Recommended by Daniel Prillaman

  • Pillow Talk
    25 Aug. 2023
    If you keep experiencing the same issue with dating, at a certain point it's not a bad idea to ask, "am I the problem?" The thing is, is what is Olive's problem? What is it really? That, I won't spoil. But know it's exuberantly weird and just splendid. A hilarious dark comedy that will leave you reeling.
  • The Female Gaze
    21 Aug. 2023
    "Not all men." Certainly. "But somehow, ALWAYS a man."

    The phrase comes to mind.

    Blevins is always top notch, but she has outdone herself here. This play is pure fire, retelling, remixing, and bringing out new points of view on classic myths. Medusa, in particular, has undergone a radical transformation in recent years, but the exploration done here is perhaps the greatest I've encountered. This is a gorgeous study of agency, identity, and what it truly feels like to be objectified and transformed into something you never wanted to be. Something women unfortunately still encounter every goddamn day.
  • Colic
    21 Aug. 2023
    Perhaps it's because I just finished a renn faire stint, but the word "slattern" has really fallen by the wayside, hasn't it?

    Thank God (or the Devil?) for Scott Sickles. A send-up of "The Exorcist" and possession horror, possessed itself by an oddly charming, flirty story of finding your place in the world. Not the one expected of you, but the one YOU want. And what's more Satanist a theme than that? Absolutely delightful. And full of opportunities for designers to get fun and weird with it.
  • Rewind
    10 Aug. 2023
    "Rewind" hits the sweet spot. I'm young enough for this particular nightmare to be nostalgic, yet old enough for it to be terrifying. Many of us are. No spoilers here, but Norkin carries us through a delightful and dark descent, filled to the brim with references guaranteed to make you smile. Until you scream, of course.
  • Tooth Or Dare
    8 Aug. 2023
    As a child, I was terrified of Santa Claus. I was afraid of most strangers, really, but Santa? A magical being who snuck into my house and was always watching? When you think about it, the only thing truly more terrifying is the online review economy.

    My fears are founded, goddamn it. And "Tooth or Dare" is hilarious.
    7 Aug. 2023
    Deliciously atmospheric and filled with vigor, Richter's one-act is a tale of a would-be, whirlwind romance's encounter with...well, that's for us to decide. A banshee? The wind itself? Simply one another? Whatever the case, all have been enhanced and given life beyond the tales and stereotypes we know. Any fans of folklore or Celtic mythology will find plenty to love here. Brilliantly weaved and brilliantly told.
  • blowhole.
    28 Jul. 2023
    Raunchy and poignant in equal measure, Kantor's adaptation of "Lysistrata" is a staggering, tremendous achievement. The structural choices enacted in shifting the original's setting are genuine strokes of genius. Even moreover, it's funny as shit. This play is a goddamned delight, and producing companies should hunt it down like the whale it is (metaphorically). A well-crafted ensemble, physical comedy, wit and wordplay, donuts, it literally has everything you could ever want in your sex farce (with more surprises beneath its surface). The hole may be out of the question, but I cannot blow this play's horn loud enough.
  • The Inn
    25 Jul. 2023
    It's a recipe we know and love: a group of strangers in the middle of nowhere, something dangerous is loose outside, of the strangers is the danger. Kashner's execution of the paranoia-inducing pressure cooker is delightfully unique and packed with dread, truly leaving you guessing until the final pages. It's a remarkable and restrained display of pacing, and absolutely the most fun thing you'll read in a hot minute. A perfect example of the potential for horror on stage. Gloriously chilling.
  • correspondents
    20 Jul. 2023
    Flynn's prose is not only astounding, but powerfully atmospheric, immediately centering the audience (also promptly informed they will be assisting) in a heady, vast expanse of wordplay. Together, Christian and Dasha provide two powerhouse roles for a pair of actor-improvisers, as they guide the audience through the magic of words, bodies, boredom, handsomeness, and everything in-between. As anyone can of love, I could unpack this puppy for days and I am gladly off to do just that. Pure fun and the exact thing sorely missing in contemporary theatre.
  • Stinky Girls
    20 Jul. 2023
    Sullivan goes where Cronenberg would never dare, a sleepover. Saying anything more would spoil the descent, but rest assured it is a bloody, stinky, anguished, manic descent. Good god. A delightful, uncomfortable snapshot of what life brings to the day to day of young women in their mid-20s. It ain't pretty. It's stinky. Stinky stinky stinky.