Recommended by Elana Gartner

  • An Awful Waste of Space
    28 Jun. 2018
    Natalie uses the alien voice to make socio political commentary about the state of the United States post Hurricane Maria. An excellent dark comedic short.
  • Cockeye(D)
    28 Jun. 2018
    Duncan's dark depiction of the many sides of a potential molestation in the entertainment industry and how careers have suffered as a result comes at an extremely poignant moment. With one eye on the #MeToo movement, audience members will feel each character's pain as the play unfolds and hurtles towards a confrontation.
  • The Revolving Cycles Truly and Steadily Roll'd
    20 Oct. 2017
    This play is heart-wrenching and poignant. The audience is forced to face many uncomfortable truths about our society and ourselves. Very pertinent to our current social climate.
  • Silueta by Diana Burbano, Tom Shelton and Chris Shelton
    27 Aug. 2015
    What begins as a nighttime stalking by a former lover's ghost gains momentum and intensity, taking the clearly drawn characters through heartbreaking journeys and choices between each other and their art, until finally they reach the crux of why the ghost has appeared. So much wonderful symbolism and high emotions! A director could go wild with this script!
  • Photograph 51
    20 Jul. 2015
    A very smart script demonstrating a significant role that women played in science and how easily they could be ignored. Enjoyable and heartbreaking, well-written with excellent characters!
  • The Singularity
    20 Jul. 2015
    Such a wonderful and surprising script! Twists and turns!
  • The Tragedy of Dandelion
    2 Apr. 2015
    "An action-packed drama filled with wonderful, strong roles for women written with lovely dialogue."
  • Maya
    2 Apr. 2015
    "Lovely relationships, challenging premise and a fabulous Indian god."
  • Irreversible
    2 Apr. 2015
    A fantastic and powerful play. Lots of tension and different kinds of structure to the piece.