Recommended by Jennifer O'Grady

  • Major Serious Fucking Diet (a Mother's Day monologue)
    29 Sep. 2021
    The title alone made me want to read this, but it's much more than its title as it really wonderfully and theatrically conveys some of the absurdities of dieting and some of the sad absurdities of living through a pandemic. Great twists in this too!
  • To Change a Tampon: How It Is, and How It Should Be
    29 Sep. 2021
    Hilarious, gutsy and SO full of truth. Hageman's plays never fail to amaze me. If you haven't yet read her work, you really must.
  • Phony on a Twig
    29 Sep. 2021
    Delightful, witty and totally convincing short play with a leaf, a bud and a flower as characters. I got to hear it in a recent reading and it was enormous fun.
  • Vanilla Fudge
    29 Sep. 2021
    Wonderfully unusual father-daughter comedy, which I had the pleasure of hearing in a recent reading. Lots of fun!
  • Seasons
    29 Sep. 2021
    A charming and funny short play with great female characters and a wonderful twist. I had the pleasure of seeing it performed in a recent reading and it was so much fun!
  • Remember Me?
    22 Sep. 2021
    Terrific monologue spoken, wonderfully and surprisingly, by an ankle.
  • TAP. TAP. TAP.
    22 Sep. 2021
    Wonderfully spooky and sly short play that's also very funny (I laughed out loud). Would be wonderful for Halloween or any time!
  • THEATRE IS ...
    22 Sep. 2021
    Such a moving and inspiring one-minute play. I'm looking forward to seeing it performed in Gi60 this year!
  • Caged
    22 Sep. 2021
    A very funny short play in which Laura just cannot get some peace in her own home because everyone who loves her assumes she needs constant companionship (which couldn't be further from the truth). Would be lots of fun to perform and to watch.
  • Carnality
    14 Sep. 2021
    Loewenstern's moving, theatrical and expertly written play shows in its taut ten minutes a newly divorced couple still deeply connected to each other yet unable to figure out how to navigate that connection or what to do about it. It's no surprise this powerfully truthful play has received so many productions. As an added bonus a monologue from the play can now be viewed on YouTube as part of Mind the Gap Theatre's Housebound Series. Grab it!