Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

  • WHAT KIND OF A GOD 1-minute play
    5 Apr. 2023
    There are always so many pain points when it comes to love or the expectations of what it means to love someone and this play touches on the pain of loving someone who's already married how difficult it is to do long term and the irony that that the single rose which should be traditionally for the wife, is for the woman in the affair.
  • Lenora
    4 Apr. 2023
    Heard this performed so perfectly on "Gather by the Ghost light" podcast and the last line will leave you with a broken heart for sure.
    26 Mar. 2023
    Heard this performed on theatrical shenanigans so brilliantly. A train ride finds Nathan learning a few things about how a passion for something can keep one going well into an age where you feel you couldn’t possibly still feel passionate anything. It’s so important to remember that everyone may have a life that wouldn’t even imagine them having and this play touches on that so well.
  • Table for Thirteen
    23 Mar. 2023
    Growing up, this is the Jesus I wanted to have throughout my entire time as a Christian, the one who would include you like a friend without any worries about getting to heaven or hell. A great and very funny monologue about the man who has the burden of the Christian world on his shoulders and even with all the stress, has time to call a restaurant for a reservation--here for 13, soon to be a longer list after his death and rising up again.
  • hellokitty55
    22 Mar. 2023
    This was my featured play of the day and I am so glad it was. Siblings tend to compare one to the other, that 's almost a given with siblinghood. hellokitty55 gives us such a pair of sisters who have gathered together at their parents house for Japanese New Year as one sibling finds out a little about the magic of the holidays we are all treated to sweet and touching surprise about parenthood. This one is not to miss and would be a great addition to any holiday festival.
  • The United Plays of America - Oregon - Fa La La La Llama
    21 Mar. 2023
    You should never underestimate the lesson a llama can give you and one about the importance of changing our ways before climate change wipes away all the llamas because as they say in the world so goes the llama so goes us.
  • ONE
    21 Mar. 2023
    I feel sometimes my partner would enjoy that very much, that speaking in one word or maybe no words at all and by the time Black speaks out and stakes their claim for what they truly need and want I feel we are all breathing a huge sigh of happiness.
  • A Conversation About Mom
    21 Mar. 2023
    We all have those moments where we think, "If I had only moved to that city," or "If I had stayed with one person vs. another" and sometimes the path can lead you back around to the moment where you can claim that person or move to the city you had thought about. This play will rip you two with it's intense emotions and you'll be rooting for those second chances that don't always come to us, but when they do, you hope that you'll be lucky enough to see them in a clear light.
  • You're F*cked, Pal
    19 Mar. 2023
    Even those of us who say they're not superstitious, probably harbor a little of it in us that would allow us to take to heart such things as a fortune cookie message, but if you got the one that Jack got and how easy is it for one person to feed into another's paranoia when they are tripping on it in the first place. This play is a riot and one that will have you laughing from start to finish.
  • The United Plays of America - New York
    18 Mar. 2023
    There is such a subtle difference between the appreciation of a painting and the understanding of a painting where you the viewer, as does Sylvia , get lost in the majesty and magic of what the artist was trying to capture and what they had hoped would happen to anyone who viewed their spectacular canvases.