Recommended by Daniel Prillaman

  • Oubliette
    25 Sep. 2021
    To be a little more colloquial than Sickles' beautiful play, I cannot overstate that it gives me ALL THE FEELS. I have ADHD, but deal with RSD less than Dal, and the play movingly and poetically transports us inside his unique blend of chemical miswiring. Everyone's brain (and everyone's demons) is different, and the only way to win is with help from others. A transcendent little reminder of the strength of human connection, companionship, and kindness.
  • How To Brew Tea: A One-Minute Play
    30 Aug. 2021
    On the surface, comedy. Underneath, the eternal conflict between generations. Richter does so much here with so little, and it's a hoot.
  • The Seahorse
    30 Aug. 2021
    A tender, deeply felt, and astonishingly beautiful scene. Bivens builds an expansive history through Greg's monologue, and lets us feel his internal struggle through every word, said and unsaid. Masterfully done in every way.
  • Last of the Vampire Hunters
    11 Aug. 2021
    The only thing harder than writing a novel that you can't figure out where it's going (or when you have an idea, it strikes at the WORST possible time) is writing a novel your mother doesn't approve of. Well...that and if your fictional characters also literally step out of your brain to fight you. Strayer's play is a thrilling, pulsating, and poignant clash of swords and hearts. Above all, it's a delicious and layered character study of self-discovery and living up (or not) to our parents' expectations. Fantastic work with some great opportunities for stellar fight choreo.
  • Between the Stacks
    25 Jul. 2021
    There is nothing more magical than a play that is unafraid of silence. Karuc's little slice-of-life first date is not only fearless, but it is tremendously beautiful. The characters and atmosphere leap off the page, and we are left with a complex combination of hope and worry for the budding relationship. A surefire hit for any short festival.
  • Raw and Bloody Love
    23 Jul. 2021
    Dzubak's hilarious horror brings a whole new meaning to the love language of "giving gifts." You have to admire Claire and her resolve, she's a big romantic at heart. Wonderful little (and indeed bloody) short that twists and turns exactly the way you hope it will.
  • Finger
    19 Jul. 2021
    I wish I could describe the bizarre sense of surrealness that Cathro creates, because he does it by being blatantly, unflinchingly real. An unusual situation? Yes, but one that is so genuinely felt and keening that it begins to break the brain. There's a magic in the ordinary and the different in this play, ultimately forming a tableau of loneliness, wonder, and connection that would be striking to see live. I want nothing more than to see this on its feet. It is a beautiful piece of writing.
  • Millennial Church OR What You’re REALLY Missing In That Yoga Class That You Signed Up For, Took One Session Of, Felt Really Good About, and Never Went Back To Again
    12 Jul. 2021
    Being a millennial in America involves living day to day in a twisted, maddening insanity of forced smiles, hopeful apathy, social competition, internal panicked screaming, and pinches of genuine kindness. We succumb and give ourselves to it more and more each day. Barsanti verbalizes this better than any playwright I've ever seen. "Millennial Church" is a deliciously bonkers satire, with amazing characters, hella plenty physical comedy, and loads of bite, figurative and literal. So what if we appropriate another culture for own needs? America is demanding we survive. Gotta do it somehow. Produce this shit.
  • Come back for an hour
    11 Jul. 2021
    At once an epic poem, a dance, a slice of life, and more, Burnet's play is weaved together like a pulsating web trying to hold on to anything and everything in the midst of a nameless Void. It's a daring piece, one that some companies genuinely might be too afraid to touch. But for those ready to arm themselves, they'll find an infinite playground of cosmic forces and love, pushing them to the brim of their artistry. I would love to see this on its feet. Everyone deserves the opportunity to respond to this play. It's stellar.
  • Punt
    5 Jul. 2021
    A dream-like, Twilight Zone-esque little tale. Lawing's world runs that tricky, perfect line of detailed vagueness, resulting in an atmosphere filled with whimsical dread. We know something is going to happen when Punt arrives, we just don't know what. When we find out, it's melancholy, touching, and actually quite beautiful. Sad, but also hopeful. Better than what we feared most. A delicate balancing act perfect for any short festival looking for a little mystery and fancy.