Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

    8 May. 2023
    A Shot in the Light is funny and very dark indeed, a combination I always enjoy. We have all been there in Arthur and Jessie's place and most of us have probably had "those" thoughts of if only . . . . I love that it is just this unassuming mild, mid-aged couple who are just going about their day and carry on once the deed is done.
  • The Bear - Diamonds are for Heather
    4 May. 2023
    Don’t mess with a bear who wants his due credit for the victories he’s won and this bear has a lot more reason to ask for his dues considering he’s not just any bear but a vampire bear. Another great chapter in the bear series that is as exciting as it is heart and gut wrenching in the best of ways.
    29 Apr. 2023
    Life is definitely about the chances that come our way. Chances that can move us in one or the other direction, or maybe spin us around so we are disoriented and feel the world falling out from under our feet. Paul Smith's play is rich in character and mood and an ending that literally will take the breath out of you, it's that good and for me completely unexpected. Like the Linda says about the park, things tend to get a bit more dangerous after the sun goes down.
  • Ever-Fixed
    18 Apr. 2023
    Wow!!! this the featured play of the day for me and I'm so glad it was. I am not the biggest Shakespeare fan generally but I love what Accuardi has done with this Sonnet and the play that was inspired by that sonnet. Feeling like an intruder on a couple's very private issues and then feeling that fear creep up your spine as you realize the shift and where the ending is going you feel like you've got call the police and have them pick up this man for his conduct and rude behavior.
    18 Apr. 2023
    What a treat. My Sundays growing up were all about church and having to get up no different from the rest of the week. Parenthood can leave anyone as "out of it" as the Mum in this short play. Her increased urgency is almost painful to watch as you have all these awful thoughts going on in your head about what's happened to Billy and then the wonderful ending which sends a sense of calm throughout your body.
  • Glass Slipper, Size 8 1/2
    18 Apr. 2023
    So many times, reality and fantasy are a blur on the best of days, but I love this idea where you fantasies can become your reality and everything you had hoped in the one relationship can be re purposed for the Fantastic where your happily ever after can arranged the way you want it to be.
    15 Apr. 2023
    In your face truth is never easy to take and in Wyndham's Auctioneer, your face soon feels like it was pummeled with so much truth that you can't take anymore. But wait, there is more, because at the end not only is your face hurting with the facts, but your heart should be hurting as well and it will be if you have just half a heart in you that beats emphatically.
  • Pithole
    15 Apr. 2023
    Human greed has been the downfall of so may people in the world, and this ten minute play, Pithole shows that story when it comes to the greed for the black gold. I love the Players standing around telling about the rise and fall of this town called Pithole and the tragedy of it's fall played out by this Greek chorus of players or possibly ghosts that were left behind in it's ruin.
  • That's Amore: A 10 Minute Werewolf Play
    15 Apr. 2023
    Commitments in relationships can be one of the toughest things about them to do, and once you are in a so-called committed relationship, as the stakes get higher and you want to take it the next level like Mike does, it's scary as hell to think about all the pros and cons and oh by the way, knowing your girlfriend is a werewolf would raise the stakes a little higher on whether or not you can actually go through with it in the end
  • The United Plays of America - Maryland - Under the Boardwalk
    15 Apr. 2023
    Sometimes it's the awkwardness that makes us fall in love with another person or crab and sometimes it's just that that person likes the same dance that we do and isn't that connection enough for the long-haul!