Recommended by Jonathan Cook

  • It's A Wonderful Satan
    5 Jan. 2022
    I produced an audio version of this play on my radio theater podcast Gather by the Ghost Light. John Mabey has constructed a hilarious take on the classic holiday film "It's a Wonderful Life" showing that even the most eviliest of the evil get depressed sometimes. Wonderfully written piece!
  • Playing With Fired
    30 Dec. 2021
    I produced an audio play version of this script on the Gather by the Ghost Light radio theater podcast. It's a charming non-traditional holiday story with clever reveals along the way. The structure and pacing of the conversation between Mr O'Brien and Sam provide a nice set up that keeps you guessing how it will all play out, and then Hayet nails the ending with a perfect callback.
    31 Mar. 2021
    A touching play that's a treasure to watch. The clever use of sarcasm and wit drives the play forward as the caregiver, MIchael, peels back the layers of stubborn mother in order to connect with her. Well written and memorable!
    22 Mar. 2021
    A quirky and fun little play about relationship commitment. You either go "flying into the sky" or "plunge back down screaming". Quick. Tidy. Not a line is wasted.