Recommended by Jennifer O'Grady

  • The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up
    8 Sep. 2021
    I love this engrossing and wonderfully structured play exploring the constantly shifting relationship between two fascinating characters, Max and Diana, who meet as children when their parents sleep together, and whom we see at different moments in their complex and difficult lives up through their 30s. A moving and theatrical exploration of love and loss.
  • Choices: A Ten-Minute Play
    7 Sep. 2021
    Fabulously written, darkly comic, surprising and ultimately chilling play revolving around student-loan debt. Well deserving of its many productions and very relevant to our current time.
  • Sybil Luddington - a monologue
    21 Aug. 2021
    Theatrical and wonderfully active monologue that enables us to feel all the urgency of 16-year-old Sybil Luddington's desire to help thwart a British attack. Though Luddington was as important as Paul Revere, she isn't as well know, and I love that Miller has given her such marvelous life here. So well done!
  • Blink of an Eye
    21 Aug. 2021
    A beautiful and devastating play brilliantly delivered in monologues that enable us to feel the full impact and more of this story on its characters. So well done and incredibly powerful.
  • Arboreal Conquests
    21 Aug. 2021
    Fantastic one-minute play with wonderfully surprising twists and turns. Looking forward to seeing this in Gi60 this fall!
  • That Kind of Boy (a 1-minute play)
    21 Aug. 2021
    I so love this play which questions our assumptions and does so much more in its mere sixty seconds. A masterful one-minute play I can't wait to see produced in Gi60 this year!
  • Prefers Bright Indirect Light
    12 Aug. 2021
    Sweet and funny play with wonderful characters and hilarious dialogue. Would love to see this on stage!
  • pearl apple penguin
    10 Aug. 2021
    Fantastic short play--surprising, funny and moving. Would be marvelous on stage!
  • Light the Way Back
    31 Jul. 2021
    Haunting and moving short play I had the pleasure of seeing in a recent production by NextStage Theatre. A wonderfully theatrical and bittersweet tribute to theater. Loved it!
  • Brothers on a Hotel Bed (15 minute play)
    17 Jul. 2021
    I love the surprising situation Giffin Speckman has created here. The voices of her characters (one a teen boy, the other a young man) sound so real and what unfolds between them is so lovely and poignant. A marvelous play for two young actors.