Recommended by Dave Osmundsen

  • Romeo & Her Sister
    8 Apr. 2023
    What sets “Romeo & Her Sister” apart from other historical dramas is the compelling and complex dynamic between the legendary Charlotte Cushman and her sister Susan. Their relationship starts with animosity, but develops into a deeply felt relationship between two women with uniquely different relationships to the society around them—both of them are misfits in different ways. With this foundation, Blevins spins an engaging and thoroughly entertaining yarn. A feast for actors (especially those who identify as female) and audiences alike!
  • yo ho.
    14 Feb. 2023
    This swashbuckling play takes the audience to the edge of sex and violence--incisively and hilariously exploring gender roles, identity, and sexuality. The tension between Andy and Mark effortlessly draws in the audience, resulting in a couple the audience can't help but root for. SMJ manages to keep the stakes high and the emotional core hot throughout. An erotic and exhilarating scorcher of a play!
  • Drive
    12 Feb. 2023
    Yarchun gives us a world transitioning into automatic trucking—what might life, both on the road and at home, look like if there are no humans behind the wheel? She populates this world with a cast of vibrant, complex characters whose hopes and heartbreaks feel palpable to the audience. Each of these characters wants to move forward, but doesn’t know how. And how can they, if the world they’ve been preparing for can change on a dime? With sharp, engaging, and layered dialogue, “Drive” is a glorious and devastating treat for actors and audiences. Excellent play!
  • You Have Earned Bonus Stars
    5 Feb. 2023
    "Razor-sharp" feels insufficient to describe this darkly hysterical satire. From the shocking opening moments, this play establishes a VERY specific tone, and miraculously maintains it throughout this delectably wild road-trip of a play. The story takes the concept of "Do we REALLY know who are co-workers are?" and turns it on its head, slaps it on its side, and rotates it around and around, remaining thrilling, unpredictable, and devilishly entertaining. Gatton has written some KILLER monologues in here, as well as juicy roles that allow actors to be broadly comedic and incredibly vulnerable. Brilliant work!
  • Blanche & Stella: A Sequela
    1 Jan. 2023
    A thoroughly entertaining and devastating play that works on multiple levels. There is much overlap and conversing with Tennessee Williams’ seminal classic. However, A.A. Brenner has created unique, compelling characters here that stand on their own apart from “Streetcar.” More importantly, this play explores with keen insight the impacts of visible and invisibility on our lives without the characters being solely defined by their disability—they are rich, flawed, and complex human beings with the desire to be seen for who they are. The beauty of this play is that it gives them that space.
  • Saturday Mourning Cartoons
    23 Aug. 2022
    With shades of "Ordinary People" and "Rabbit Hole," "Saturday Mourning Cartoons" is a sly, yet tender exploration of grief, loss, and family. I've never heard the loss of faith as articulately or poetically described as I have here. This play also begs the question: When we experience a tremendous loss, how do we trust ourselves (or those still with us) to pick up the pieces? Even at their ugliest moments, I loved spending time with Reilly's characters, and wanted to see them through to the end of their healing journey. A gorgeous play that I can't wait to see!
  • Sisters
    30 Jul. 2022
    Matthew Libby continues his exploration of the intersection of technology and humanity. Here, he gives us two sisters—one human, one a computer—and explores their complex and fascinating relationship over 90 years. Greta’s desire to be a human is heart wrenching, Matilda’s complex feelings about her sister, and the grief they both feel over the loss of their parents are explored with Libby’s trademark wit, incision, and compassion. Theatrically innovative, this play also manages to flesh out a full character without them stepping onstage. I look forward to seeing where this play goes!
  • Cinnamon Raisin
    30 Jul. 2022
    Two people who are stuck in life have a chance encounter in the woods. Over the course of this lovey twenty-minute play, Nell and Luke attempt to recapture a time in their lives when they were happier, freer, and didn’t have as much to worry about—something a lot of us are feeling right now! A touching play that comes to a lovely conclusion as these two characters are about to forge a new path together.
  • An Arctic Confederate Christmas
    24 Jun. 2022
    We’ve seen many post-apocalyptic plays. But not many set specifically at Christmas! Michael C. O’Day constructs a vividly austere and Orwellian world with its own carefully crafted mythology. This play is a masterclass in developing suspense. I can’t think of many other plays that have kept my on tenterhooks over such an extended period of time. Beyond the intriguing setting and dynamic characters, this is a play about how the stories we tell and are told can hurt and heal us. Fantastic work!
    18 Jun. 2022
    A powerful, nuanced, and captivating piece that explores the harmful messages we get from the religion we’re raised with and the art we consume. Miller’s examination of problematic portrayals of women in Golden Age musicals is potent, but it’s her confession on partaking in a cover-up of a sexual assault that is especially harrowing. This is one of the bravest confessional plays I’ve ever read, and it’s the kind of work we need in the American theatre right now. Bravo!