Recommended by Donna Hoke

  • The Secret of the Biological Clock
    5 Jul. 2015
    As a childhood Nancy Drew fan, I found this delightful! Theatricality and mystery, all with tongue planted firmly in cheek.
  • Two Weekends And A Day
    5 Jul. 2015
    A lovely opportunity for middleaged theatergoers (and there are more than few of those, right?) to see themselves and their issues on stage: the plaguing regrets, the beliefs that a different choice would have made all the difference. Susan Westfall's Two Weekends and a Day helps us work through those question, and reassures us that our lives are exactly what they should be.
  • Look At Me
    4 Jul. 2015
    A touching, beautiful, heartbreaking portrait of love, and a reminder that bringing the soldiers home is only the beginning.
  • The Insidious Impact of Anton
    3 Jul. 2015
    David Hilder has a great comic voice that guides you easily through this play from its attention-getting opening monologue to its perfect final line.
  • Graveyard of Empires
    1 Jul. 2015
    When I got to the end of this poetic and theatrical play, I realized that Romero had deftly explored our feelings about "distant" war and revealed that we love, grieve, and share and absolve blame collectively--because in our best and worst moments, we are all connected. Beautiful work.
  • Grace, or the Art of Climbing
    1 Jul. 2015
    "You may be tired from feeling, but you’re not tired from giving. And we’re all tired from feeling." What a beautiful and poetic message wrapped in a highly theatrical play that explores the question of self-worth and ascension and its connection and conflict with purpose. Lovely.
  • Hookman
    30 Jun. 2015
    Turns out it's just as easy for teens to dismiss each other as it is for grownups to dismiss teens, but in this well-crafted and highly theatrical play, Yee powerfully proves that beyond teens' seemingly banal chatter, there are big emotions and monsters--real and imagined--to contend with. Yee may have created the genre "existential slasher comedy," but that's okay, because with HOOKMAN, she provides a stellar example to emulate.
  • WORK
    30 Jun. 2015
    The challenge with this clever play is to NOT recognize any of the behaviors of the office workers. If you laugh--and you will--you fail.
  • JAM
    29 Jun. 2015
    Clever juxtaposition of the good and bad of malfunction among things, and people.
    29 Jun. 2015
    A favorite from Gwydion, and a play that shows us that there is never one right answer, one interpretation, and that we can never expect to all see things the same way--but we learn to live with that or accept the consequences.