Recommended by Daniel Prillaman

  • The Eighteenth Quinquennial Endlings Picnic
    22 Sep. 2023
    Despite the connection offered us by social media, we are perhaps ironically closer to the titular endlings more than we know. We’re not the last of our species, but we are just as distraught, stressed, hopeless, and lonely when we face the state of the world. And, of course, another big difference is that we’re the ones who caused it. A powerful condemnation of humanity’s carelessness with the planet, as well as a fine meditation on ending, and knowing your time is limited. It means those you share it with mean everything.
    22 Sep. 2023
    We all watch TUB WARZ for the same reasons we want to be on TUB WARZ. Punishment, vindication, to feel feelings, tbh it really shouldn’t matter, should it?

    Wien’s tight ten minute is a surreal descent into the murkiest depths of humanity and what we are capable of inflicting upon one another. It’s not pretty. It’s scary, actually. But at least it pays the bills? Maybe? Click that like button and subscribe, y’all.
  • Piss Cup Payments
    22 Sep. 2023
    I write a lot of pee jokes. Like, far too many of my plays have piss in them. It's not a sexual thing. Piss is funny. Some people like poop humor. My fiancée loves it when characters suddenly vomit. We all have our favorite bodily functions.

    I have to say these things to avoid giving anything away about Urrutia's play. I want so much to talk about it, but I cannot spoil what is irrevocably the greatest play with piss in it I have ever encountered. I wish I had written it. Unrelatedly, I have to go the bathroom.
  • Erosion
    22 Sep. 2023
    On the surface, Proctor’s ten minute is a sketch (and a fucking hilarious one at that). But shave some layers of rock down and we can discern another level of musing, “with enough time, everything fades.” Are the gods and worries and concerns of today going to exist hundreds of years from now? Thousands? Decades? A fun, irreverent reminder to make the most of the time we have, and that thankfully, we are all at least better off than Sisyphus.
    21 Sep. 2023
    Powles takes what could be a trite scene of gangster money negotiation and gives it surprising, welcome depth. Not only is this short spectacularly fresh, it strikes in its own way at the classic heart of noir and mafia stories, the parts of the business we do for our loved ones' protection and benefit…versus the alluring promises of what money can bring. This would be so much fun, to both portray and see.
    21 Sep. 2023
    A CSJ play is pure surreal poetry. Every time, I know I’m in for a treat, and MOSQUITO COMMISSION provides with fun imagery and delightful language in spades. Dating is hard, love is harder, and maybe we’re actually monsters for the things we do to other humans. I mean, lobsters, sorry. Whoops.
  • The Crowd
    18 Sep. 2023
    Make no misassumptions, putting this play on its feet would be an undertaking, but god how powerful it would be! A full crowd, filled with people of all kinds, backgrounds, and morals, perhaps bigger than the audience itself? I can only imagine the stage imagery a team ready for the challenge would create. Weaver's dialogue is consistently powerful, but the true achievement here is the brilliance of having us watch the watchers, at once distancing the audience from the events, and pulling them ever closer. Man has done such grand and terrible things. This is one of them. Highly recommend.
  • Is Anyone Watching This?
    14 Sep. 2023
    Standing tall amongst the finest episodes of The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, "Is Anyone Watching This?" is absolutely nightmarish, and that's just scratching the surface. Submerge yourselves, and you'll encounter explorations of voyeurism, internet fame, private vs. public personas, social media addiction, depression, isolation, so so much. This is a genius premise, and (ironically) watching Gabby's descent is delightfully maddening. Watching this live would be an absolute mindfuck in the best of ways. Holy cow this is great.
  • Twenty-Seven
    10 Sep. 2023
    Well, I suppose it does stand to reason that "affluenza" children are just as fucked up as the rest of us (if not more so). Where Hilder's play shines is when the absurd and ridiculous (let's call them antics, to avoid too much unpacking) of Stef and Oyster strike hard at the core truth of growing up and the human experience, "despite desperately wanting to, none of us ever have any idea what we're doing." Absolutely hilarious, taboo, and delightfully staged, this is a genre-bending hoot that will stay with you. One of the best last lines I've ever seen.
  • The Twisted House
    26 Aug. 2023
    A script like this excites on every level. For the actor, the opportunity to finally be part of an ensemble that makes some scares happen. For the director, the opportunity of mounting the most amazing puzzle of moving parts. For the designer...well, the opportunity of a lifetime. Kendall's tight, terrifying script is a shining and roaring example of the possibilities that lie in theatrical horror. It is not only entirely possible in the right hands, but masterfully spooky, filled with characters that we care about. A terrific achievement. Bring the fucking popcorn.