Recommended by TJ Young

    24 Jun. 2020
    From the second page of this script, it hits and keeps on hitting. Like a swift and lightfooted boxer, it moves swiftly and keeps punching at things, making sure you never get too relaxed. It is strikingly funny, rolling around in the irony and using theatricality to push the message forward. And it is a message that should be heard. This play is urgent, important, and I hope that this story gets shown across the country. So smart. So moving. Masterful.
  • Grown-Ass Louis
    24 Jun. 2020
    It has been years since I saw this play. And I think about it often. A fantastic look at loss and letting go, this is a short play that hits you in a way that rings true for those of us who have experienced loss at a young age. This is funny, heartfelt, and amazingly smart. This is an example of the power that 10 min plays can have.
  • Endowed: Or, The Play With The Butt-Plug
    23 Jun. 2020
    From the jump, this play is filled with an outrageous idea. But, it is never too far from its heart. Yes, this play has a butt-plug in it. Yes, the butt-plug is used with great effectiveness. Where others would have taken the ridiculous nature of the concept and made it into an elongated sketch, there is still plenty of character development. Not to mention, Malone's comedic timing and unique character voice is a hallmark of his writing (Read his Jackson play and Lower Sherborne.) This play blazes forward, creating a contemporary comedy about releasing the past. Read it. Perform it.
  • The Ashen Crown
    22 Jun. 2020
    A rich world filled with powerful women and political intrigue. The symbolism throughout the piece is fantastic. So is the theatricality. The play would not only be extremely fun for actors (the language is heightened yet approachable), the descriptions and use of audio and visuals would be a feast for designers as well. That is one of the strengths of this script. It takes all aspects into consideration when building the world, letting us get lost in the conflict and entranced by the characters. Fantastic work.
  • Not Really (Little Star)
    22 Jun. 2020
    This piece, leaning on the lyrical nature of thought and the meaning of a simple repeated phrase, is one of the most intense things I have read in years. Compact but with a mighty punch, it makes me want to act again. Why? Because it is what every writer strives for at least once; a raw manifestation of emotion. This thing hums at the edges with the poetry that can be imbued in everyday language. The pain, fear, logic, complexity, and intimate nature of the pain are all tangible. It's powerful. It's real. It's everything theater strives to be.
  • Trick or Treat?
    17 Jun. 2020
    I got to see this performed a few years back at the Fade2Black festival. I don't want to give anything way, but the setup of this play is everything. It is funny, touching, and the end if completely chilling. Looking for a short and powerful piece? This is it.
  • Queen Of
    16 Jun. 2020
    Tyler's manipulation of time and location are punctuated by the speed in which he pulls us through them. There is something exciting about the contemporary transitions matched with the heightened language of these characters. But, don't let that scare you. In fact, it is approachable and covered with wit and a smart turn-of-phrase. This may be an early draft, but it doesn't shy away from the power women both assumed and were denied in their time. I am excited to see how this piece moves forward as it is developed.
  • Norma's Rest
    15 Jun. 2020
    This play is something special. Set in a place where differences are often seen as reasons to separate, Morille weaves a beautiful tale that exposes the humanity in all people. Filled with his unique southern tone and sharp wit and humor, these characters are alive and carrying with them an important message of inclusion and chosen family. This play tackles racism, religious bigotry, addiction, the power of money, and the need to fight for those people who are important to you. I love this play.
  • Verboten
    14 Jun. 2020
    I have had the pleasure of seeing the script evolve. Rossi takes on one of the most notable times in history and gives us a script that is full of heart, creativity, and music. There is joy mixed in with the pain, and it results in a heartwrenching climax. The fight for freedom is in the hearts and hands of the youth. Tyler creates characters that embody that idea, along with the idea of survival, while still helping them find way to let the rebellion continue when they feel the fight has been lost.
    14 Jun. 2020
    In a world full of conventional love stories, SEEING EYE stands out. Not only for the concept but for its strong sense of character. The relationships are fully realized and the interactions are engaging. From the first conversation between Robbie and Jason, I was hooked. I'm convinced you will be too. Don't overlook this script when looking. This is a loving look at relationships and the creation of new ones. Give it a go. Very strong piece.