Recommended by TJ Young

  • Her, Across the River
    27 Jul. 2020
    This play utilizes the mystical and the personal in fantastic balance. Villanueva isn't afraid to imagine what some of the great myths would say about one woman's journey and she utilizes our knowledge of them beautifully. By mixing two distinct cultures and mythologies, this play opens up in a fantastic way and gives us a new way to look at pain and grief. This is powerful and theatrical. Fantastic job.
  • Whiskey Neat
    27 Jul. 2020
    This quick and heartfelt piece does a fantastic job of creating characters with depth in such a short amount of time. The conversation that is had is touching and the character of Julia is written so intelligently. There are fantastic moments of emotion that peek through the wit and it feels real and lived in. Fantastic work.
  • 7 Minutes to Live
    26 Jul. 2020
    This play is unabashedly fun. From the jump, Conlon pulls you in and hands you the wheel of a car you have no control over. The twists are unexpected, as you are pulled through by a group of characters that are pretty damn fun to watch play. The play keeps the string tight, either with humor or unexpected revelations, and because of that we are left with a story that feels like you want the best rollercoasters to feel like. Not to mention, it is so smart! I'm a sucker for this play. Read it. Fantastic work.
  • The Book of Merman: A Musical
    22 Jul. 2020
    I caught the Pittsburgh production. This is hilarious. A solid parody with fantastic music and a great script. This made for one of the most fun nights of theater I have had in a long time. This was really a blast and played on all of my love for Broadway while undercutting it at the same time.
  • In A Darkroom, The Lord Knows
    20 Jul. 2020
    This piece is tight and touching. The hard and steady look at the way that the male gaze and what it takes to wash that away. The imagery of the dark room is extremely strong and, in the end, the concept of exposing and redefining yourself after trauma. It is beautifully written and a strong work for two actors. Fantastic work.
  • Prometheus Burning: an adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
    19 Jul. 2020
    The demands of this play are staggering, requiring an actor of virtuosic skill and physical ability, this adaptation allows for new life to be given to this story. Imagining one actor taking on this piece was astounding in my mind and Rossi does not let the perform(s) off the hook just because the cast will be small. It is smart, swift, and is constantly aware of the weight the source material holds without feeling constrained by it. Fantastic work.
  • The Believer
    18 Jul. 2020
    This fun little play uses a shared lexicon of lyrics, both between characters and the audience, to not only have fun but to imbue humor and history into the relationship. This is a fun and lighthearted story packed with memory and the tension that time can create. Well done!
  • Alcott
    17 Jul. 2020
    This smart and hilarious script is steeped in emotion and exploration of romance on a college campus, what it means to grow toward someone, and a look at what it means to continue to grow without them. The ending is a ton of fun and it forces us to reevaluate everything we have seen before it. Fantastic work.
  • That Midnight Rodeo
    16 Jul. 2020
    Hands down one of my favorite plays in the 10-minute format. I first read this play in 2016 and ever since then it has been stuck in my mind. Price understands the form and leaves us with an ending image that is arresting, full of hope, unanswered questions, and the tension that exists in real-life decisions. There is no easy way out or right answer with this piece, and that is what makes it shine. Fantastic work.
  • Chickens in the Yard
    16 Jul. 2020
    This play packs so much in with an economy of words that is absolutely stunning. The relationships are deep and flawed, and that is what helps make them real. Still, there is a feeling of whimsy and abstraction as the characters are also chickens, moving from those being taken care of to those who are asking to be taken care of. This play is beautiful in its simplicity, but the emotions run extremely deep. Fantastic work.