Recommended by TJ Young

  • Lower Sherbourne
    25 May. 2020
    Malone proves himself to not only be adept at adaptation but demonstrates his ability to capture a variety of character voices while juggling a large cast. By taking on this giant of a play, Toby manages to make it accessible. Set in current Covid times, this play is filled with characters whos intersectionality provides commentary on the inequity and power struggle within diverse groups of people. Their identity does not take away from their wants or needs, and the relationships are made deeper by Malone allowing them to live in their biases, beautiful and ugly, all while attempting to thrive.
  • Outgrowth
    21 May. 2020
    This play is an intense mediation on life. Through the memories of Alby and the two individuals closest to him in his adult life, Malone grants us a view into the heart of a troubled and often disconnected man. Both Natalie and Seth circle Alby, trying to understand this maelstrom of a man they love, hoping to reach him. Much like the characters, we can see the pain coming but are powerless to stop it. So, instead, we search for meaning in that pain, finding the depth of love Alby himself struggles to articulate. Incredible work.
  • Grenadine
    22 Jan. 2020
    This is a stunning piece of writing. The true nature of the piece lies in the complexity Neil packs into the little moments of the work. It moves at a pace that makes the moments he sneaks in there hit harder. And boy, do they hit. The exploration of love, friendship, and what it means to really be there for someone makes this a play that everyone should read, see, produce, or be a part of in some way. Astounding work.
  • Stone Pebble Girls
    9 Aug. 2017
    Talk about compelling theatre! This amazingly crafted script is a deep and moving look at the "other" and how they are treated in contemporary American landscapes. Turnage takes the time and care to usher us through the truly magical world of the play in a way that is stirring. From the concept of motherhood, family, ownership, sexuality, and even abuse, she still ignites the world she creates with poetic language, stunning images, and a level of musicality that helps these pages sing.
  • Judas Kissed Kid
    31 May. 2017
    Fantastic writing by a great talent! YOU MUST READ THIS PLAY!