Recommended by Daniel Prillaman

  • The Crowd
    18 Sep. 2023
    Make no misassumptions, putting this play on its feet would be an undertaking, but god how powerful it would be! A full crowd, filled with people of all kinds, backgrounds, and morals, perhaps bigger than the audience itself? I can only imagine the stage imagery a team ready for the challenge would create. Weaver's dialogue is consistently powerful, but the true achievement here is the brilliance of having us watch the watchers, at once distancing the audience from the events, and pulling them ever closer. Man has done such grand and terrible things. This is one of them. Highly recommend.
  • Is Anyone Watching This?
    14 Sep. 2023
    Standing tall amongst the finest episodes of The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, "Is Anyone Watching This?" is absolutely nightmarish, and that's just scratching the surface. Submerge yourselves, and you'll encounter explorations of voyeurism, internet fame, private vs. public personas, social media addiction, depression, isolation, so so much. This is a genius premise, and (ironically) watching Gabby's descent is delightfully maddening. Watching this live would be an absolute mindfuck in the best of ways. Holy cow this is great.
  • Twenty-Seven
    10 Sep. 2023
    Well, I suppose it does stand to reason that "affluenza" children are just as fucked up as the rest of us (if not more so). Where Hilder's play shines is when the absurd and ridiculous (let's call them antics, to avoid too much unpacking) of Stef and Oyster strike hard at the core truth of growing up and the human experience, "despite desperately wanting to, none of us ever have any idea what we're doing." Absolutely hilarious, taboo, and delightfully staged, this is a genre-bending hoot that will stay with you. One of the best last lines I've ever seen.
  • The Twisted House
    26 Aug. 2023
    A script like this excites on every level. For the actor, the opportunity to finally be part of an ensemble that makes some scares happen. For the director, the opportunity of mounting the most amazing puzzle of moving parts. For the designer...well, the opportunity of a lifetime. Kendall's tight, terrifying script is a shining and roaring example of the possibilities that lie in theatrical horror. It is not only entirely possible in the right hands, but masterfully spooky, filled with characters that we care about. A terrific achievement. Bring the fucking popcorn.
    25 Aug. 2023
    If you keep experiencing the same issue with dating, at a certain point it's not a bad idea to ask, "am I the problem?" The thing is, is what is Olive's problem? What is it really? That, I won't spoil. But know it's exuberantly weird and just splendid. A hilarious dark comedy that will leave you reeling.
  • The Female Gaze
    21 Aug. 2023
    "Not all men." Certainly. "But somehow, ALWAYS a man."

    The phrase comes to mind.

    Blevins is always top notch, but she has outdone herself here. This play is pure fire, retelling, remixing, and bringing out new points of view on classic myths. Medusa, in particular, has undergone a radical transformation in recent years, but the exploration done here is perhaps the greatest I've encountered. This is a gorgeous study of agency, identity, and what it truly feels like to be objectified and transformed into something you never wanted to be. Something women unfortunately still encounter every goddamn day.
  • Colic
    21 Aug. 2023
    Perhaps it's because I just finished a renn faire stint, but the word "slattern" has really fallen by the wayside, hasn't it?

    Thank God (or the Devil?) for Scott Sickles. A send-up of "The Exorcist" and possession horror, possessed itself by an oddly charming, flirty story of finding your place in the world. Not the one expected of you, but the one YOU want. And what's more Satanist a theme than that? Absolutely delightful. And full of opportunities for designers to get fun and weird with it.
  • Rewind
    10 Aug. 2023
    "Rewind" hits the sweet spot. I'm young enough for this particular nightmare to be nostalgic, yet old enough for it to be terrifying. Many of us are. No spoilers here, but Norkin carries us through a delightful and dark descent, filled to the brim with references guaranteed to make you smile. Until you scream, of course.
  • Tooth Or Dare
    8 Aug. 2023
    As a child, I was terrified of Santa Claus. I was afraid of most strangers, really, but Santa? A magical being who snuck into my house and was always watching? When you think about it, the only thing truly more terrifying is the online review economy.

    My fears are founded, goddamn it. And "Tooth or Dare" is hilarious.
    7 Aug. 2023
    Deliciously atmospheric and filled with vigor, Richter's one-act is a tale of a would-be, whirlwind romance's encounter with...well, that's for us to decide. A banshee? The wind itself? Simply one another? Whatever the case, all have been enhanced and given life beyond the tales and stereotypes we know. Any fans of folklore or Celtic mythology will find plenty to love here. Brilliantly weaved and brilliantly told.