Recommended by Karen Fix Curry

  • Fanny Brice
    16 Aug. 2020
    Fanny’s marriage has unraveled and we are witness to the steely determination and sheer hutzpah of this strong, successful woman, moving on with her life. A great monologue with a comedic edge.
    31 Jul. 2020
    This fun and absurd spoof on sci fi will leave your audience laughing. With binders to guide them, this cast of three take on the unknown in a slowly and hilariously undoing of their mission, their sense of normalcy, and their grip on reality. Silly and engaging, it will not disappoint. Produce it. Have fun with it. It’s a winner.
  • Buffalo Baby
    21 Jul. 2020
    An Insightful telling of the shift from midwifery to medical doctors and how shocking the idea was in the 1850’s. Lush with atmosphere and sound, you can picture this drama with all it’s period elements in your mind.
  • /ärt/
    18 Jul. 2020
    You know what it takes to judge an art show? Well these judges take their task to a new and ridiculously funny level. This is comedy at it’s laugh out loud best. Read it. Produce it. You’ll be glad you did.
  • THE SANITY CLAUSET 10-minute holiday comedy
    8 Jun. 2020
    Loving everything Christmas Comes with its rewards, and it’s downsides. This fun and funny face off between Mother and daughter will leave audiences smiling, and is a fun time for the sound effects folks as well.
  • Escape! (The End of Humanity Song)
    8 Jun. 2020
    Full of fun twists, this Radio play keeps you guessing, and doesn’t disappoint. I enjoyed it immensely. Crafted to use sound effects to paint the picture the way good radio plays should, it would be a fun and darkly funny performance to do.
  • Pandemic Speed Dating
    14 May. 2020
    This short play is a real eye opener into the now even crazier world of dating through zoom. A fun and yet poignant reminder that we all want to connect, and how difficult that has become during the Pandemic.
    14 May. 2020
    What a wonderful and different topic for a monologue?! This stands out because it is unique, it is just the type of monologue that a man can really show off his acting chops with. A memorable and gritty retelling of a prizefighter's last fight.
    14 May. 2020
    This play made me laugh out loud! It's a perfect example of why you should never assume. What a fun 2 person comedy!
  • Inevitable
    23 Feb. 2020
    This is a wonderful and revealing little play about the foibles of romance and how we fool ourselves. Funny and tight, it takes you on a fun roller coaster. An excellent choice for a 10 minute festival!