Recommended by Donna Hoke

  • Pocketful of Sand
    17 Apr. 2018
    What a wonderful play so full of mystery, and magic, and, most of all, imagination. Such a beautiful story; I was swept right in and couldn't stop reading, all the while wanting to see it at the same time. This is the kind of play that makes you sad there just aren't enough opportunities for all the plays that deserve them.
  • In The Upper Room
    17 Apr. 2018
    I love the themes of responsibility--both the good and bad kinds--that run through this family of deeply etched characters. I can imagine seeing this production and walking away feeling like I'd lost something, but gained so much more. Gorgeous work.
    16 Apr. 2018
    A great showcase for multiple generations--of actresses and issues. This play would be funny if it weren't so dead-on and disturbing. Nah, it will still be really funny. Combining funny with dead-on and disturbing makes for a great play.
  • Back Cover
    16 Apr. 2018
    Wow, wow, wow. The one-act has always mystified me, but this one just takes you to school. The rhythm of it is soooo beautiful, and it's so layered and precise that I'm sure if I read it again, I would find even more to unpack. What a wonderful piece for all ages, just a stellar piece of work.
  • Always Plenty of Light at the Starlight All Night Diner
    16 Apr. 2018
    Light, love, and lyricism combine seamlessly, beautifully, to take you away into an otherwordly adventure. Lovely.
  • Technicolor Life
    12 Apr. 2018
    Wow. I just added Jami Brandli to my list of favorite writers. Her words, and her story, crackle, sparkle, jump off the page. It's such rich, layered, theatrical, image-laden, and absolutely stellar work; I can't wait to read more.
  • Mon Chaton
    6 Apr. 2018
    I'm a sucker for a period piece about marginalized communities, and this one has the heart, language, and, most importantly, humanity that makes such pieces succeed. The boarding house is more than a business, and I love how Virginia comes to learn this.
  • Welcome to Matteson!
    20 Feb. 2018
    I so admired the seeming ease with which this play unfolded into layer after layer, the mark of a playwright who has both command of the craft and her characters. I expect we'll be seeing this one onstage very soon!
  • Thank You For Letting Me Have Sex With You
    13 Feb. 2018
    There are parts of this conversation that will probably sound familiar to any long-term couple, but even if there aren't, the play is still wildly entertaining.
  • Policarpa: Mad Max Sur Amerikka
    11 Feb. 2018
    Diana Burbano's voice is mesmerizing--lyrical, densely intelligent, precise--as is the visualization of the beautiful imagery she creates to contrast this tragic story. One can only imagine it in production, but what a production it would be!