Recommended by Jennifer O'Grady

  • The Brief Lifespan of a Butterfly (Monologue)
    17 Jul. 2021
    Wonderful theatrical monologue about pain and toxic relationships and ultimately, courage. Lamedman's Caroline feels so real that I feel like I'm right in the room with her, witnessing her pain and then wanting to cheer at the end as she comes to her female-empowering realization about her own life. So well done!
  • 5 Golden Rings
    17 Jul. 2021
    Funny and ultimately female-empowering monologue about love and dreams and self-expression and self-acceptance. Great for any holiday-themed festival!
  • Grown-Ass Louis, a ten-minute play
    9 Jun. 2021
    Beautiful play about grief and memory and holding on and letting go, all of it packed into ten wonderfully theatrical minutes--and with humor too! Loved it.
  • The Sea Turtle
    8 Jun. 2021
    I couldn't resist a play about a sea turtle, but Duhon's play is so much more that that, as it skillfully explores the grief of a couple mourning their lost child. Powerful and very moving.
  • Solicitation
    8 Jun. 2021
    I love the suspense in this taut thriller and how what starts out seeming to be one thing is something quite different and very surprising. Well done!
  • Deluge
    8 Jun. 2021
    What a beautiful and evocative play, full of poetry and emotion and with so many wonderful possibilities for casting and staging. Lamedman does something marvelously unique here that makes her play open to different interpretations, yet her sure command of dialogue and the stage create a powerfully theatrical experience for the reader and I'm sure, an audience too. Would be wonderful to see on stage.
  • Broken English
    21 May. 2021
    Haunting and theatrical short play about a Korean mother and son and the conflict between tradition and finding one's own place in the world. This would be very powerful on stage.
  • Even Flowers Bloom in Hell, Sometimes
    18 May. 2021
    Beautiful and deeply moving play exploring incarceration and the prison system. Theatrical and unflinchingly truthful, this is a play for our time that is also timeless.
  • Rickey walks James around their new neighborhood
    6 May. 2021
    Utterly charming "walking" play about an older but still-in-love married couple embarking on retirement and a new home. I felt like I was right there with both of these men while reading, even though only one is physically present while the other is virtual. Lovely and uplifting.
  • Danforth Street, January 6
    30 Apr. 2021
    Beautiful audio play that perfectly and movingly captures the bewilderment of elders living through covid and seeing their world change so drastically and horribly under the last presidential administration, culminating with the Jan 6th attack on the Capitol--the day on which the play is set. But Minigan's play ultimately and wonderfully ends on a very hopeful note that makes us, the reader or listener, feel hopeful too. So well done!