Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

  • The Drowning of Natalie Wood
    8 Sep. 2018
    Hollywood is so rife with stories that would make for good drama or comedy and such is the case of Ceniceroz's retelling of the tragic drowning of Natalie Wood. It's set up in three acts from the three main character's perspective and just builds and builds with tension and suspense even though we know the outcome. The design of the set would be such a great undertaking for someone. I love plays that use set pieces like this one and I for one would find this so fascinating to see staged.
    7 Sep. 2018
    A touching play about family and honoring one’s home and those memories of it. It pulls at the heart with its characters and action. It would make a great addition to any short play festival.
  • The Morning After The Fall
    6 Sep. 2018
    What a delightful play about the fall of man. I enjoyed the banter between Adam and Steve and I know Steve’s new garden is one I’d be more than happy to be a part of if I could.
  • Happy Together
    6 Sep. 2018
    What a refreshing and daring take on the menage a trois story. I love the poetry and passion of Gonzalez’s dialogue and action and his reimagining of the three central characters in this age old story and the merging together of the characters. I am blown away by the execution and love how it plays out in so many inexpected ways. This would make a great play to see live. Other writers should add this play to your reading list and theatres please add this play to your season soon!!!
    5 Sep. 2018
    When I saw Asher was writing a Zombie monologue and one about a baby my heart smiled! And upon reading it, it keeps its smile. I love the humor and how earlier in the short, Mary is praising Jesus for the small miracle which is her baby and then cursing God for the same creature moments later as it (he or she no more) attacks.
  • memory
    4 Sep. 2018
    Such a gentle tribute to love and loss. The poetry of this play moved me so much.
  • What To Do When You're Suicidal But You Can't Fight Fascists When You're Dead
    4 Sep. 2018
    Wow! And then triple that. This play is so powerful. So raw and real and just speaks to how many people feel in the world right now. The people who don't understand the the realness of disenfranchisement should have this play tattooed on their souls if they can find them. What a beautiful piece of writing that just carries into a song of hope for us all. I want to jump into your river of tears. I want to swim with you to the new and promised land!
  • A Superhero Walks into a Bar
    4 Sep. 2018
    This was a great play full of humor and insight into the two men as they have a drink, and I love the ending where the "real" super heroes come in to help out. Nicely done.
  • A Monogamy of Swans
    4 Sep. 2018
    What a beautiful ode to love! Pure and sweet. Violet and Ellie are so real and the dialogue so perfect.
  • The Tragedie of Rockford and Almira and the Cat - a Comedie
    2 Sep. 2018
    Why not indeed!!!! This play does causeth delight for any and every reader. It's a much needed "Tom and Jerry" update with witty dialogue and a great set to boot. Would be so much fun for any theatre to put on and for any audience to see.