Recommended by Doug DeVita

  • The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of, Or: Success to Crime
    25 Oct. 2020
    A sequel (of sorts) to the classic "The Maltese Falcon," this is a nifty noir two-hander which both satirizes and honors the form, imaginatively and comically. Meeting 20 years after the events in the film, Brigid/Ann/Toni/Whatever-the-hell-her-name-is and Sam Spade spar with authentic noir authority, humor, and convoluted sensibility. Dark and fun.
  • Does Your Dick Work? a full length play
    25 Oct. 2020
    What an unexpectedly charming, low key comedy/drama. By keeping her touch light throughout, Susan Middaugh builds both tension and sympathy for Jack, the not-always sympathetic protagonist – we're drawn into his struggles, and we root for him to both achieve, as well as see beyond, his (very clear) wants and needs. Moving and funny, this piece is a winner.
  • Water Child
    25 Oct. 2020
    In WATER CHILD, Emma Wood explores the pain of losing an unborn child with a sharp but sensitive scalpel. This is not an easy play to read; it is often so heartbreaking that it becomes almost as unbearable for us as it is for Jeannie, who at the age of 40 is suffering through her third miscarriage. Wood’s script, with its realistically drawn characters, offers no easy solutions, and while the play ends on a hopeful note, it is far from a happy ending, which gives the play its heft – and its vital, beating heart.
  • Más
    25 Oct. 2020
    A docudrama that transcends its form with incandescent theatricality, Milta Ortiz' Más is a work that not only forces one to think but forces one to feel; if the combination is electrifying on the page, I can only imagine how potent this play is on stage. I'd love to see it performed.
  • Rut
    24 Oct. 2020
    Savage, brutal, and riveting. Perez has written a stunning work of non-stop rising tension, ruminative yet enthralling, horrifying and heartbreaking. A showcase for two actors, I'd love to see it staged.
  • Clasp
    24 Oct. 2020
    I only have a few words to say about this play: beautifully, deeply touching, and a necessary, contemporary work of art. Highly recommended.
  • Paper Towels
    24 Oct. 2020
    The anger, frustration, and passion that bubbles through Nelson Diaz-Marcano's best work is on almost-uncontrolled display in this piece; it's a disquieting, provocative work, and among his best. Tight and tense, Diaz-Marcano aims at the root problems of contrasting cultures in this country and pulls the trigger with shattering, heart-breaking precision. It's a thrilling work deserving of numerous productions.
  • 2 Bdrm 1 Bath
    23 Oct. 2020
    This wonderful short film screenplay perfectly captures the tension of two people sharing one bathroom while trying to sell their small home during the first few months of their marriage. A hilarious and spot on "cinema verité," Floyd-Priskorn keeps the couple's stress levels rising with comedic skill, and then adroitly turns the table with an ending that is poignant, but perfect. Oh, how I would love to see this filmed.
  • Programming (T)error
    23 Oct. 2020
    This is both hilarious and horrifying, and is so damn funny it hurts. Well done, Busser, well done!!!

    Warning: do not be drinking anything while reading this, lest you do an uncontrollable spit take and have to call tech support; I don't think Kasey could handle any more after this.
  • Waiting for Godínez
    22 Oct. 2020
    "But if I were a dog, I would not be deported each night and I would live in a beautiful casa at the beach."

    Brilliant aphorisms such as the one above abound in this gut-wrenching tragic-comedy from Daniel Olivas; taking Beckett's absurdist WAITING FOR GODOT and expertly weaving the current border crisis into the fabric of the story, Olivas has created a powerful work that stands as a heartbreaking piece of theatre on its own considerable merits. A must read, must produce play.