Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

  • Jesus and Hitler Sing a Lullaby
    30 Mar. 2022
    Funny play with a great reminder that even those who are evil and caused so much evil under a little old religion that was founded in his name, were children once just like the rest of us and then a road diverges and well, the rest of it is history for all of us to read about in school books, or bibles, or online sites and try to figure out a way to not let such atrocious things happen again.
  • The Near Distant Future (a socially distanced ten minute play)
    30 Mar. 2022
    Nothing says quite love like sanitizer fumes. Love this twisted take on the romantic comedy. Someone's got to pay the price for true love when it's found!
  • The Answer
    27 Mar. 2022
    Some of us wake up daily wondering what the answer is for this question and so many of us just bury our heads into the sand with either guidance from "up above" or through meditation or just being a selfish sort of person who knows exactly what they want and how to get it. Carbajal gives a funny moment to sit back and remove that pressure to answer the question by watching someone else do it and at some point that ease of burden is enough to make it to the next time we wake up.
  • Climbing the Corporate Bladder
    24 Mar. 2022
    Sometimes the gods that run NPX Play Selection Algorithm bless you with one by a playwright you always enjoy reading and this is not any different from the other plays I've rea by Busser. Funny and would be painful to see on stage for those obvious reasons where the mind starts to play tricks on your own bladder.
  • Green Sound
    21 Mar. 2022
    Love comes in so many colors and this sweet play by Bray packs a one heck of a rainbow for sure. Love is for everyone and the more we see this type of works, the more that we will realize that not every one fits neatly into the boxes we grow up with so that we can dismantle our prejudice one crayon at a time.
  • SWAY
    21 Mar. 2022
    I always thought that these "influencers" could be the downfall of our society or lead us all toward a new religion and after reading SMJ.'s Sway, I'd lean toward the horrific outcome of religion as so many people cannot start their day or pass one single one without checking in on these people living their best lives for the "benefit" of all those around them. False prophets come in so many disguises and shapes and these "influencers" are in spreading their messages to the dumb masses like candy.
  • Hoax (Short Play)
    21 Mar. 2022
    Saw this performed as part of the Conversations in America and the actors captured their roles perfectly of those who even to this day don't really think that this virus was real and was just a joke that was being played up by the liberal media. Sadly, there were many days where I wished those people who felt like that it was a hoax would just keep having those super-spreading events to weed out their masses before the next set of elections except it would be people like Charlotte's husband who would and have paid the heaviest of prices.
  • Go For the Head(A BYOT Play)
    18 Mar. 2022
    There was so much talk about being stuck together as couples during Covid but rarely where there plays that I saw about the opposite and being caught apart from your partner Pariset presents a couple that are separated by a zombie outbreak and distance does sometimes make the heart fonder for the other one not there, but sometimes time alone is not the greatest of luxuries. The epilogue at the end sums up Taressa and Elliot's situation very well just like it does the new world they are facing as part of the food chain for the infected.
    18 Mar. 2022
    I love reading about myths and how worlds were created by the gods and goddesses and then the punishments handed out to some of these same gods and goddesses. Zoology gives us a creation story and myth in the making that's set in a super market which is a priceless touch because all of us know that those lines can take an eternity to get through which is just the right amount of time for a myth to be born.
  • Target Audience
    14 Mar. 2022
    Something that we can all relate to as a writer and audience member. The premise is unique and the punchline spot-on.