Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

  • The Carrion
    16 Mar. 2023
    What a perfect title! We all know the ones who can't seem to find any pleasure from life or any thing creative they happen upon because it's stupid, or silly, or confusing and they are like the rot that exists in our world and they can't even smell it themselves because they are too deep into their own thoughts and deeds and beliefs that they've lost that very important sense about themselves.
  • Oy Vey Maria (a ten minute play)
    15 Mar. 2023
    This was the play of the day for me and I am so glad. Funny, funny, funny and then some. It's nice to see Mary and Joseph made human with their parents arriving and all that happens when in-laws drop by unannounced.
  • Fun
    14 Mar. 2023
    Heard this performed perfectly on Theatrical Shenanigans. Power plays are a huge reason for failure or success when it comes to getting certain projects up and running and "fun" was about a specific power play between a journalist and criminal that has a powerful hold on the listener from the time the recording button is pushed into action.
    14 Mar. 2023
    A zinger of a play that will have you laughing from the opening lines to its very salifying and dark conclusion. What is the value of a life? We can all add up in our minds the amount each of us have spent for medical services to keep us from getting something or to help strengthen us after some medical procedure, so who is more deserving of an human organ when it comes up for those in need of it? Will it be the one with the most heart or money? Time will always tell.
  • Famished
    14 Mar. 2023
    Food is such a strong connector between humans and we all have that special meal that brings us to that point of joy that cannot be describe in true words that anyone else would understand. Famished brings us to people who are both hungry for different reasons and once again see them connecting over the thing that they both love which is food, the cooking of and the eating of and maybe, just maybe, this connection will lead them both to the futures they are both craving.
  • The Bear - A Dogged Tail
    14 Mar. 2023
    The thing I love about The Bear is that he meets every predicament he stumbles across with courage and the devilish wit that has you chuckling from the start and A Dogged Tail is no different! Fast-paced with a heartening ending that may make you shed a little tear like a hero does.
  • Demons Helping Demons
    9 Mar. 2023
    Losing a pet is so hard no matter the age and this funny play touches on that part life from such an original place that you want it to keep going and not ever end. Jacquelyn always delights with her writing. This time she delights and amazes with one of the most original stories read and who doesn't love a few demons in the mix to help you through your darkest times!
  • Landmark Excursion a 5 minute play
    7 Mar. 2023
    Anyone's first love is certainly something they remember. In this sweet and funny short play, D. Lee Miler gives us such a couple in Remy and Casey on school trip in New York City and the landmark Whispering Corners. Love, if it's real and true, doesn't need to be shouted but can be whispered across the universe.
  • The Interview
    7 Mar. 2023
    Brutally honest and so damn funny. It hits all the right notes about ageism in the workplace and how so many companies look for ways to let you go if they can or use you up till you only option is to quit or retire. It's gotten better in a lot places, but there's still so many 2 inch dicks out there in the world ready to pounce on the unsuspecting.
  • Apology (short play)
    7 Mar. 2023
    Any one who apologizes too much will appreciate this short play about, well, just that. Being one of those over apologetic I can relate. Simple, short and oh, so very meaningful.