Recommended by Elana Gartner

  • El Yunque in English
    28 Jun. 2021
    As this play unfolds, the audience starts to understand that the only appeal that the character has left is to an alien he once saw many years ago. He needs the alien to fix things in his personal life. Diaz-Marcano uses this opportunity to have the character comment on how society is broken and affected by the economic injustices. Both a beautiful and very funny play, Diaz-Marcano has written a lovely piece!
  • One is the Road
    22 Jun. 2021
    Poetic and rhythmic, "One is the Road" builds in its tension. Highly relatable for audience members stuck in a car with someone whom they love but who is just having an annoying moment and for those audience members who are hard on themselves.
    3 May. 2021
    This fantastic piece was originally written for the 365 plays project but stands on its own as a tribute to Sylvia Rivera. Burbano does an excellent job exploring the differences between drag queens, prostitutes, transvestites and the LGBQ community. A heart breaking retelling of Stonewall in a first person narrative from one of the first instigators, this play had me agreeing aloud and cheering in my heart.
  • Policarpa: Apocalypse Sur Amerikka
    3 May. 2021
    This is an extremely powerful script about the role that women played in the Colombian revolution. Mixing magic and reality, Burbano's strong characters paint emotionally intense pictures of the complicated choices have to make. Burbano's strength is in the unique voices of each character. I saw a virtual production of this and was blown away. Just imagine how amazing it would be on stage!
  • Garters
    3 Mar. 2021
    This is an amazing play! Wonderfully sexy, magical with a great adventure quest thrown in for good measure! The characters are well-drawn and shine light on some modern themes taking place in a fantastical place and time.
    5 Aug. 2020
    This play is so beautiful and heart-wrenching. Barbara does an exquisite job of incorporating dreamlike and metaphoric states of being to communicate the traumatic distress after a gun shooting for survivors. The relationships between the characters are well-drawn and believable. The subject is extremely relevant to today's world, unfortunately. Please produce this play!
  • The Good Deli
    4 Aug. 2020
    Family relationships are always complicated. Near-death experiences exacerbates and brings to the forefront all of these in Kevin Cirone's "The Good Deli". Well-written and with unique voices, Cirone's characters must confront their own feelings about their personal journeys and those with each other as they face a crisis as a family. Cirone does an excellent job of adding humor to an otherwise awkward and uncomfortable situation.
  • Rights of Passage
    19 Jun. 2020
    This play has all kinds of twists and turns that you don't expect while still delivering a powerful blow and a powerful message. Johnson knows how to play on the audience's emotions and preconceptions. A wonderful play to start conversations!
  • Otis
    13 Jun. 2020
    "Otis" is a wonderful, fantastical play, examining relationships that people have with one another living in the same building. With all of the action taking place in the elevator, Reinhardt draws the most out of her characters in their interactions and brings the elevator to life in many ways as its own character. This is a beautiful, touching story about the struggle of loss and the way people do and don't connect while living in a busy city.
  • Ageless
    2 Apr. 2020
    Portman does an excellent job of world building for the future while demonstrating the very real problems that her characters are struggling with regarding mortality, ethics and relationships. Well-written and engaging!