Recommended by TJ Young

    3 Jul. 2020
    Captivating in ease in which these characters speak, brutal in the pain it portrays, and masterful in the use of deep and flawed relationships to tell a story, this play was moving in ways I did not expect. The best part is it all feels natural and lived in. Shared pain and the silence around it becomes such a powerful undercurrent that it makes you reassess every notion you had of these characters. The text is rich and painful and necessary. This play is necessary. Read it. Sit in it. Produce it. Experience it.
  • GRIT (formerly "What They Think We Are")
    1 Jul. 2020
    "You just gotta find people to survive with" is stated early on in the play, and it is a concept Malakhow sticks to, examines, blows up, and puts back together. With theatrical projections of messages and texts, one-sided conversations, and the removal of other characters, this two-hander is a powerful examination friendship and connection. I kept thinking about the speed of trust, including how and when to let people into the private places in your mind. Sasha and Raymond have to navigate that balance, revealing the pain they have been dealt, in an authentic and very moving way.
    30 Jun. 2020
    Not since Water By The Spoonful have I felt so engaged in a play that mixes the digital space and the real world. Malakhow does so beautifully. The emphasis on human connection is evident in all of Nick's work, but the concept of digital connection reads just as strong as the physical ones. His manipulation of form in The Beehive is stupendous. The struggle of recovery is handled with such tact, but the characters are still flawed and human. The message is clear, but not heavy-handed. Fantastic piece of writing.
  • Gimme Carrot (The Doug & Max Plays)
    29 Jun. 2020
    This brings me the same joy that Wallace and Grommet do. These short but fun pieces about contemporary life between a man and his dog will put a smile on your face. Even just the voice of Max is great and, as a dog owner and lover, the closeness between the two characters is heartwarming. Great and fun piece of writing.
  • Moreno
    28 Jun. 2020
    This play is going places. Taking a very topical situation and lacing it with nuance, a strong sense of voice, and even stronger characters, Wilkins creates a play that stands as not only a monument to the time in which it was created but a call to investigate the concept of protest from a position of power.
    26 Jun. 2020
    Malakhow has a gift for character voice. From the very first line, you are pulled in and placed back to those moments of growing up that make this piece so special. All of this is highlighted by the intense connection these characters have. The friendships feel deep, the connections are tangible, and it is all held together by amazing craft. It feels messy the way high school relationships felt. This work is so raw and is exceptional because of it. This play is all truth, from beginning to end.
    24 Jun. 2020
    From the second page of this script, it hits and keeps on hitting. Like a swift and lightfooted boxer, it moves swiftly and keeps punching at things, making sure you never get too relaxed. It is strikingly funny, rolling around in the irony and using theatricality to push the message forward. And it is a message that should be heard. This play is urgent, important, and I hope that this story gets shown across the country. So smart. So moving. Masterful.
  • Brujaja
    24 Jun. 2020
    Funny, steeped in cultural and generational specifics, and holding an authenticity of language that would sing in a production, DuPrey has put together a compelling look at what progress looks like coupled with the power of past magic. BRUJAJA is a great ride.
  • Grown-Ass Louis, a ten-minute play
    24 Jun. 2020
    It has been years since I saw this play. And I think about it often. A fantastic look at loss and letting go, this is a short play that hits you in a way that rings true for those of us who have experienced loss at a young age. This is funny, heartfelt, and amazingly smart. This is an example of the power that 10 min plays can have.
  • Endowed: Or, The Play With The Butt-Plug
    23 Jun. 2020
    From the jump, this play is filled with an outrageous idea. But, it is never too far from its heart. Yes, this play has a butt-plug in it. Yes, the butt-plug is used with great effectiveness. Where others would have taken the ridiculous nature of the concept and made it into an elongated sketch, there is still plenty of character development. Not to mention, Malone's comedic timing and unique character voice is a hallmark of his writing (Read his Jackson play and Lower Sherborne.) This play blazes forward, creating a contemporary comedy about releasing the past. Read it. Perform it.