Recommended by Daniel Prillaman

    5 Jun. 2024
    Oof. This is gut-punch after gut-punch. Puller's anthology dives into speculative (yet all far too real and relatable) scenes of what young artists (or their parents) encounter in the vast jungle of theatre education. It's something younger generations are only tuning into now, the idea that good art shouldn't have to come from suffering. If anything, are we being taught that our passions are worth abuse and pain, no matter who it comes from? What are we willing to put up with for the show to go on? Amazing, timely, and thought-provoking, no matter the age of the audience.
  • I am the Center of My Universe
    3 Jun. 2024
    Breathtaking. This is a poignant monologue of the miraculous trauma that is being alive in a world (a universe) growing growing growing. In these short pages, Syran’s muser remarks on all of social media, the good, the bad, the in-between, as well how everything we encounter changes us (and us them), and makes us into the people we become. Deftly layered and beautiful in every way. And even though it’s a dog in the monologue, it makes me wanna hold my kitty.
  • Jacquie Floyd Sent Me
    3 Jun. 2024
    There’s something to be said for the NPX headcanon we’re slowly and collectively forming. I eat cats (I do not eat cats), Jacquie Floyd might be a gangster (she is probably not…I won’t take my chances), Chris Plumridge has WAY too much insight into all of us. I adore how humbling this place is, and that so much good-natured frivolity is instrumental in the creation of fun, new plays. RFWs latest crime short is taut and dripping with dread. It’s great stuff, but the meta makes it extra special.
  • Sacrifice
    2 Jun. 2024
    With the disclaimer that I am 100% in the target audience for this play (like, really…), let me say that nothing delights me more than some mixture of blood, horrific cults, and surprisingly intense etymological debate. Look, when you’re making a sacrifice, semantics is actually very important. I will say nothing more, suffice it to say that if you only read one short play today, make it this. Pitch-perfect horror-comedy. You won’t find better than this.
    2 Jun. 2024
    “Hero Dogberry” is a goddamned delight. It is also a genuine masterpiece. Not only is it a genius companion piece to its source material, but it truly stands on its own as a tremendous tale of mischief, trust, deceit, masking, and how they all intertwine in the development of love and marriage. Amid the countless winks to classic Bard bits and sequences, Cross shines spotlights on what hasn’t aged as well, and examines it playfully and with great nuance. Every role here would be so much fun to bring to life, for actors and designers alike. Highly recommend.
    2 Jun. 2024
    “Shared Credit” is filled with the quick patter and brisk characterization of old Hollywood. The partnership of Joe and Ben flies off the page, crafting chummy and witty exchanges of dialogue with a knowing grin towards the former’s “writing juice.” And then the grin turns into a frown. Alcoholism is so often played for laughs. Not here. Lockhart shows it for the disease it is. And what those who enable it and why must confront within themselves. Some excellent roles for three actors here.
  • Acknowledging the Elephant of My Unborn Child
    25 May. 2024
    Every scene in this powerhouse of a short two-hander is visceral and caustic, poetic and moving. The language and imagery are an incredible tag-team here. Above them both, a heart-wrenching dread permeates every single second. It all makes for a show that any audience is sure to walk away contemplating long after the performance. I look forward to one day being part of one.
    25 May. 2024
    Is it possible to rule over others and not abuse your power? Perhaps, but a fool tormented by countless torture and insults and terrors probably doesn’t stand the best chance at being the exception. In a short capsule of what appears an endless cycle of immortal tragedy, Bolduc’s titular Fool does his job dutifully. That is, until he decides to change his job. There’s a vacancy, after all. Absolutely nightmarish and a fun treat for a small troupe.
  • Rubato
    24 May. 2024
    Everybody has something they wish they stuck with longer, don't they? "Rubato" is a moving (and musical, both literally and lyrically) scene on regret, consequences, love, and so much more. This is a succinct script and deft examination of how the choices we make as children on what passions to pursue reverberate through the rest of our lives. Just as much, how those choices are affected by the people in our lives, our parents, our teachers. Further just as much, if we regret those choices, it will one day be too late to address changing them if we wish. Beautiful.
  • Beekeeper
    24 May. 2024
    There's little I latch onto more than the fusing of the real and fantastical, and "Beekeeper" delivers in spades. Vargas' play is not only an astounding story and script of familial grief and hereditary drama, but it is as layered and complex as an actual hive. The multiple languages will thrill actors, the multiple rooms and sounds and costumes will thrill designers, and every aspect will thrill audiences. I would LOVE to see this staged and experience how a production brings these elements to life.