Recommended by TJ Young

  • Light the Way Back
    12 Oct. 2020
    This play caught me by surprise. Moving and deeply rooted in the "now", it speaks to a future we both hope for and one that we fear. But, at the heart of this play is the enduring power of storytelling and the importance of the medium we function in. This play is laced with sadness and loss while introducing a statement of hope. Beautiful work. This feels like a piece to be performed once we "are back" that will feel triumphant when it is seen.
  • Guardian To Be
    12 Oct. 2020
    A witty and tight story around who is best fit to raise children. The dialogue is quick and the characters are identifiable from the jump. There is humor packed into these pages and it would be so much fun to see this performed. Great work!
  • What Happens At Jock Night
    12 Oct. 2020
    A quick and fun look at the body image issues in the queer community. King quickly rounds out the lives of these individuals while providing us with a simple yet effective commentary. This 10-min play has a great message and would be fantastic in any short-play festival that doesn't mind a bit of skin and a lot of heart.
  • Clasp
    30 Sep. 2020
    There is a simplicity in this play that speaks volumes. It echos the fear and need I felt when reading parts of Angels in America, the frankness and desire for contact I found in Gruesome Playground Injuries, and manages to pull all of this off in a short amount of time and a unique voice. We are in a time in history where this is important. This play captures that time and will serve as a powerful time capsule when this is all over. Read it now. Produce it then. When we can touch again.
  • Lonesome Valley
    7 Aug. 2020
    This play is packed to the gills with tension. What Lord accomplishes in no time at all is a world with history and deep relationship between characters. This play feels even more relevant in these times of deep political unrest. The ending comes at you hard and fast, using the tension of not only the spoken but the silent to fantastic results. Great piece of writing!
  • The King's Legacy
    7 Aug. 2020
    With a book as powerful as the music that is paired with it, The King's Legacy is a fantastic look at the historic and complicated nature of female contributions in history. The songs pair well with the book, both are focused and powerful and create that synergy you want from a musical. The style reminds me of the classic musical theater that I fell in love with, but with a message that is so important and critical to remember today.
  • And the Wisdom to Know the Difference
    28 Jul. 2020
    Both of these characters enter the room very vulnerable and Williams uses that to his advantage in this instance. Their relationship is deep it is displayed not only through the things that are said, but also the things that are unsaid. The final revelation is really touching and the sharing of the pain and healing makes this piece feel complete. Fantastic short play!
  • Her, Across the River
    27 Jul. 2020
    This play utilizes the mystical and the personal in fantastic balance. Villanueva isn't afraid to imagine what some of the great myths would say about one woman's journey and she utilizes our knowledge of them beautifully. By mixing two distinct cultures and mythologies, this play opens up in a fantastic way and gives us a new way to look at pain and grief. This is powerful and theatrical. Fantastic job.
  • Whiskey Neat
    27 Jul. 2020
    This quick and heartfelt piece does a fantastic job of creating characters with depth in such a short amount of time. The conversation that is had is touching and the character of Julia is written so intelligently. There are fantastic moments of emotion that peek through the wit and it feels real and lived in. Fantastic work.
  • 7 Minutes to Live
    26 Jul. 2020
    This play is unabashedly fun. From the jump, Conlon pulls you in and hands you the wheel of a car you have no control over. The twists are unexpected, as you are pulled through by a group of characters that are pretty damn fun to watch play. The play keeps the string tight, either with humor or unexpected revelations, and because of that we are left with a story that feels like you want the best rollercoasters to feel like. Not to mention, it is so smart! I'm a sucker for this play. Read it. Fantastic work.