Recommended by Doug DeVita

  • The Sugar Ridge Rag
    10 May. 2022
    As enjoyable as plays are to read, they are meant to be performed; interpretations by a director and their cast are bound to differ from the preconceived notions that come from reading a work, and seeing Williams' THE SUGAR RIDGE RAG in performance at the Lab Theater Project recently revealed so many more levels to this touching story than are apparent on the page. A powerful piece of writing, the production pointed the way to what the script could be when performed – a heartbreaking, engrossing, and thought-provoking piece of theater.
  • Love Lately
    3 Apr. 2022
    Symmetry is a word that comes up frequently in this beautiful, asymmetrically symmetrical two hander. Ruyle delineates a burgeoning relationship between two wounded 50-somethings with a delicate hand; the work is both effortlessly funny and deeply moving.
  • The Admission
    16 Feb. 2022
    Oh, the humanity of the sainted. The unvarnished, dirty little secrets of one exceptionally lauded nun in a third world country are exposed in this hilarious rumination from John Busser, here working with his usual rapid fire sense of humor intact but with deeper layers of meaning, layers that lift the piece into the realm of the seriously sublime. Every single word works on two or three levels at once, and the result is intoxicating. To say I love this play is an understatement; it may well be my favorite Busser work. So far.
  • Little Egg, Big World
    12 Feb. 2022
    At times whimsical, at times sobering, Rachel Leighson gives us an inventively conceived look at the process of egg donation from the viewpoints of the donor child, an egg, and a uterus. Both funny and sad, it's a wonderfully theatrical work and I recommend reading it quite highly.
  • Girl on the Moon
    2 Feb. 2022
    Judy Pancoast's GIRL ON THE MOON is an absolutely delightful addition to the Youth Musical genre: bright, peppy, and with a delicious score, it takes on serious themes with intelligence, wit, and a lightness that's both infectious and disarming; although set in 1969 (the period details are wonderfully apt but not overwhelming), it nonetheless tells a contemporary and universal story which speaks to all ages. Terrific!
  • Joey (Full Version)
    1 Feb. 2022
    Devastating, filled with ugly truths and heartbreaking personal revelations – but somehow beautiful in its bravery – JOEY is an incredibly difficult but incredibly necessary read. Bravo, Joe. BRAVO.
  • Better (Full-length)
    31 Jan. 2022
    We should all write a play as good as Vince Gatton's BETTER. That's all I have to say, except maybe I wish I'd written it.
  • Braid
    21 Jan. 2022
    This stunning solo play is one of the most powerful, persuasive, and painfully heartbreaking cries for gun control I've ever read. Intensely personal in its approach, Miller's script is a gut-wrenching exploration of the after effects of needless loss on a grieving father's psyche, and a tour de force for the actor performing it. Read it. Produce it. Listen to it.
  • Adultoids
    15 Jan. 2022
    JB Miller's dark farce is by turns hilarious, horrifying, and heartbreaking, sometimes all three in a single line of dialogue. Miller deftly explores what happens when parents get involved in their children's squabbles, and his set up is so natural that you willingly follow along as everything gets more and more complicated; suddenly you realize you've fallen down the rabbit hole into a kind of psychosexual wonderland. You don't quite know how you got there, but you don't mind because it's all so wild, weird, and wonderfully funny. Bullseye!
  • Is This All This Is
    14 Jan. 2022
    Osmundsun writes exquisitely conversational exposition; his dialogue doesn't just "get the job done," it tells several stories all at once, it hints at deeper layers that are mined with cutting precision, and it turns what could in lesser hands be considered political "soap-boxing" into a passionate plea for understanding. Beautifully handled all the way.