Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

  • The United Plays of America - Maryland - Under the Boardwalk
    15 Apr. 2023
    Sometimes it's the awkwardness that makes us fall in love with another person or crab and sometimes it's just that that person likes the same dance that we do and isn't that connection enough for the long-haul!
  • The [C]Han[n]uk[k]a[h] Play
    15 Apr. 2023
    Sometimes, it's better to drink some of the Manischewitz before you go visit your parents and possibly in-laws as you just never what's going to happen during the holidays if you don't. If ever there was a cautionary tale about meeting your boy or girl friend's family, it's Lipschutz's delightful and oh so funny play. Sometimes, a person's private life should be just that, private, but it does seem to the trend to be as honest about such things in this day and age. I'll never look at My Little Ponies the same that's for sure.
  • Five Frickin Winters
    12 Apr. 2023
    What an amazing and funny journey that Ruyle takes us on with "Five Frickin Winters" Love and relationships are such unpredictable beasts that we're lucky at all to find either during our time here on earth, but this play gives us such vibrant characters who are also so realistic and the dialogue is as good as it gets filled with humor and wit and realism that you will make you remember Roger, Carm, Kat, and Kev long after the play has ended.
  • "Guten Tag, Baby!"
    11 Apr. 2023
    What a beautiful and amazing play. The secrets that were held in tight by that generation who felt the best way to live was to just forget the horrible and pick up the pieces and patch them back together and move forward and yet, sometimes, those pieces are not strong enough to stay together forever and can fall out in the most unexpected places. One secret which if known could have helped at least one family who were broken by default of the times.
  • Name Dropping
    10 Apr. 2023
    It made me think about my own name. I've always liked my first name and enjoyed that it could be used by anyone and wasn't so tied to one specific sex and there's all the variations on it's spelling but would that keep it out of the extinction log? A funny play about one of the most important decisions you can make and then even after that, one that could be changed once your child is of age.
  • An Apéritif [a 1-minute play]
    10 Apr. 2023
    I'm sure there were a lot of day dreaming "house-wives" back in that day when they lived with a boorish man and wanted nothing more than to be out from under his boorishness. Martin gives us a wicked and chilling play about such a woman who's had her fill of being the way she should be and society expects her to be.
    10 Apr. 2023
    This was my featured play of the day! I love this premise of one myth set trying to knock the others out to be the last myth standing. Sorry, I feel that the Greek names are just little cooler in over all than the roman counterparts.
  • Snow Job
    6 Apr. 2023
    Office relationships done with a global warming bent. It was my featured play of the day and funny one at that.
  • WHERE’S TOBY? a one minute radio play
    5 Apr. 2023
    We always like to think that even when those horrible things are happening that we can't see, that someone is seeing them and recording them for a future punishment somewhere or some how. The fear that creeps in around you as you read this short play will never be forgotten.
  • Sex In Strange Places And Other Self Help Guidance For Couples Over 50 Who Want To Stay Together
    5 Apr. 2023
    Oh those attempts to spice up a marriage or relationship before it's "too late." Janet and Malcolm have reached that point (at least according to one of them) and the results is a lol funny play with an ending that is just perfect and so satisfying you too will be cheering the brave attempt at strange and unusual when the lights come back on.