Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

    11 Mar. 2022
    Religion is a hard one of me now and I don't believe in any of it or anything actually and I've never felt more at peace than I do now. But I've got a job and I have a home and I have dignity and places I can go if I need to other than my house. How would I feel if I didn't? Religion can definitely comfort and help those without anything and sometimes it's all right just to get help from a place that won't turn you away for who you've become.
  • 1st class (A Monologue)
    11 Mar. 2022
    Jace's feelings of not being worth anything in life even the splurge of a first class ticket, hit a little close to home for me and how I felt and still feel about about some of the things in my life. The class war has always been and sadly will always be. With one life to lead in this world, word to the wise to splurge a little on yourself now and then. You'll never get another life to do so.
  • THE MASK-A-RAIDER (Monologue)
    11 Mar. 2022
    Spot on monologue about the insanity that surrounds a lot of people who feel they know better than the experts and in fact say they are experts themselves. I wish these experts would simply have all caught it early in the game and would have been wiped out Sometimes a purge is what the worlds needs to heal!
  • Mister the Bear
    11 Mar. 2022
    This play pulls you by the heart and then sends a punch to your stomach, knocking out your breath. Gut-wrenching and so very hones. Sibling rivalry is just a natural part of sibling hood, but sometimes what we wish for as children are not even well thought out until later in life where the pain can still resonate so strongly like Brian's.
  • Your First Pet and the Street You Grew Up On
    10 Mar. 2022
    Saw this play read on Tiny Theatre Grab Bag Theatre. Parenting is one thing that can bring such love and joy to you and it's sad that even in this day and age we allow society's religious rules dictate our love and feelings toward our own children. Heartbreaking and heartfelt and we can only hope that one day religion sees it's final days where they instill hatred into the "souls" of their parishioners and let everyone just shine as who they are
  • Love Locks Bridge (a 10 minute play)
    10 Mar. 2022
    Saw this delightful play read on Tiny-Theatre's Grab Bag Theatre. It is joyous indeed, just like Miller says it is. The one line that I loved best was "Forty-five tons of undying love were destroying the bridge," proving that love does come with a heavy responsibility, but the promises of its possibilities is one of the greatest joys that humans have to look forward to in life.
    8 Mar. 2022
    Funny play although it makes you feel you're 16 again and just hoping no one in your family asks you anything about anything . I've had a few things in my life that have felt better than anything, but I do make a point of keeping those things to myself and and out of the line of discussion.
  • I Don't Drink At Parties (a monologue)
    8 Mar. 2022
    Our society still has not moved past a lot of the masculine toxicity that prevails throughout our culture and even thought the door of the man's club has been locked several times, people still find a way to unlock it and Matthews monologue tugs at your heart but also angers you because it's so very real and still a thing after all this time.
  • A Science Thing
    8 Mar. 2022
    It's "adult" of us to know who we are and if we would be the best thing for our kid and some parents are either not ready for parenthood, or simply feel that other things are more important to do than raise their child. This is a touching and heartbreaking tale of a mother who has come back wanting to get to know her kid as an adult, hoping that a little of the science of their connectivity bridges all the time that's been lost to them both and heal the heart of both if just a little.
  • The Return of the Shogun
    3 Mar. 2022
    Toxic masculinity is always such hard topic to read about, but this one provides such heart with Saleem that you can feel the rage building up for that need to end some of this toxicity which is his mom's new boyfriend. This play made me so tense and the characters were all believable which shows a very good writer at work.