Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

  • Oh, Dear God, Dad is a Feminist
    13 Mar. 2024
    There are so many moments that stick with you as a parent or child of those simple moments where when you look back on them become so much memorable and will stay with you for the rest of your life. The beauty of relationships is that they should be ever changing and allow you to keep discovering things about each other that surprise as much as they make you love the person even more.
    12 Mar. 2024
    As this world spirals out of control and the freedoms continue to be stripped away from us one by one especially in these so called christian states where they want the world to be just like them or else—thank the gods for people like Mrs. Gunther who will stand against those threats with even the simplest of actions because we know that even those can change the world in the biggest of ways.
  • A PAIN
    12 Mar. 2024
    There are moments in our lives that we can feel so overwhelmed with what’s going on in our world and life that we feel that we can no longer sit with it in any way shape or form and it’s as if even if we just talk aloud and to the world that maybe the world will hear us and acknowledge us or at least show us a little support even its just to tell us to shut up.
  • Stockholm Or...
    8 Mar. 2024
    Tense and frightening and everything you could expect with a minute and like life itself try as we may to control most things in our lives, there are those moments where we can't or don't or are prevented and sometimes we have to muster some inner courage that we didn't even know we had to push through and out to hopefully freedom.
    5 Mar. 2024
    Parents can be so protective of their children and those who have become single even more so. The introduction of that child to a potential new boyfriend or girlfriend must be one of the scariest moments to think of how this child will react with someone new. The dialogue of this play is so well written and the characters so completely fleshed out that you will feel as if you've just dropped in for a lobster dinner at the neighbor's house down the street.
  • Crossed Wires
    5 Mar. 2024
    A lot of us dream of being part of a bigger picture that expands and reveals that our lives might be more than what we had thought them to be and that maybe we have a real purpose in this life and in this delightful zany play we have a person who thinks that maybe they are a spy or maybe in the end, just insane, but either way, you will find yourself caught up in the craziness that will drive you insane with laughter.
  • Mutual Attraction
    5 Mar. 2024
    Mutual Attraction is a charming and funny one minute play. Sometimes people are really meant for one another and who doesn't enjoy a happy ending?
  • 18,936 Steps (A Monologue)
    5 Mar. 2024
    We all have those days when we feel that the world is against us and nothing that we do makes anything better or feel that we can redirect the course of action occurring. When the situation is truly a life or death one, it is even more intense and what Amelia is feeling as she takes her walk the day she may get a call that she'll never see her husband again after a surgery he's undergoing. You'll never forget this piece because it touches on those things we should all hope to experience in our life to feel human.
  • Pineapples
    4 Mar. 2024
    Sometimes it may be a good thing that we don't share everything with our partner or all of our true feelings as this sharp and insightful play digs deep into those lines of communication that are oh so important in every successful relationship and that oh so important rule to count to ten before uttering anything that may leave the other one shattered.
  • The Fastest Ever Singer Monologue
    3 Mar. 2024
    This was the featured play of the day for me and I'd never read about Ann Pashley at all and so glad I have discovered her. Even though we are little better in today's world about supporting everyone in their endeavors, the world still puts into winning brackets for most every thing we do in this life and I love Ann's observance that perhaps she only won silver and is only a respected opera singer and not renowned one because that's to show that there will always be people better at every thing including this with Olympian skills.