Recommended by Elana Gartner

  • Life of the Party
    25 Feb. 2022
    This unique immersive play shines a light on how women use their relationships opportunistically and don't recognize the values of friendship that exists. Anderson wonderfully weaves otherwordly ghosts and voices into a sales event gone wrong. A fun and mysterious experience for an audience! I have seen it performed both in person and on Zoom.
  • That Must Be the Entrance to Heaven or, The Dawn Behind the Black Hole
    21 Feb. 2022
    I saw a reading of this play at Latinx Playwrights. Franky's characters and structure draw the audience in and create sympathy for even unsympathetic seeming characters. Each one has depth and vulnerability. Throughout the play, the stakes rise until the inevitable challenge must be faced. Franky weaves poetry and cosmic nature into the relationships and language. This will come alive on the stage and be a big meal for all technical people involved but it will be worth it when the audience responds.
  • Dirt Sticks
    1 Dec. 2021
    Kira Obolensky's beautiful and mysterious tale weaves easily from scene to scene, uncovering secrets and relationships. As the past is reunited with the present and the characters learn some truths, some are unburdened while others find a new path forwards that they never anticipated. Lovely language and characters!
  • Have to Believe We Are Magic
    22 Nov. 2021
    This play is a painful, truthful and fun examination of complicated family dynamics around secrets. What is it to survive under the challenges that a pregnant young woman faces while simultaneously trying to keep her youth? How can she not end up like her sister? How can she not disappoint her mother? Most of all, how can she not disappoint herself? Guerrero is masterful at creating a fun protagonist who the audience will desperately want to win the day.
  • PHILOCTETES, a new adaptation
    12 Jul. 2021
    It is to Zuercher's credit that he has adapted this script to address the complicated issues of Deaf culture within a hearing world using the familiar Greek tragedy story. Zuercher does a magnificent job of writing bilingually, creating characters that are challenging to like as well as those that are sympathetic. I saw a reading of this virtually and I would love to see it in person!
  • El Yunque in English
    28 Jun. 2021
    As this play unfolds, the audience starts to understand that the only appeal that the character has left is to an alien he once saw many years ago. He needs the alien to fix things in his personal life. Diaz-Marcano uses this opportunity to have the character comment on how society is broken and affected by the economic injustices. Both a beautiful and very funny play, Diaz-Marcano has written a lovely piece!
  • One is the Road
    22 Jun. 2021
    Poetic and rhythmic, "One is the Road" builds in its tension. Highly relatable for audience members stuck in a car with someone whom they love but who is just having an annoying moment and for those audience members who are hard on themselves.
    3 May. 2021
    This fantastic piece was originally written for the 365 plays project but stands on its own as a tribute to Sylvia Rivera. Burbano does an excellent job exploring the differences between drag queens, prostitutes, transvestites and the LGBQ community. A heart breaking retelling of Stonewall in a first person narrative from one of the first instigators, this play had me agreeing aloud and cheering in my heart.
  • Policarpa: Apocalypse Sur Amerikka
    3 May. 2021
    This is an extremely powerful script about the role that women played in the Colombian revolution. Mixing magic and reality, Burbano's strong characters paint emotionally intense pictures of the complicated choices have to make. Burbano's strength is in the unique voices of each character. I saw a virtual production of this and was blown away. Just imagine how amazing it would be on stage!
  • Garters
    3 Mar. 2021
    This is an amazing play! Wonderfully sexy, magical with a great adventure quest thrown in for good measure! The characters are well-drawn and shine light on some modern themes taking place in a fantastical place and time.