Recommended by Karen Fix Curry

  • The Costume Waver
    10 Dec. 2018
    This is an indictment of American culture and the stereotypes that haunt the African American community. Concise and succinct yet disquieting and thought provoking.
    1 Dec. 2018
    The new employee. The obfuscating boss. Sh*t Train is the stuff of the real world for any new employee lost and trying to get by. We've been that employee. We know that boss. This is the most terrifyingly true part of this 10 minute wonder.
  • Whatever's Easy
    23 Oct. 2018
    A really thoughtful character play about people and their pasts, and the desire to change who they are, and how they react to the hurdles of life.
  • Let Me Rest
    22 Oct. 2018
    A creepy fun horror story; a vampire story with an African twist! Like a good suspense story, you know that it isn't going to end well, and you silently say 'Don't do it!' even has a grieving widower embarks on his doom.
  • A Stitch Here or There: A Sock Tragedy in One Act
    17 Oct. 2018
    A fun and inventive sock puppet play, filled with touching humor, it gives us a take on being an odd sock.
    17 Oct. 2018
    The is a great teen monologue, written in the voice of a teen today. The constant statements crafted as questions, so prevalent in teens, the awkward silences and gestures to convey meaning. It is an actor's piece, made richer by a good actor.
  • A Semicolon is a Double
    11 Oct. 2018
    A cute coming of age story between two teen boys secretly attracted to each other and the awkwardness that is high school.
  • Nothing as Fierce
    11 Oct. 2018
    A fierce look at the atmosphere of racism so acceptable in the early 1900's, and the blindness of those involved.
  • Unplug
    11 Oct. 2018
    Unplug is a thoughtful look at the horrific decision faced by family when a loved one is comatose with no prospects for recovery.
  • The O'Conner Girls
    1 May. 2018
    A lovely and touching story of a family coming together, and learning about themselves and their family members through the sorting of their father's effects. Tightly written and engaging, with characters that each enlighten us, while revealing the truth behind preconceptions and appearances. Beautifully written.