Recommended by Robert Lynn

  • The Record Don't Stop Spinnin' for Robby Ray Robinson
    6 Oct. 2018
    Surrender yourself to the silliness and enjoy this two-hander. Funny, goofy, and ultimately enjoyable.
  • Down There
    6 Oct. 2018
    Easily one of the top five talking vagina plays of all time! Sharon Goldner has no fear. No subject is too taboo for her plays, and the reward for audiences is that we get to laugh, often at things we hesitate to laugh at, but Goldner gives us permission.
  • Big Angry Dyke
    6 Oct. 2018
    You might think Anita Bryant has been out of the spotlight so long that she is no longer relevant, but therein lies the beauty of Sharon Goldner's play. Attitudes like Bryant's are just as prevalant today as in the 70's, and using her as this play's vehicle allows us to step away from our current views to gain the perspective necessary to appreciate what's going on here. I haven't even touched on the humor in the piece. In Goldner's classic style, the humor serves to highlight the greater point Goldner is trying to make, and also softens our defenses.
  • The Drumhellers of Bloody Dick Creek
    6 Oct. 2018
    With a title like this, it had better be good, and it is. A fascinating combination of drama and dark humor. The startling ending made me swirm as I listened at the 2018 Midwest Dramatists Conference, but it was appropriate and explanatory, and right (for the play). I love this one. Highly recommend.
  • Some Specter
    6 Oct. 2018
    A delightful blend of whimsy and drama, John Adams displays an elegant balance between two styles that don't easily blend. Inside the cartoonish existence of the characters lies real human emotions and tribulations, in the end producing a product that is far from frivolous. Playwrighting skill on display here in only ten minutes.
  • Old Girl
    6 Oct. 2018
    In two years of attending the Midwest Dramatists Conference and listening to over 40 plays, this is the one that got to me. So tender, so moving, this piece strikes a perfect tone in imagining the afterlife. I hate John Adams for making me tear up at a playwriting conference, but I love this play.
    6 Oct. 2018
    I love plays like this--ones that are not about what they superficially appear to be about. I was captivated by this piece at the Midwest Dramatists Conference.
  • The Ten Minute Play (with a Nice Picture of Jimmy Carter)
    2 Oct. 2018
    Irreverently funny, Greg Hatfield strikes the right tone with a two-hander reminiscent of the style of May/Nichols.
    24 Sep. 2018
    What was accepted in times past is horrifying to us now. Even though this is a perfect, historic play, it makes me think about what things today we give little thought to that future generations will find abhorrent. The dialogue seems so right in Carnes' play that we're transported to that place, in that time, in that small, windowless room. Brilliant.
  • Ask Me Anything
    24 Sep. 2018
    Fun and funny, Philip Middleton Williams turns up the heat and the laughs in this one.