Recommended by Dave Osmundsen

  • Five Bears - a very short play
    1 Mar. 2021
    A few brief, insightful, romantic, and human moments in the life of one couple. Charming and bittersweet!
  • Too Hard A Knot - a short play
    1 Mar. 2021
    The Shakespeare puns herein make this script worth reading alone. But St. James presents us a charming and fantastical slice of life that disarms the audience on its way to a chilling conclusion. Indeed, some things are too good to be true!
  • American Love
    28 Feb. 2021
    Such a fun, delightful, and adorable play with such a strong, beating heart! There are many definitions of love, according to the Greeks--and this play does a beautiful job exploring just a few of them. I love this play!
  • Composure
    21 Feb. 2021
    The characters in this touching and quietly moving play have certainly been through the ringer! They endure (or have endured) divorce, sexual assault, unrequited love, trauma from witnessing a school shooting, and death. But because this is a Scott Sickles play, they display great humor and humanity throughout. Trauma, and how it manifests in our lives, is a central theme here. It impacts the art we create, the art we consume, and the people we love. This play is a fascinating exploration of that idea, while being a compelling love story.
    20 Feb. 2021
    A deceptively gentle satire about racial politics in a majority-white private school setting that becomes sharper and messier as it continues. Malakhow displays an uncanny ability to remain compassionate and critical of his characters. You're almost guaranteed to disagree with them at some points, and agree with them at others. He also takes "polite" microaggressions and places them under an interrogative magnifying glass--the moments of microaggression really hit hard. He's also not afraid to complicate his characters, which makes them ultra compelling to watch.
  • Moreno
    18 Feb. 2021
    With the acerbic wit of Stephen Adly Guigis and the soaring poeticism of August Wilson, MORENO tackles a deep and complex question: Is there a right time to take a stand?

    Each of the four characters in Wilkins' play are well-drawn and complex, and playwright masterfully reveals new layers and depth to them with each passing scene. The subject matter is expressed in a thought-provoking and passionate manner that never feels didactic--this is a play whose heart beats fervently and passionately, and whose mind is sharp and nimble.

    I look forward to seeing this play onstage soon!
  • Orange
    26 Jan. 2021
    A gorgeously written, boundlessly compassionate, and honest take about how two people who don't share the same neurology strive to connect and understand each other. Cathro's dialogue is filled with poetic, but never heavy-handed imagery, and his characters here are specific and sympathetic. Also mad props to Cathro for writing an autistic character that doesn't fall on stereotypes. This is a man who, like his girlfriend, wants and craves human connection and intimacy. A masterful short work!
  • Pangea (Part Two of The Second World Trilogy)
    8 Jan. 2021
    A sweeping love story and a frightening futuristic vision, Sickles skillfully illustrates a tender love story between two men against the broader backdrop of rapid climate change. Sickles doesn't settle for mere melodrama here--his characters are flesh-and-blood humans who are doing their best within an extraordinary situation. The mundanity with which these characters interact is almost revolutionary. Sickles doesn't make it a point of being "chilling" or "disturbing" in the character's interactions, but rather lets this everyday mundanity be a natural part of the play. Boldly ambitious and passionate, "Pangea" explores how humans find happiness in terrifying circumstances.
  • sad girl hours
    13 Dec. 2020
    An authentic, sharp, and devastating exploration of the intersections of friendship and sexuality. Carr has created an ensemble of specific, clearly defined characters who have palpable wants and needs beyond the shelter they all hang out in. Carr also displays a sharp, unerring ear for the way that teenagers speak. A perfect play for college-aged performers.
  • Tomorrow and Tomorrow
    13 Dec. 2020
    Libby asks some pretty major questions with this piece: What impact do our decisions make on our life and happiness? What consequences can choices have, even when they are out of our control? And what compromises are we willing to make for the people we live? In this intimate yet epic play, Libby poses these questions with hyper-articulate dialogue and super-engaging characters whose journey I took great pleasure in tracking. Expertly written and crafted, I cannot wait to see/hear this play one day.