Recommended by Daniel Prillaman

    2 May. 2021
    Horror runs the spectrum of possible to fantastical, and Carnes reinforces the notion that the worst, most frightening things that can happen are the things that CAN happen. Probably have happened. Many times. Bob and Dan say they're just having fun, but they know what they're really doing. We all do. The simple fact of the matter is, men don't have to worry about ever being in this situation. We don't go through life keeping an exit strategy in the backs of our heads. A commanding, sobering, terrifying piece of writing. I wish it didn't have to exist.
  • Janmadin
    1 May. 2021
    I really don't know how to classify this play and that is one reason why I love it. It's funny, wholesome, mysterious, scary. Without spoiling too much, it's also a mournful horror with a happy ending. What?! It takes a deft hand to mix this many emotions together and make it feel cohesive, but Gatton's structure is immaculate, complete with one of the best left-turns in anything ever. A wild and thought-provoking ride on every level, this is a fantastic piece of writing that would thrill any audience.
  • Bottle Episode
    1 May. 2021
    There's nothing so profound and fundamentally changing as an existential crisis, so to know that even inanimate objects can experience them is both reassuring and terrifying. Gill's mastery of comic timing is on full display here, but even more brilliant is his subtle, gradual descent into a blistering critique of (some of) humanity's response to climate change and environmentalism. When we all melt in the glorious heat of the sun, are we truly different than our titular hero? Won't we theoretically melt faster?
  • Martin's Treehouse
    26 Apr. 2021
    A poignant, deeply moving portrayal of two kids working through something no child should have to. Unfortunately, death reaches us all, and Bluestein-Lyons' play is an unflinching exploration of coping with grief while still discovering the world around us (both real and imaginary). I appreciate how she doesn't sugarcoat the heavier aspects of grief, and allows the kids to have and feel and battle with complex, mature emotions (because they do!). The script is tight and filled with wonder, and I long to see it produced with a group of artists who know how to fill a stage with imagination.
    20 Apr. 2021
    100 words isn't enough to truly express how electrifying Malakhow's play is. This script FLOORED me. It is fraught with dread, tension, hope, and change. I saw a reading of it through The Garden and literally could not sit still, as multiple moments every scene inspired visceral reactions. An amazing, deeply layered examination of living in a society that is struggling to combat and navigate white supremacy and systemic oppression, and how often we still put teachers at the vanguard of the battle. This is a masterful work. Highly recommend.
  • Mina, Dina, Tina, and Bean’s Completely Average Pandemic Pod Powerpoint Party
    19 Apr. 2021
    While I'm tempted to simply say, "Mrs. Incredible," and walk away, I should sing praises for St. James' play with a little more context. So...I declare this play absolutely amazing and the singularly best play ever about a completely average pandemic pod powerpoint party. The characters are delightful, the set design (really the whole thing) makes excellent use of zoom as a medium, and the horror is the best kind. Scary, yet leaving the perfect amount to our imaginations. Zoom plays will have some life after this pandemic is deemed over, and this play will be leading the charge.
  • The Deal - 10 Minute Play
    19 Apr. 2021
    Kaminski's short tale is an exciting, atmospheric twist on the "deal with the devil" narrative. To say anything more would be spoiling too much, but rest assured that should you dare to partake, you will be in sure hands. The set and ambience drip "Twilight Zone" in the best of ways, but the play isn't just a carbon copy. The two characters and their histories are all their own, and would be a delight to see and/or play. This is the kind of short we sorely never see enough of.
  • Mind Control
    14 Apr. 2021
    The power of the mind is an amazing thing. It can also be extremely dangerous. Will we use it for good? Or for evil? Lamedman's comedy is an absolute hoot, and the characters and twists inside pack a delicious punch. The play is also quite suggestive, as I would now very much like a doughnut, even though I do not have one. But wait! Or can I? If you imagine it intently enough, you can have anything. A wonderful, positive, mostly innocent piece that would delight at any theatre.
  • Wine, chocolate and GIFS (A Scene)
    14 Apr. 2021
    Ah! The things we'll do for love (even if unrequited for the time). Frank's short scene is a delightful little comedy, full of jokes, Shakespeare, and a very situationally specific obliviousness that must be so soul-crushing to encounter, but is still infectiously charming at the same time. Lovely piece.
  • One Fifty
    11 Apr. 2021
    A clever, funny, perhaps too close to home investigation into gender stereotypes and societal expectations. Martineau plays with so much in such a short amount of time, and the repetitions he's built into the script are remarkably effective and build atop one another like the most satisfying of block towers. Not only does this script poke fun at our inability to not ask questions when faced with something outside "the norm," but it's brilliantly timely as we struggle as a society to break down the preconceived notions of gender we've all grown up with.