Recommended by Elana Gartner

  • Ghosts of Bogotá
    2 Apr. 2020
    What a beautiful and surreal piece! Burbano deals wonderfully with abuse, family secrets and difficult relationships. Her use of mixed English and Spanish adds dimensions to her very well-drawn characters.
  • Dorothea Puente Tells All! An Evening with the Magnanimous, Distinguished and Noble Lady of Sacramento
    21 Mar. 2020
    This phenomenal play shows the complicated manipulation of a masterful con-artist from her point of view. Dorothea is both endearing and frightening. Loewenstern walks the tightrope extremely carefully, allowing the audience to trust Dorothea and then judge her based on their own observations from her presentation of "the facts". The characters are unique and well-drawn. This is a fantastic play that would give a great evening of drama to an audience!
  • Chalk
    2 Feb. 2020
    How lovely and sad. What a complicated relationship the audience is able to witness in such a short window of time! Well done!
  • Lookout Point
    2 Feb. 2020
    A very sweet moment. I love the personification of the dogs and the short clipped dialogue. Excellent perspective piece.
  • Embers
    31 Oct. 2019
    "Embers" is a beautiful, harrowing look at the devastation of a marriage both before and after a fire. Through lovely metaphors, Amberly draws parallels between the growth of gardens and people, both of whom need tending, both of whom need love, both of whom need to rebuilding.
  • Parish Dunkeld
    3 Oct. 2018
    This script is a fantastic, complicated story of a small town wrestling with its own fate and how to guide it through some ethically and morally questionable times. Beautifully developed and rich characters make up the townspeople.
  • SEEDS (audio one-act available)
    25 Sep. 2018
    This is has heartbreaks happening in so many parts of the plot, so many characters being squeezed into places they are not comfortable. Hoke does an excellent job of bringing to life some of the real complications that face couples and parents as they approach having children and caring for them.
    14 Aug. 2018
    Such a sad play and extremely real to life. Everyone not listening, not hearing and not wanting to hear each other. The discomfort of the pool of pee on Allison's character creates a fantastic tension. Carnes creates a stark contrast by having the characters watching "Howdy Doody" where everything is happy and fun.
    2 Aug. 2018
    This play is adorable and sweet and funny. An entirely believable last-minute before a wedding ceremony scramble and some lovely reminders from the rabbi about what is truly important (which every couple that is getting married needs to hear).
    1 Aug. 2018
    So creepy and everything that could go wrong does go wrong. But I like how Dawes maintains the "rules" of the world her characters are working with regarding touching and different simulations. I love that one character is more into this as an actor and backstory, etc. while the other is simply in it to do it. Fantastic ten minute!