Recommended by Donna Hoke

  • @thespeedofJake
    21 Jul. 2015
    There is another popular play about the death of a child that has never felt real to me; it feels like a journalist has gathered facts and was unable to imbue them with any sense of truth about this specific grief. This play has done what that one could not; it is full of painful and heartbreaking truth, exquisitely expressed (Emily's monologue is PERFECT) and, in the end, like a Pandora's box of grief, a tiny shred of hope emerges.
  • PEN: A Musical
    20 Jul. 2015
    Good humor, good music, and a good love story combine in a musical that proves the right person can be wrong for all the right reasons (it's complicated!)
  • una casa/a home
    8 Jul. 2015
    Always tackling big issues with a subtle and deft hand, Stephen Kaplan uses one home in danger of extinction to illustrate how we are more similar than we are different and that we can't go home again because we never really leave.
  • A Real Boy
    8 Jul. 2015
    With his usual comedic flair, Kaplan takes a satiric look at what happens when a system decides somebody--in this case a puppet child of puppet parents--needs to be just like everybody else, for his own good. At turns heartbreaking and hilarious, this play resonates across so many current issues but without a heavy hand.
  • Exquisite Potential
    8 Jul. 2015
    Stephen Kaplan has a fine-tuned sense of comedy, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have anything to say. Quite the opposite, this comedy serves as biting commentary on the culture of helicopter parents who believe every child is destined for great things--and what happens when the child doesn't quite live up.
  • Bound by Truth
    7 Jul. 2015
    Though it's set firmly in the Reformation Era, Thomas and Margaret Moore's father/daughter story will resonate for anybody who's loved, defended, and stood up for unpopular belief. Beautiful language throughout is full of humor and poetry.
    7 Jul. 2015
    For everybody who was bullied in high school and knows that old resentments never die.
  • Medusa Undone
    6 Jul. 2015
    MEDUSA UNDONE is a deftly wrought and compelling play that reveals monster Medusa's origin story while raising relevant and resonant questions about our own culture: Who has the power? Why are women often each other's worst enemies? How do we fight back?
  • POZ
    5 Jul. 2015
    Overflowing with warmth and wit, POZ is an homage to the past and a promise that if wounds can't be healed, they can at least stop hurting so much--if only we take a leap of faith. A beautiful, funny, and life-affirming work.
  • The Secret of the Biological Clock
    5 Jul. 2015
    As a childhood Nancy Drew fan, I found this delightful! Theatricality and mystery, all with tongue planted firmly in cheek.