Recommended by Karen Fix Curry

  • Two Tongues
    17 Feb. 2019
    Post war South is well represented in these two women, one black, one white, telling what they see as the future. One is full of denial, the other is full of determination. Done in verse, it lends an almost Shakespearean lilt to the speakers. This is a great juxtaposition play.
  • The Talk
    17 Feb. 2019
    Can family secrets keep us from being our authentic selves? In this wonderfully rich family drama, the Fuqua family learns a valuable lesson in the importance of sharing family history, and standing up for the lessons those secrets teach. Powerful and engaging, a great multigenerational picture of what it is to move forward from lessons of the past.
  • Domestic Service
    17 Feb. 2019
    A compelling and eye opening little play that packs a big whollop. An Oscar nominated actress who was pidgeon-holed into unrealistic stereotypes due to the racial biases of her time. Louise Beavers made a difficult and worthwhile decision, and her story should be told.
    11 Feb. 2019
    Here's a kid who's saying what he feels. He's indignant, and mortified, and just plain angry and he's got a reason. A very good reason. What a terrific monologue for a young person to be able to embrace. The voice rings with truth. Meaty, and emotional without being weak.
  • Opposing Ophelia
    11 Feb. 2019
    What a lovely and timely play about two generations of black women, mother and daughter, who each in their own way, in their time in history, take a stand of their worth in society. It reminds us that every generation faces struggles. That ours is not the only one that overcomes obstacles, and by sharing, understand the journey each generation has taken. A real gem.
    11 Feb. 2019
    It's so refreshing for a play to speak truth in such a daring fashion. The characters are unapologetic in their sexuality, and forces the audience to think about what it means to be in a relationship. This play will generate conversations that will last long after the play is over.
    3 Feb. 2019
    Valerie is a superhero. She's calling out anyone who thinks of being anything but respectful of her as a person. What a no holes barred piece of female empowerment. An excellent, affirming monologue for a young woman.
  • Mountain Dew
    3 Feb. 2019
    This wonderful historical piece brings life to a unique event. A great play for high school audiences, it personalizes what might otherwise be a boring essay assignment, making it real to the writer and audience alike. If you are trying to bridge arts and history, this one's for you!
    3 Feb. 2019
    This is weird, and kind of twisted, in a very funny way. Yes, it's about what you think it's about. It's a great new take on getting revenge on your ex, and having a friend, a really good friend to get you through it. A short play the audience will be talking about and laughing over on the way home.
  • As Is: Conversations with Big Black Women In Confined Spaces
    31 Jan. 2019
    This wonderfully written story of friends, their failures and triumphs, their strengths and weaknesses, resonates. They push each other’s buttons, they call each other out, and the story sweeps you up in their world, their hopes and their realities. A great ensemble piece.