Recommended by Jennifer O'Grady

    26 Aug. 2019
    Super-fun play with the delicious absurdity of Beckett or early Stoppard. Would love to see this performed!
  • Choosing You
    11 Aug. 2019
    Fascinating and theatrical play that does so much in only ten pages and leaves us with all the right questions. Highly recommend.
  • Icebox Placenta (a monologue for women)
    11 Aug. 2019
    Witty and unique monologue that would be perfect for a festival of women's stories or even on its own. Wonderful!
  • A Sense of Stardom (a Monologue for Mr. Microphone)
    11 Aug. 2019
    Who knew we could be moved by a microphone? But we are, in this wonderfully theatrical and utterly convincing monologue that's both witty and mournful at the same time. Would love to see this performed.
    11 Aug. 2019
    As the parent of a girl who hated girly Halloween costumes I can so relate to this, but the underlying message here is that parents need to stop forcing their children into gender pigeonholes, something Vulture Girl already understands at her young age. Terrific monologue!
  • The Thought Doesn't Count
    11 Aug. 2019
    Gorgeous, moving, and brave play about grief and love that anyone can relate to. Highly recommend!
  • Running on Glass
    9 Aug. 2019
    Theatrical and compelling play with two super-strong roles for female actors. Cooper puts the stories of six, mostly forgotten female sports stars on stage and shows us, in a few moving and condensed scenes, their determination and the obstacles they faced, while two contemporary women simultaneously try to tell those women's stories to the larger world. I love how these women are brought to life for us. We need more plays like this!
  • The Way You Made Me
    28 Jul. 2019
    Beautiful and fascinating monologue that explores the different facets of love and self with enormous and heartbreaking honesty. I would love to see this performed.
    28 Jul. 2019
    I love that Wyndham has given voice, and a role, to someone with Down syndrome, who is also, wonderfully, a school janitor with something to say. Wyndham's monologues are always so affecting. This one lingers too.
  • Eve Addam’s Tearoom
    28 Jul. 2019
    Lovely and moving play centering on an historical person about whom little is known, and Lawing fills in the blanks to give her a voice and a story that should be told. So much in so few pages!