Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

  • My Hired Hand
    6 Feb. 2024
    Fitting in is something we all struggle with our entire lives. Fitting in during childhood seems at once easier just because we haven't developed all of the prejudices yet, but how much harder to fit in if you visually may be a little different than everyone else. Then, fitting in would become a monumental feat and just like our narrator, one that requires a lot of heart and with the help of science, all the missing pieces.
  • Casting
    6 Feb. 2024
    We are all judged by our looks and by who we are and in this funny and biting comedy it really shows us just how Hollywood and Fashion still see us even thought it's gotten better in some sections, when it comes down to it those who are truly overweight or gay sometimes don't even make the selection when it comes to be cast in those roles because of being too true to themselves and too real for Hollywood.
  • Seeker - अन्वेषक
    6 Feb. 2024
    If only love was truly the finding principle of our world, both politically and morally, just think of what could be achieved in this world. This is a beautiful tale of being able to choose for yourself who you want to love and sadly, even in today's world there are so many Heroes who don't have that basic right all because some parts of the world are still dominated by the might of man and sadly religion which still keep women walking two steps behind instead of side by side.
  • The Graveyard Shift Bites
    4 Feb. 2024
    Crazy has never been so well defined than by this bit of manic madness by John Busser. If you expected anything less than brilliant by him, then you haven't read enough by this funny and oh so talented playwright and this piece is a perfect introduction to his wit and his humor which is much like an order from any fast food joint. Sometimes, you can't even get out of the parking lot before you're tearing in your tasty order of goodness.
    2 Feb. 2024
    I have never acted and certainly not in any situation where I would have to audition for anything but I would think my own shyness would keep me from getting very far in the process. Lermond gives us a funny and breath-taking monologue and one that makes me only keep to my promise to myself never to audition for anything. Ever.
  • Scandal (short play)
    25 Jan. 2024
    Sometimes its nice to think that the those in charge are just like us, thinking about breakfast or other every day things and then we see those which we really would think that's all they would think about and leave the politics to others.
  • I Don't Care
    23 Jan. 2024
    We have all been there at some point in our lives-- in that customer service hell-hole that while there isn't as funny as all that or as funny as this send-up done so perfectly by Swenson.
  • Check Please
    18 Jan. 2024
    None of us know when our time on this earth will end and that's probably for the best for so many reasons, but in this lovely ode to "The Seventh Seal", Perry presents us with Brian and Mortis in a "best two out of three" situation and the surprise of the ending is something you'll never see coming which makes this oft told tale all the more pleasing to read or see.
  • Begotten Son
    16 Jan. 2024
    Begotten Son gives us a situation that none of us would ever want to deal with and anyone who is a parent would find this play a little more chilling and it leads to so many questions like Nature vs. Nurture and blood vs. not blood related and when does your responsibility actually end as a parent because motherhood and fatherhood is for life even if your child is involved in some dire situations like this play presents.
  • Hitchers
    16 Jan. 2024
    The price of fame can be high for anyone, but in this delightful parody we see how two serial killers deal with it and the idea of being proud of one's work and yet not ever being able to really own up to it unless you want your kills to end. Funny stuff!