Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

  • So You Want To Create A Universe?
    14 Mar. 2022
    God in the Green Room ready to go live with the his big creation made me laugh and this is one funny play, but the thing I love most about it is the levity that Heyman brings to God and something that I feel has been lost among nearly all of his followers.
  • Things Didn't Cost As Much Then (Beauregard and Zeke #5)
    13 Mar. 2022
    I would bet you that you can't read this play and not feel a smile forming as you do. I am always saddened to think of how many people did not find their true love because of the laws they lived under or the religious yoke that has strangled most of our world. This tale is also about a love between two boys who may not have it an completely easy road ahead of them, but part of it has been paved by those who came before them paving stone by paving stone by paving stone to lay the foundation.
  • Elderly Manslaughter
    12 Mar. 2022
    Love, love, love this dark comedy by A. D. Valentine, taking you this way and then another just like a roller coaster and the mystery that unfolds while Sal talks is priceless and so damn funny!
  • The Last Flap (a one minute play)
    12 Mar. 2022
    We all need a lesson about the frailty of world and lessons to look to in hopes that we can learn from our mistakes and not feel the world is just a hopeless case. Morrison provides one such lesson with the last passenger pigeon. It's reminder that we do have a past that we can look to to help with our future is timeless.
  • Rod Serling Shops for a Snack, a one minute play for radio
    12 Mar. 2022
    This one minute play is such a great one for any one who knows Rod Serling and his famous introductions of the Twilight Zone and Night Gallery. Funny and spot on.
  • Office Hours (A One Minute Play)
    12 Mar. 2022
    Funny because you know so many people/students are just like that, always expecting the best grade and then a helicopter parent still flying in when they really shouldn't. Well done.
  • Mary Pickford First Breaks Her Silence (1 minute play)
    12 Mar. 2022
    Funny one minute play made all the way funnier knowing Mary's screen persona of America's sweetheart in all those silent films. This made me laugh out loud and delighted my senses.

  • Disengaged Bedfellows (1 minute play)
    12 Mar. 2022
    This speaks on so many levels of losing one in a break-up, or perhaps even physically losing one to death and the emotional scar it can leave on your soul
    12 Mar. 2022
    Spatsy Klotz is one person I wish I knew in real life. We've probably all felt a little like her at some point, the kid is picked upon, made fun of, the one who's family isn't "normal" like all the ones around her. Charles Scott Jones spins gold with Spatsy's voice and makes us fall under her spell from the start.
  • Benjy's Monologue PROTÉGÉ Monologue from CARNY CIRCUIT
    11 Mar. 2022
    There's nothing like the first love and this is such a great monologue that puts love front and center and we are drawn into Benjy's sweet memory and feel that kiss as if we were experiencing it along with him.