Recommended by Arianna Rose

  • White Noise
    8 Aug. 2019
    I love parodies and satire, and White Noise does not disappoint! A very pointed and funny satire on how people say one thing but secretly think another. This comedy would work well everywhere - high schools, community theatre, professional theatre, and is unfortunately very timely. Kudos to playwright Steven G. Martin for shining a light on bigotry and prejudice in such a humorous manner.
    1 Aug. 2019
    I had the happy occasion to see a production of Mama's Things. It is all the things a ten-minute play should be: taut, dramatic, full of surprises and saying something about the human condition: in this case, forgiveness. With a cast of an older woman and a younger woman, it's perfect for so many theatre companies. I highly recommend this touching play.
  • Goy Meets Girl
    1 Aug. 2019
    I am a big fan of Bruce Karp's short plays, and this one is one of my favorites. Goy Meets Girl is funny, touching, and has a wonderful surprise twist at the end. I love that it focuses on Chanukah and family and gently nudges they way we stereotype people. I would love to see a production of this play.
  • The Making of Medea's Medea (shorter one-act version)
    28 May. 2019
    I had the pleasure of seeing this one-act version at the Theatre Three New Play Festival in May 2019 - in fact, I saw it three times. It is one of the most original theatre pieces I have ever seen, It slyly pokes fun at theatrical and social culture tropes while looking at the larger issues around women's rights. A perfect piece for a large cast and those looking for an unusual, meta piece of theatre.
    17 May. 2019
    I am a huge fan of Marj O'Neill-Butler's short plays. She writes with skill, precision, and a high degree of theatricality. I particularly appreciate that she writes so many older female characters. This particular short play has such interesting and layered female characters and is an unusual premise. Highly recommended.
  • Cora
    17 May. 2019
    I was fortunate enough to see a reading of this exciting new play at the Viterbo New Works Festival in early 2019. Ms. Varga's artistry, skill, and imagination created a beautiful theatrical experience that I'm still thinking about many months later. I can't wait to see more of CORA.