Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

    25 Apr. 2022
    Wyndham always allows the reader to get an intimate snapshot into his character's lives from the setting itself, the part of the country they live in, and also just the situation of how they talk and act and Wanda is no different. We soon realize her treadmill is standing in for a bigger issues that she's facing, trying to outrun the domestic violence she's experiencing and also the fact that's she's pregnant from this man and is trying to carry out a decision that should be hers legally and safely in a state where they are slipping away each day.
    7 Apr. 2022
    Once I asked my mom what it felt like to be her age and she said that she felt the same inside and was always shocked that her outside appearance didn't match the younger inquisitive person on the inside that never went away. As I get older I get more and more what that feels like. This play is so much fun and entertaining and a good lesson about never giving up or having fear to try new things.
  • Last Call - A Monologue
    7 Apr. 2022
    This one brought too many memories of similar events that occurred to me outside a laundromat as I was getting back into my car a few men who wanted to let me know they didn't like me because I was gay. . Coleman's monologue has so many pieces in it of a man knowing that things have to change, and knowing that our system isn't just. And it still isn't. Just today I read about a man who set fire to a gay bar in Brooklyn to get rid of more men because of who they are. Keep fighting!
  • Getting Her Exorcise
    5 Apr. 2022
    I loved Rosemary's Baby and The Omen so much and the kid in the Omen was so creepy but then so was Rosemary with her pixie cut and plastic acting by Mia Farrow which scared us all as we watched the movie Busser gives us a funny one for Mother's Day and the jokes fly fast and furious but the feel of love is front and center for this play even though it's in Hell showing that a son's bond with his mother, no matter where, is the strongest bond of them all.
  • Labyrinth
    5 Apr. 2022
    Riveting from the first line as you are thrust into a military van of dissidents and those that are not on the right side of things. Viter's play takes you on one wild ride of fear, panic, despair, dark humor and yes, hope in the end for anyone caught here in this van may still get out or be let go instead of shot because that is the one thing humans have to keep hold of in all kinds of situations where it is there only bargaining chip against all else.
  • A Foretaste of War
    5 Apr. 2022
    A MUST read for everyone if for no other reason to remind you just how lucky you are that you woke up with running water, food on your table and to stop complaining about senseless things, but Gonchar's monologue is one of beauty and heartbreak as she faces the unthinkable and doing the one thing to help keep her sane and also to show the world how thankful we should all for our day to day life that's not been upturned by war. Most touching line is the Bad Guy's response that he is her incentive. We all need one.
  • Peace and Quiet
    4 Apr. 2022
    I love Bondrenko's monologue about a child of the 80s who has seen some peace and quiet and thought like so many of us that the world was possibly righting itself into this state, but the world simply laughed at us and spewed its hatred once again because it seems that it's just so cruel that way. But the world forgets the humans that will fight back and ask for more and ask for more calm and hopefully a little more time to just live out our lives day to day in peace and quiet before the end comes.
  • Pussycat for Memories About Darkness
    4 Apr. 2022
    Not a one of us can imagine the horror that Nezhdana is describing in her monologue. Even as we see images on TV and read the words in newspapers, they don't capture the essence of what every one in Ukraine is facing. And we complain about our cold lattes or rainy days which won't warm up and everyone here in there have lost everything including a sense of normalcy. Each one us should say thank you every morning we wake that we are still able to just get on with our lives which could be taken away, heartbeat by heartbeat.
  • Cheese Sauce (A Monologue)
    1 Apr. 2022
    12 Minute seems like such a short time for anything, but I know at times I've been in situations where they seemed to crawl in cement. Frank gives us a monologue about dating and the anxiety that brings with it. Funny and so touching and one for the all of use who are willing to put ourselves out there in that line of fire.
  • White Noise
    1 Apr. 2022
    Funny as heck! And pretty much what we have to do to survive in a world that forever feels hopeless. The other option is for all of us hopeless ones to start screaming and just create our own white noise that might overpower the hopelessness of our world and make everyone fall silent all at once and see what is causing the disruption that's not war or famine or death or religion or race wars, class wars, or gender wars or democratic battles or bullying. . . . oh wait, I need one of those CDs.