Recommended by Doug DeVita

  • Behind the Wall (5 min)
    27 Jan. 2020
    A creepy crawly love letter from a creepy crawly unwanted houseguest, and in its creepy crawly way, it’s loads of creepy crawly fun.
  • Brussels Sprouts in Revolt
    26 Jan. 2020
    I can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard. I read this wonderful play twice — the second time hearing Betty White play all the parts and I laughed even harder. (Do this. Trust me.) And as funny as it is, what makes it even better is along the way Stubbles manages to make pointed comments about war, racism, climate change, class divisions, and acceptance as the only way to peace, and makes those points with convulsively funny lines which give these serious topics deliciously palatable humor. A completely winning 10-minutes.
  • Baggage
    26 Jan. 2020
    So much is said between the lines and left open to interpretation in this short, but powerful script; it packs quite a personal punch, and lingers in one's memory long after it's been read. On stage, it must be even stronger. I hope I get a chance to see it.
  • The Condemned, a Monologue
    26 Jan. 2020
    Be careful what you wish for, because you just may get it. And Francis Boyle's "The Condemned, a Monologue" imagines just such a scenario with our current national crisis, with all the attendant hypocrisy flurrying about the actions of the titular monologist. The genius of Boyle's work is that he has presented it all so clearly, so dispassionately, and so powerfully. A truly stunning, necessary work.
  • The Anniversary Surprise
    25 Jan. 2020
    Underneath the sweet, unassuming surface of this comedy roils all the long hidden, hurtful secrets of a seemingly successful 40-year marriage; what could have been dark and bitter is kept light and touching because Debalsa hews to the emotional truths of any long-term relationship, and makes them hilarious because they are so recognizable. A lovely piece, with two terrific roles for 60-somethings to go to town with.
  • Pix of Your Partner's Privates
    25 Jan. 2020
    There’s a totally winning honesty about Osmundsen’s work here which makes it totally charming; he has a lot to say about 21st century dating, body dysmorphia, long-distance relationships and trust in one’s partner, among other things, and he says it with wit, humor, and a tender brevity that has one rooting for these two people from beginning to end. A winner.
  • The Last Shore Trip
    24 Jan. 2020
    If film is a visual medium, and theater is language-driven, then Osmundsen has covered all the bases with this lovely, lyrical, and gut-wrenchingly poignant memory play. His words paint pictures as well as drive the narrative with the endless motion of waves ebbing and flowing, bringing the play to its inevitable conclusion with heartbreaking, beautifully penned precision. I Loved every word, and the visual images every single one of them conjured.
  • World Classic
    23 Jan. 2020
    An intimate family drama with large themes, “World Classic” explodes across the page, just as I suspect it explodes across the stage, with its uncontainable passion and life. Another stunning work in the Diaz-Marcano canon.
    23 Jan. 2020
    I love cheese. I love Asher Wyndham. The combination of the two: c’est les époisses de mes rêves!
    22 Jan. 2020
    Well this excellent play is a short, quick stab to the gut. Davila creates an entire world in a few deft strokes, and populates it with extraordinarily real, tough, and heartbreaking characters. Give it a read; it will shake you up and haunt you, as it should.