in a theatrical and inventive play that has much to say about art, the art world and women's lives. So well done!
  • A Tragedy Of Owls
    20 Mar. 2022
    A beautiful and moving short play set in WWII Amsterdam, which I was fortunate to see performed recently. It tells a powerful story in its taut ten minutes and explores different types of silence including enforced silence and ultimately, refusal to be silent. Mabey's dialogue is so rich and these characters so vivid that we feel as if we are right there in the prison with them. Powerful and resonant with themes that still matter deeply today.
  • JOY RIDE, a 10-minute comedic fantasy for two women
    20 Mar. 2022
    I love Arianna Rose's plays and was lucky to see this one performed recently. It's a fantastic two-hander for two women that imagines the friendship between Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt with wonderful theatricality and surprises along the way. The play involves flying and somehow Rose manages to make us feel as if we are flying too, merely by the sheer skill of her writing. JOY RIDE is truly a joy.
  • The States Collection - New York
    1 Mar. 2022
    A beautiful and transporting deep-breath of a play that asks us not just to see but to experience and live in the moment. Just as Sylvia does for Miller, Haas's short play brings me right into Monet's gorgeous Water Lilies painting, a remarkable achievement for a play. This would be even more wonderful on stage.
    25 Jan. 2022
    I love this short play which deservedly took a top-three place in Weathervane Playhouse's 8x10 Theatrefest. It's got three terrific roles including two for older women, and tells a poignant and very human story with moments of laugh-out-loud humor and great structural skill. As an added bonus it has a wonderfully uplifting ending.